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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 23

    Invite a Physician?

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Wook


    Chapter 23 : Invite a Physician?


    The tree trunk shook along with Bai Shiqi’s body when she was done with the villainous deed. She immediately scuttled back to her original position, the higher trunk, to watch the show.


    The bunch of people under the tree looked on helplessly as Wen Tao’s waistband swayed to the bottom of the tree, while his light silk trousers sagged to his ankles, revealing red colored shorts with flower pattern embroidery and two hairy legs…


    The atmosphere was quiet for a split second.


    When Wen Tao sensed that his lower half was inappropriate, it was already too late to reach out his hands. After all, he was at the top of a tree, not on the flat ground. Under normal circumstances, he might be able to react keenly, however, at this moment, he was half too late to react. He slid down from the tree in a flurry, enduring the pain from rubbing his skin against the tree, and tried to stabilize his body. Although he did not fall, he still fell on his bottom, sprawled on his back in the end.


    Bai Shiqi laughed from the top of the tree, rocking her body back and forth. The branch she was on shook wildly, making Zhao Wujiu broke out into a cold sweat for her. Unfortunately, he himself did not notice it: “You deserve it! Who let you dug a hole and still acts like a hypocrite for me!”


    Wen Tao: “… …”


    Since their childhood, the two were always giving tit for tat, and there was always a clear outcome. Bai Zhenting already found this as a common occurrence, he personally supported Wen Tao: “Nephew, quickly get up!” And towards Bai Shiqi who was proud of herself, he bellowed: “Still don’t want to come down?”


    “I won’t come down!” Bai Shiqi hugged the tree trunk and shivered: “I want to live from inhaling the wind and drinking the dew. I will grow on this tree!” What a rascal son.


    The father and son reached a deadlock. Bai Zhenting adopted a look of extreme anger, wanting to give justice to Wen Tao, while Bai Shiqi was sitting on the tree with her legs dangling, still refusing to go down. Wen Tao was very concerned about his face. He still remembered the humiliation when his trousers drooped down…


    Too shameful!


    Did not know if it was an illusion, but Zhao Wujiu felt that after Wen Tao left, the tense air in the courtyard seemed to loosen.


    After all was said and done, Bai Zhenting was an old fox. It was not easy to rectify Bai Shiqi in front of Wen Tao, but once Wen Tao left, he kicked at a subordinate who was pretending to be dead on the ground: “Scram and bring over that girl surnamed Song to me.”


    That person got up and scampered in an instant.


    Hearing his words, Bai Shiqi who was still on the tree immediately stomped about in anger: “Leader Bai, your esteemed self is a venerable and magnificent leader of a group. Bullying a young woman, once this gets passed to the outside, aren’t you afraid of being accused of being immoral?”


    Bai Zhenting snorted coldly: “I’m a rotten old fart, you’re just a single young sprout. If you won’t listen to my teachings, are you going to bring people into my residence every few days?”


    Bai Shiqi: “How can your esteemed self be regarded as a rotten old fart ah?”


    Bai Zhenting did not take these words well. He swept his glance, making the helpers who were still on the ground got up one after another, then they quickly scampered away, knowing that the father and son were going to fight next. Sure enough, they had not gone out of the courtyard when they heard the young leader made a cynical remark from atop the tree: “Me bringing in people into our residence is still better than you, right? Those few little concubines in your backyard are obstructions to my mother’s eyes!”


    “… …”


    It could be considered a wide eye-opener for Zhao Wujiu!


    Since he was born, he grew up following the ethical guidelines of a ruler and a minister with his father. When His Majesty the Emperor took in concubines, it was considered as an affair of the nation. How could a son have a say in it?


    The pair of Bai Zhenting and son’s methods of getting along had exceeded his understanding. In theory, he should criticize Bai Shiqi for being disobedient to the parents, but in reality, he wanted to laugh. He imagined that if it was her who was in a disagreement with his father, what awaits her would be the list of penalties being read by the imperial censor, the list would be so long that the imperial censor’s saliva might be able to drown people. The consequences would be disastrous.


    Shu Changfeng inquired in a low voice: “Master, should we leave?”


    Zhao Wujiu: “Wait for the time being.”


    As a matter of fact, he did not need to wait for long. Leader Bai’s patience had run out, he could not maintain the status quo anymore. He pointed at the rough monkey and cursed: “What a good nonsense! You quickly get your ass down here, if not, I’ll let you suffer in a moment!”


    “Get my ass down there so your old esteemed self can be the master of Wen Tao? Why does your old esteemed self like him so much? I guess it’d be better to accept him as your son, so you won’t have the time to beat me up every day!” Bai Shiqi’s expression looked stubborn like even if she died, she would not admit her mistakes.


    “You! You! You…” Bai Zhenting was provoked to the point that his qi and blood rolled over and overHe kept pointing at the little bastard atop the tree for a long time, but in spite of everything, he just waited idly for an opportunity under the tree.


    Bai Shiqi secretly grumbled—according to the pattern whenever the father and son had a confrontation in the past, in Leader Bai’s muddle-headed state from the anger, if he managed to beat her up, then naturally everything would turn out fine; if by any misfortune she managed to escape, he usually would only leave sulkily. She did not expect that today Leader Bai would not follow the usual pattern and would not be leaving, but putting on a spirit of wanting to fight her to the death. Truly causing one’s teeth to ache.


    Not long after, Miss Song Si and Zhen’er who were urged by Bai Zhenting’s subordinate came over. Upon entering the courtyard, they saw the scene of the father and son having a confrontation, making them broke into a cold sweat.


    Zhen’er in a low voice said: “Miss, it doesn’t look good.”


    Miss Song Si came and saluted Bai Zhenting. Even though her complexion was somewhat pale, in a calm voice she started: “Leader Bai, don’t know for what reason is your esteemed self looking for me?”


    Bai Zhenting raised his head: “Little bastard, do you see? If you refused to come down again, I’ll sell off this girl now!”


    Bai Shiqi said dumbfoundedly: “… This move again! Aside from threatening people, can’t your esteemed self come up with a new method?”


    Bai Zhenting: “Are you coming down or not?”


    Miss Song Si took a step backward but did not expect that Bai Zhenting’s subordinate who was stationed behind her would block her way.


    Bai Shiqi was extremely adaptable to circumstances. She quickly slid down the tree and threw herself at Bai Zhenting’s arms along with the rod. Speaking in a tearful voice she repented: “Dad! Dad! I made a mistake! Will your esteemed self forgive me? This son really knows his wrongdoings! I won’t dare to do it again!”


    It was not the first time for Bai Zhenting to battle her wits and courage. He completely understood her dog character, so with a chuckle, he sneered: “Aren’t you unyielding? Why did you come?” He kicked her with his foot, seizing this opportunity, Bai Shiqi hit the ground and rolled to the front of Zhao Wujiu’s wheelchair.


    She lied on the ground and shamelessly said: “Dad, if you sell Miss Si off, when I return, I’ll cry to my mum. I’ll tell her that I found out that when you’re in Huai’an you were thinking about adding in more people to enter our residence, and when I tried to stop you, you flew into a rage out of humiliation and wanted to beat me up with a rod…”


    At this age, Bai Zhenting did not want to waste his time arguing endlessly with the little bastard. Besides, it was not as refreshing as beating the person up. He swung the rod with great power and directed it at Bai Shiqi.


    Bai Shiqi rolled away from her spot with a wailing sound. Losing her head out of fear, she hid behind Zhao Wujiu’s wheelchair: “Cousin Brother, save me!”


    Zhao Wujiu was sitting in the wheelchair and it was not convenient for him to move freely, so he could only stretch out his hands to block: “Leader Bai, calm down! Calm down! Shiqi merely spoke without thinking. Besides, he’s naturally lively, your esteemed self should not take it seriously.” In his heart: This guy’s mouth doesn’t have a filter, if he’s put in someone else’s house, maybe he would’ve been beaten to death already!


    Bai Zhenting’s old face was scorching, he vowed he would humiliate this little bastard: “Young Sir Zhao please step aside. This humble Bai will discipline this unfilial son, how can I let outsiders get involved in this?! If I don’t discipline this little bastard, he’d infuriate me to death!”


    Actually, Zhao Wujiu quite understood Bai Zhenting. Regardless of whether Bai Shiqi was a son or a daughter, becoming like this was a rare occurrence, and must be taught properly under the family rules. However, seeing the panicked face of Bai Shiqi, he did not have the heart to think like that again: “Leader Bai, don’t be angry. Listen to Shiqi’s explanations first, there might be some misunderstandings.”


    At this time, Bai Zhenting had detoured around the wheelchair and made a beeline for Bai ShiqiBai Shiqi looked like she had a fire wheel under her feet and wanted to escape from the courtyard. Inside the courtyard, the father and son of Bai family were caught in a chase-and-run, and Zhao Wujiu could not help but stroke his forehead, suspecting that this father and son did this chase-and-run thing often in their house. Leader Bai was a fast runner, he did not even gasp when running.


    Miss Song Si’s eyes reddened. She was remembering the little details after they got acquainted with each other, and immediately became extremely distressed. She looked at Bai Shiqi, who was running while paying attention to Bai Zhenting behind, accidentally sprained her foot, then stumbled, and fell to the ground. Miss Song Si did not know where the courage came from, she suddenly rushed over and covered Bai Shiqi before Bai Zhenting’s rod fell on her body.


    When the rod went down, suddenly a beautiful and delicate lady emerged from the side. He only heard a screaming voice, but it was already too late to restrain his power, and in the end, Miss Song Si suffered from the beating.


    “Miss, are you alright?” Zhen’er cried out in fear and threw herself forward to support Miss Song Si. However, she saw that she was already leaning limply against Bai Shiqi with eyes closed, apparently passed out from Bai Zhenting’s beating.




    Bai Shiqi held Miss Song Si in her arms, sitting cross-legged on the ground. She embraced her and seeing her teeth clenched and eyes closed, she suddenly broke into a cold sweat: “Miss Si?”


    Bai Zhenting was never lenient when beating the little bastard of his family, but hitting the delicately pretty young lady with a heavy hand, he, who was already past his prime, could not regain his composure for quite a while. It was like the fire is in the body had been extinguished with water. He stretched his neck to look at the young lady in Bai Shiqi’s embrace: “Is she… Is she alright?”


    Bai Shiqi stretched her hand to feel Miss Song Si’s breath, then she turned to criticize Bai Zhenting: “Dad, you’re too much ah! It’s okay if you want to lecture this son, but how could you injure a young lady of someone else’s family, is there anyone else like you?”


    Bai Zhenting reluctantly admitted his mistake: “I’ll settle this debt with you later!” He threw down the rod and walked away, while walking he mumbled to himself: “How strange, I only used a third of my strength ah!” Sure, his family’s bastard was naughty, but he never thought of beating her to death, so he still restrained the power.


    Are the young ladies nowadays so delicate?


    The subordinate who followed him out of the courtyard carefully explained: “Leader, this Miss Song Si had been living in the house since she was a child. She may sweat from only walking a few steps, how can she endure your rod?”


    Bai Zhenting stopped his footsteps, and asked vacantly: “What should be done now?”


    The subordinate came out with an idea: “Invite a physician?”


    The noisy courtyard finally calmed down, except for Zhen’er’s voice: “Miss! Miss, please wake up!”


    Zhao Wujiu pushed his wheelchair over, he looked down at the female in Bai Shiqi’s embrace, but suddenly the young woman opened one eye and whispered: “Master, is Leader Bai gone yet?”


    Bai Shiqi nearly laughed out, then she shook her head solemnly and tightened her face, then she exaggeratedly shouted: “Someone, find a physician! Quickly find a physician! Miss Si, you quickly wake up ah…”


    Miss Song Si closed her eyes in a hurry, her small hand grabbed Bai Shiqi’s front lapel tightly and “fainted” once again. Zhen’er was struck dumb and the call of “Miss” was stuck in her throat.


    Zhao Wujiu gasped in amazement: “… …”


    What kind of people are these two?!


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