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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 19

    What a Scoundrel!

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Wook


    Chapter 19 : What a Scoundrel!


    Inside the room, there were only Zhao Wujiu and Bai Shiqi left, not to mention that one of them was drunk.


    Zhao Wujiu used a cloth to dry her hair bit by bit and another cloth to wipe across her face. When he was wiping the traces of water on her neck, he discovered that there was something beneath the cloth. He straightened the cloth and was astonished by what he found.


    —He had peeled off a layer of skin of Bai Shiqi’s Adam’s apple with his coarse hands!


    Peeled… skin?


    Zhao Wujiu was scared silly, but he took a closer look. He noticed that there seemed to be an extra thing on the Adam’s apple. At this moment, half of the thing was turned upwards and the other half was turned downwards… Apparently, it’s a fake Adam’s apple?


    There were rumors that there existed many kinds of perfect disguising techniques in the world of JianghuZhao Wujiu had never had the opportunity to witness it before.


    Once again, he lifted the half of the fake Adam’s apple that had come apart. He found that the bottom part was flat and the color was the same as her skin. It looked very similar to the real thing.


    In the palace, there were many castrated little eunuchs with a shrill voice and no Adam’s apple. Bai Shiqi had a clear voice and was also the young leader of Jiangsu Shipping Group, so it was impossible that one had gotten oneself castrated.


    Zhao Wujiu had been at the threshold of life and death for many years, he was accustomed even to the most absurd ideas. At this moment, he had a cold sweat from his speculation—Could it be that Bai Shiqi is a woman?


    He lowered his head and sized up the person on the bed once again. He saw her thin lips and soft hair, together with the jade-like face. With her eyes closed he discovered that the eyelashes were thick, the outer corner of the eyes was long and narrow, looking like the maker had stroked his brush unreservedly. She carried herself freely, all kinds of emotions could be shown as her heart’s desired.


    If Bai Shiqi was really a woman, then… How could there be such a woman in this world who is more mischievous and looser than men?


    Zhao Wujiu practically did not sleep the whole night. The person by his side was clueless and slept soundly, her long hair was spread on the pillow. Once it was past midnight, she unexpectedly hugged half of his body and smiled triumphantly in her dream.


    Zhao Wujiu: “… …”


    If Bai Shiqi is really a woman, then… What kind of impropriety is this?


    Bai Shiqi finally sobered up by dawn. She got up from the bed while holding her head, she groaned: “It hurts like hell! Wen Tao this son of a bitch!”


    Zhao Wujiu’s expression was complicated. He originally wanted to turn a blind eye to her cursing, however, he thought that if in any case she was really a woman, having those kinds of obscene words coming out from her mouth was really not virtuous, so he reprimanded her: “I’ve heard that you two young leaders’ families are friends, how can you be this rude to your senior?”


    “Senior?” Bai Shiqi rapped her head and she snorted coldly: “Knowing this kind of senior can be considered as my bad luck. How many holes had he dug for me since we were kids? If not because of Uncle Wen’s face, I would’ve beaten his face open already!”


    She gathered her hair, and still wearing Zhao Wujiu’s robe that dragged on the floor, strode across the room and stood in front of a bronze mirror. She lowered her head and found the strangeness on her neck; half of the fake Adam’s apple had come apart. She did not know whether she had exposed herself in front of Zhao Wujiu.


    “Where’s my crown and robe from last night?”


    Zhao Wujiu was still reclining on the bed with a sleepy look. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of her guilty conscience. His half-point suspicion became a full point, his speculation was verified by then.


    “Last night, you were drunk and were in a rush to bathe in the hot water pond, you’ve probably left them around there somewhere.”


    Bai Shiqi hastily went to the bathing room to find her crown and robe. She felt around the robe’s inner pocket and found the special glue, and used it on her throat to re-attach the fake Adam’s apple. She pondered again whether Zhao Wujiu had found out, then she came out and put on a smiling face: “Cousin Brother, I’m going to the bridal chamber now, how about I let Brother Shu assist you to freshen up, then afterward we can go to the market for a good meal?” While at it she underhandedly tried to probe his expression.


    Zhao Wujiu still looked like his usual self: “Go, then.”


    After Bai Shiqi left, Zhao Wujiu turned his head to look at the bed. Last night, the two had shared the bed1Bai Shiqi had not been well-behaved in her sleep and had crowded his body for the most part of the night. He lowered his eyelashes, his mind filled with numerous thoughts.


    Miss Song Si had been waiting inside the bridal chamber for the whole night. She had listened to the noise from the wine banquet that gradually faded. The servant girl who waited upon her, Zhen’er, had also come to inform her at some point that the banquet had ended, the groom had gone with Young Leader Wen and nobody knew where they went, and so, she finally tidied herself up and went to rest.


    At dawn, Zhen’er blew out the dragon and phoenix candles and was in the middle of assisting her to get up when the door was knocked, and a familiar voice sounded from the outside: “Miss Si—“


    Miss Song Si’s face brightened up, she got up in a hurry and opened the door personally. Outside the door was a charming gentleman in wrinkled robes, and her face blushed immediately: “Did Master drink too much last night?” That you did not even seek for the bride?


    Bai Shiqi entered and unrestrainedly sat on a chair: “Let’s not talk about it. Last night, Wen Tao and his people forced me to drink, I don’t even know how I slept last night. Anyway, I’ve let some people make arrangements so we can go outside later, help me find some clothes so I can change ah.”


    Zhen’er was the servant girl of Miss Song Si from the Song House, thus she was not familiar with the Wen residence. She asked the servant who waited upon the bridal chamber, Que’er, for help: “Elder Sister, I’ll have to trouble you to find our master’s people, so they can send over some replacement clothes for him.”


    Miss Song Si personally wrung the kerchief that was soaked with warm water and wanted to help Bai Shiqi to freshen up, but Bai Shiqi said: “No need to trouble you, I’ll do it myself.”


    “This servant is already Master’s, from now on, Master’s daily necessities such as cleaning up and diet are my responsibilities.” She really wanted to be a good and loving wife, and this frightened Bai Shiqi.


    “No need, no need. These matters need to be discussed later. I don’t have any established rules, so you can continue doing the things you like to do before, don’t change because of me.”


    Miss Song Si’s powdered face reddened: “Master is magnanimous, however, this servant has to be sensible.”


    Miss Song Si made her first public performance 3 years ago when she was merely 14 years old, precisely at the bud of the age when one started to have passion and desire. Even though she had only been an entertainer and did not sell herself, running into lechers once in a while was unavoidable.


    The first time Bai Shiqi listened to Miss Song Si storytelling, she happened to see her being harassed by a young thug. After Bai Shiqi beat him up ruthlessly, he was very ashamed and did not dare to show up again ever since then.


    At that time, Miss Song Si was still a tender young girl, far from her current self who already thought that money and power are crucial things in life2. Had Bai Shiqi not appeared, perhaps her reputation would have been ruined already.


    Afterward, Bai Shiqi ordered some people to deliver several folk story scripts for her. Even though the author was Mister Yunping, Lady Song Si regarded this grace as Bai Shiqi’s kindness.


    By relying on those wonderful stories, she had gained a foothold in Huai’an City. For a few days each year, she would be expecting the ships returning to the south, not only for those stories of Mister Yunping, but also for the Young Leader Bai before her eyes.


    Her wish was fulfilled. As if she was high in the clouds, she served Bai Shiqi with smiles, and a little girl came over with a replacement robe. After Bai Shiqi exchanged her clothes with a clean one, she said: “Let’s go find Wen Tao and ask for the thing.”


    Lady Song Si’s eyes were full with Bai Shiqi.  Her speech just came out naturally: “This servant will listen to Master.”


    In this lifetime, Bai Shiqi had seen many young ladies whose beauty she could admire with her eyes and usually, she could just dismiss them with a laugh, however, this person before her eyes… had become her inside room’s person. Truly giving her a headache.


    Wen Tao was still wrapped inside the quilt when the door was kicked open. Bai Shiqi burst into his bedroom and dragged him to get up.


    She sat on the chair at the bedside, and with her legs crossed, without any politeness, she started: “So, Brother Wen, didn’t you promise to return Miss Si’s slave deed to me after the candles inside the bridal room burned out?”


    Wen Tao lifted the quilt, showing his bare arm. He did not want to miss the slightest fluctuation from Bai Shiqi’s expression, however, he found that she only turned a blind eye to it. Suddenly, he remembered that on the peak of summer, the men on the ship must be working shirtless. Perhaps in her eyes, looking at men who showed a little bit of bare skin was not a strange matter anymore. He was in a bad mood without any reason: “You didn’t even return to the bridal chamber last night, still have the nerve to come and ask me for the deed?”


    Bai Shiqi smiled like a scoundrel: “Brother Wen has said it wrong. Disregarding what I did on my wedding night, one night has passed, so you should honor your promise, otherwise…”


    Wen Tao was watching her attentively. He lifted the quilt further and found that Bai Shiqi was still unperturbed. She did not even have the idea to avoid it the slightest bit, so he started to have second thoughts: “Otherwise, what are you going to do?”


    Bai Shiqi: “If you still insist on not giving it to me, I’ll go to the Wen residence and ask Uncle Wen for it. It’s just a slave deed, I’m sure Uncle Wen won’t bear any grudge.”


    Whenever Wen Tao met Bai Shiqi, never was there a time when they did not fight. Either because of one or the other person’s words, or one of them digging a hole for the other, Wen Bao was already used to it. Regarding this kind of matter, at most he would probably be the judge of these two youngsters and that was it.


    “But the deed is in my hands, when the time comes, I’ll just say I’ve lost it.”


    Bai Shiqi’s gaze swept across the robe hung on the clothes hanger, without saying anything further, she went to search: “Turns out you’ve been playing with my mind since the very beginning ah? No need to bother you then, I’ll find it myself.”


    Wen Tao, bare-footed, and wearing only a pair of silk trousers, got down from the bed. He rushed over and grabbed Bai Shiqi’s clothes: “Little scoundrel, stop right now!”


    In response to this, Bai Shiqi snatched the clothes and fled outside. While running, she shouted: “If you have the ability, then come and take it from me ah.” Once she stepped outside the room, she turned her head and provoked Wen Tao with a smile: “Apparently, Young Leader Wen is not afraid of being seen by others.”


    From the corner of her eyes, Miss Song Si got a glimpse of Wen Tao’s chest, making her blush immediately. She turned around and scurried away, pretending that she had not seen anything. Zhen’er who was following behind covered her mouth with her sleeves and laughed, in a low voice she said: “Miss, our master… seriously!”


    What a scoundrel!




    1 shared the bed(同床共枕): Figuratively also means to be married.

    2 从长计议 (cháng xiù shàn wǔ): Idiom, literally long sleeves help one dance beautifully. Meaning: Money and power will help you in any occupation.


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