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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 18

    Why Are You Trying to Reason with a Drunken Person?

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Wook


    Chapter 18 : Why Are You Trying to Reason with a Drunken Person?


    Zhao Wujiu had finished washing. He was sitting in the wheelchair, reading a book with loose hair and loose clothes, when the door was suddenly knocked loudly. Had it not been for Shu Changfeng blocking the door, Bai Shiqi would have already burst into the room.


    Shu Changfeng had never seen such an audacious chad.


    “Young Leader Bai, it is already deep in the night, my family’s master is already resting. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”


    “Nonsense! You… You’re just trying to obstruct me from seeing Cousin Brother, why do you have to be so unreasonable?”


    Apparently, the drunk person’s reasoning was still strong: “Don’t tell me in Cousin Brother’s room… he’s hiding a beauty?”


    Shu Changfeng: “… …”


    Wen Tao was dragged all the way by her. He tried to coax her into the bridal chamber several times, but he did not expect that this chad would be so stubborn in her drunken state, kept ranting about finding this “cousin brother”. He could not help but become curious about this “cousin brother”’s origin.


    Shiqi, the bride is still waiting for you, why don’t we go back?” He had never heard of any extended family of the Bai clan before.


    Bai Shiqi beat the door and started kicking it with her foot. Just when she was about to open the door, it opened from the inside without any warning. Zhao Wujiu was sitting upright in the wheelchair and could not defend against her head that was covered with the smell of wine, bumping into his bosom. The raised head showed an unrestrained and intoxicated smile, she slurred: “Cousin… Cousin Brother, I’ve come to accompany you.”


    Zhao Wujiu looked down at the intoxicated smile before him. With wrinkled brows, he said: “If you’re drunk, then quickly go back to rest properly. Why come here to make trouble?”


    Wen Tao came in in large strides and pulled her by the collar: “What Brother said is right, I’ll take him back now.” He did not expect that Bai Shiqi would shamelessly attach herself tightly onto Zhao Wujiu’s waist like an octopus: “Tonight… Tonight I want to talk with my cousin brother!”


    Zhao Wujiu had never seen Bai Shiqi acting like such a rascal before. On ordinary days, she would avoid hearing his lectures like a plague. It was extremely odd for her to act so intimately today. In addition, it looked like there was something strange going on between her and Wen Tao. She was drunk, yet she refused to rest, and came to look for him instead. Seeing that Wen Tao kept insisting on taking her away, Zhao Wujiu began to have doubts in his heart, so he simply said: “One cannot reason with a one who is drunk, how about Young Leader Wen rest first and talk to Shiqi later when he has sobered.”


    Wen Tao said hypocritically: “Brother is a distinguished guest, how can there be any reason for Brother to take care of Shiqi? Why don’ I take him back and let him apologize tomorrow.”


    Bai Shiqi buried her head in Zhao Wujiu’s bosom. Her nose smelled the faint sweet fragrance of pine wood, making her mind even more dazed. She spurted out: “You quickly leave. Don’t delay… Don’t delay me from talking with Cousin Brother.”


    Shu Changfeng: “Young Leader Wen, this way.”


    Wen Tao was still trying to plan. He was seeing Bai Shiqi in that man’s embrace when suddenly four guards emerged from the darkness and asked him to leave, thus he could only leave resentfully. However, his attitude was still as courteous as it was before: “Since Shiqi is drunk, then I’ll bother Brother to take care of him. I’ll talk to him later when he has sobered.”


    The door was closed from the outside, Zhao Wujiu said warmly: “The person has already left, can you release me now?”


    This youngster’s head was filled with the smell of wine and the hair was completely wet. She did not seem like a drunk person, but more like a person who had bathed in wine.


    Bai Shiqi turned her body and sat paralyzed leaning against the armrest. She was about to fall asleep with her eyes drooping: “Today… Many thanks to Cousin Brother.”


    Zhao Wujiu had just finished his bath and had felt clean and refreshed for a while ago, but because he was hugged by her, his body was filled with the smell of alcohol as well. He disliked the smell from Bai Shiqi and urged her: “Get up and go wash at the back.”


    Bai Shiqi also felt that she needed a hot bath to sober up, so she got up and swayed, heading to the back. She still had the time to turn her head and teased him: “Cousin Brother… Don’t peep!”


    Zhao Wujiu: “… …”


    Bai Shiqi knew that he was a person of noble character, his character was stubbornly upright and his mind was filled with dogmatic ideologies. Even if they were both men, he absolutely would not try to peep at her in the bath. Supporting herself against the wall, she walked safely to the bathing room at the back.


    The salt group was prosperous, even this guest room was built lavishly. The bedroom was connected to the bathing pond, and hot water flowed out from the four beast head statues from each corner. One did not know if the hot water was taken directly from a hot spring.


    Bai Shiqi sat by the pond, she took off her boots and removed her clothes. She threw her crown to the side and went in after taking off her outer robe. Beneath the robe was a close-fitting soft armor, tightly squeezing the body until the body lines could hardly be seen. She fumbled with it, then from under the soft armor, she freed herself from the thickly entangled gauze, finally exposing a figure of a pretty woman, with long legs and slender waist—with the exception of the not-so-plump chest, which had been suffering from the long-term suppression all year round.


    Her hands and feet were a little weak. Relying on her swimming ability, she lightly held the edge of the pond and dived in. She soaked her head, first, to wash off the alcohol from her hair, second, to make herself sober. Unexpectedly, she made an error when she went under because of dizziness and ended up choking on a mouthful of hot water. After that, she became somewhat sober and immediately grabbed the edge of the pool, did not dare to let go.


    Bai Shiqi usually played hard. Today, she nearly fell into Wen Tao’s hand, so at this moment, she also did not dare to make a ruckus in the water. She grabbed the soap from the edge of the pool, sat down, and washed her hair thoroughly. She heard a faint noise from behind and turned around only to see a bare-chested Zhao Wujiu moving his wheelchair into the room from within the mist. She was immediately frightened and flustered. She plunged into the water with her hair still filled with foam, her voice was abnormal: “C-Cousin Brother, why did you come in?”


    Zhao Wujiu was in the army for 10 years. When the weather was hot, he would go along with the fellow soldiers to undress and saw each other’s bodies bathe in the stream. Therefore, he was already accustomed to seeing “these kinds of sights”. Through the lingering mist, he slowly came to the side of the pond, where a small wooden bucket tied with a rope was located. He threw the bucket into the water and then pulled it up when it was filled with hot water: “The smell of alcohol on my body makes me feel uncomfortable. Besides, you’re terribly drunk, just making sure you’re not sleeping inside the pond.”


    “M-Many thanks for Cousin Brother’s concern.” Bai Shiqi carefully soaked herself in the pond, quickly rinsed off the foam on her head while swimming away seamlessly.


    Zhao Wujiu raised his head and noticed that she was heading towards the center of the pond, but from the surface, only a moving black silhouette could be seen. She was already drunk yet she still wanted to play in the water, he could no longer suppress himself to rebuke and blurted out: “You’re already drunk and you still want to fool around? Still don’t want to come over quickly, if you drown in the pond, see who can come in to save you!”


    Hearing these words, Bai Shiqi was scared into a cold sweat. Her hands and feet weakened and she almost choked twice in the pond. She could only reply obediently: “I’m only… I’m only soaking, I’ll come out in a moment. Cousin Brother, you can leave first!”


    He actually was not even trying to sneak a glance. He came in properly with a justified reason. To say the least, Bai Shiqi had no reason to refute him.


    Zhao Wujiu: “You quickly rinse off all that foam and come out, don’t let your drunkenness get into your head and make you choke on water.”


    It might have been better if he did not remind her. Once he reminded her, Bai Shiqi appeared to be terribly frightened and actually choked on a mouthful of water, she immediately coughed loudly.


    Through the mist, Zhao Wujiu could not see clearly, but he was pretty concerned: “Would you like Shu Changfeng to come in and serve you in bath?”


    Bai Shiqi: “… …” This proposal is so terrible.


    She stammered and refused: “I can do it myself, no need to bother Brother Shu.”


    Zhao Wujiu: “Then you quickly wash and come over, I’ll wait for you to go out with, lest you drown.”


    Bai Shiqi who had been dressing as a man for 20 years, finally encountered the biggest crisis in her whole life.


    Today, she was made drunk by Wen Tao and his pack of scoundrels and her head became dizzy after soaking in hot water. At this moment she was feeling lethargic, and facing Zhao Wujiu’s stubborn kindness, she could hardly hold on. With no other choice, she slowly moved back, climbed the edge of the pond, and quickly rubbed her body up and down in the water. Her chin was rested on the edge, with her hair dangling down like a waterfall, she looked at Zhao Wujiu impatiently: “Cousin Brother, can you go out first? I’ll come out once I… once I’m dressed.”


    Zhao Wujiu was at another hot water pond not too far away from her. From this distance, he was able to see her flushed cheeks and her eyes that were bright as stars. One also did not know whether it was because of the loosened hair, she actually showed the gracefulness of a woman. He thought of the warm scenery in Jiangnan, and made a conclusion that even most of the men there were weak and refined scholars. He suspected that he had stayed at the north far too long, that even looking at a man with this kind of appearance would make him think of a woman’s body. Was this not preposterous?


    He also knew that it was difficult to reason with one who was drunk, so he wiped the water from his body and warmly coaxed her: “Then you finish quickly.” Once he was completely dry, he pushed the wheelchair out.


    Bai Shiqi hurriedly climbed up and grabbed a clean cloth to wipe her body. With her weakened limbs, she carelessly bound her body and covered it with the soft armor, then she put on the clothes from the hanger and walked out. There was a lot of wine on her clothes, so she could not wear them anymore.


    Unexpectedly, the outer robe was not only wide but also surprisingly long. She was already feeling soft in the knees and the hem of the robe was dragging on the ground. When she entered the bedroom, she stepped on the hem and tripped, in the end, it looked like she was giving Zhao Wujiu a big bow.


    At this moment, Zhao Wujiu was sitting on the bed with a set of clean clothes, while Shu Changfeng was wiping the wheelchair at the side. Seeing Bai Shiqi’s melancholy expression, he smirked. He kindly came over to help her and asked for her thoughts: “Young Leader Bai, should I help you to the bridal chamber now?”


    It was the wedding night after all, but instead of going to the wife who was as beautiful as flower and cherish her, one ran here to disturb his family’s master’s sleep.


    Bai Shiqi’s brain was muddled and not very awake. With sheer willpower, when she heard the two words of “bridal chamber”, she pushed Shu Changfeng away and strode to Zhao Wujiu’s big bed with drunken steps. She smiled almost foolishly: “Cousin Brother—“ while stretching out her two arms wanting to hug.


    Zhao Wujiu looked at her in surprise, feeling somewhat annoyed and somewhat funny: “You don’t want to pay any attention to the bride and run here to trouble me instead?”


    Bai Shiqi pounced at him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. With hair still dripping wet, she fell on his bed soon after.


    Zhao Wujiu touched the place where he had been kissed and he finally recovered after a long time: “Stinky youngster, what kind of impropriety is this?” One often harassed women and now wanted to harass him as well?


    He had been alone for many years. Knowing that Bai Shiqi had a stubborn and mischievous temperament, that once she said something, she would not change her mind, such an interesting person, now looking at her intoxicated appearance, he resigned to his fate and pushed her: “Your hair is still wet, get up and dry it properly, then go accompany your bride.”


    Shu Changfeng pretended he did not see the scene of Prince Zhou being molested, with a blank face he pulled at her: “Young Leader Bai, quickly get up.” and discovered that she had a firm hold on Zhao Wujiu’s sleeve and was sleeping soundly.


    Shu Changfeng: “… …”


    Zhao Wujiu who got a headache: “Bring over a cloth so I can dry his hair. You go rest early.”


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