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    The Black Horse

    Chapter 17

    This One Suspects That You Might be Sunzi!

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Wook


    Chapter 17 : This One Suspects That You Might be Sunzi!


    (T/NSunzi/Sun Tzu/Sun Wu is a general, strategist, and philosopher, believed to be the author of the “Art of War”, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China)


    The wedding procession arrived at the Wen residence, Bai Shiqi dismounted from the horse and stood motionless at the gate.


    Wen Tao incited her: “Young Leader Bai, aren’t you known to have indomitable spirit and someone who is courageous enough to take responsibility for your every action? How is it that you’re not even courageous enough to take a concubine?”


    Bai Shiqi: “Young Leader Wen, you’re a bastard who dares to snatch a good woman from her house, you’d even go as far as tying her up if she’s unwilling. However, I’m not the same as you ah. In my opinion, both the man and woman have to be willing for them to be tied in marriage. Even if I’m willing, Miss Song Si might not be willing ah!”


    Wen Tao: “This is simple. Won’t you know once you ask the bride?”


    He turned around and made his way towards the side of the sedan chair. He lifted the curtain and pulled out the kerchief that was stuffed into Miss Song Si’s mouth. He also untied the rope binding her body, and with an amiable look: “Miss SiShiqi has returned. Today, with the people here as the witnesses, choose your own husband. Will you marry me or Shiqi?”


    The group of guests came out to watch the excitement. Just now, they were still peeping around the main gate, thinking that they would miss a good show. But no one had expected that apparently, Wen Tao had been aware of the situation and actually set the stage at the gate in front of the house.


    The carriage of the shipping group carried the Zhao brothers and Qiu Yunping all the way. Zhao Ziheng opened the curtain to ask: “Mister Yunping, do you think this Miss Song Si fancies any of them?”


    Qiu Yunping was put in a tight spot by Zhao Ziheng, so he could only said the truth: “I’m afraid Young Leader won’t be able to escape easily today.”


    Hearing this, Zhao Ziheng suddenly had a thought: “You’re saying… Miss Song Si fancies Shiqi?”


    Qiu Yunping: “The youth has the sentiment, the concubine has the intent1!” He looked extremely distressed: “There are millions of young ladies who fancy our young leader back in Suzhou, not just this one ah.”


    There are many young ladies who wanted to enter the main gate of Bai residence, but because of the strict rules of Leader Bai, they could only stay away.


    Zhao Wujiu actually found it rather amusing: “It seems like we’re bound to eat from this banquet today.” Bai Shiqi was stubborn and mischievous, no one had expected that one would eventually fall into the hole that others had dug.


    Miss Song Si had been tied up since last night. They had only loosened her bind for a while when she had to change into the wedding dress this morning, then she was tied up again after the four fat matrons finished dressing her up. At this moment, she was kneading her numbed arms, and her teary eyes were gazing at Bai Shiqi. With tears constantly flowing down her cheeks: “Shiqi lang, this servant has been longing for you day and night, waiting for your return…”


    Bai Shiqi involuntarily retreated a few steps, and it was already impossible to stop halfway. One did not anticipate that Wen Tao would block the way from behind, and with a smile yet not a smile: “Shiqi, if you’re not going to marry, then I’ll enter the bridal chamber immediately!” A deed was taken out from his bosom, he unfolded it and shook it in front of her.


    Bai Shiqi stared at Miss Song Si’s slave deed, and gritted her teeth in anger: “When are you going to hand this thing over to me?” She was aware that Wen Tao must have had something in the back.


    Wen Tao answered frankly: “After the wedding night.”


    Bai Shiqi stared at him firmly: “Wen Tao, I’ll settle this with you later!”


    Apparently, Wen Tao had already expected her to say this line at an earlier time, smiling from ear to ear, he promised: “We… will settle this later!”


    The crowd of guests who had been watching the excitement at the gate turned towards her and started congratulating her one after one. Miss Song Si whose head was covered with a veil was helped out from the sedan chair. The matron of honor was supporting her to go through the side door when Bai Shiqi suddenly got an idea. She expressed her gratitude towards the group of young men who had been gathering and making rowdy: “Since Big Brother Wen had prepared all of this for me, then today, I’d like to thank everyone for your blessings!”


    Someone within the group was also acquainted with her, so it was hard to not accommodate her, he stepped forward: “Shiqi, Brother Wen handed over the beauty in his hand, showing how much he values the brotherly feelings between you two. We are all very envious!”


    Originally, they had thought that they would be witnessing the scene of the two youths fighting over Miss Song Si. Unexpectedly, Wen Tao, who had gone with imposing manner, returned and only smiled quietly even though he had lost the beauty. It truly made one to be at a loss.


    Inside Bai Shiqi’s heart: If you’re envious, then I’ll send it to you.


    Wen Tao stood nearby, still holding the slave deed with trembling hands that was full of hate. He hated that he could not punch Bai Shiqi’s handsome face. The two gradually got older, and the scene where the two had bloody noses and swollen faces with some people trying to stop the fight was gradually forgotten. Especially after Wen Tao reached 16 years old, his height soared and he quickly became a head taller than Bai Shiqi. Even their “fights” became a bit more civilized.


    Inside the main hall of the Wen residence, Bai Shiqi sat at the highest seat, and Miss Song Si kneeled under her to serve the tea. Wen Tao saw with his own eyes that Bai Shiqi drank the tea, then he signaled a maidservant using his eyes to present a set of golden head ornament, as a gift for Miss Song Si for entering the door.


    The guests became rowdy, then the matron of honor supported the bashful Miss Song Si to the bridal chamber. Wen Tao approached and embraced Bai Shiqi’s shoulder affectionately and laughed: “Shiqi, today, us brothers must get drunk. When we were young, we were not sensible, so we fought tooth and nails often. Could it be that you’re being narrow-minded and still bear grudges towards Big Brother up until now?”


    “How could I?” Bai Shiqi put on a fake smile: “My father and Uncle Wen are always hoping that one day we will be able to get along with each other, today I should be thanking you.” Beneath them, her foot seemed like it had accidentally stepped on Wen Tao’s boots. She grinded it twice ruthlessly until his complexion changed drastically.


    Wen Tao’s temperament was exceptionally good today. He practically did not have the slightest urge to retaliate or to curse, he did not even yell at her when he was stepped on his foot. It was oddly questionable.


    The hall was full of noisy and happy music. From behind the screen, a female singer lightly opened her red lips and sang the tune wonderfully.


    Zhao Ziheng and a group of young men came to have a drink. Bai Shiqi was caught in the middle and was forced to drink, it was difficult to escape from it.


    Wen Tao came over to Zhao Wujiu to toast and looked at this scene from a distance. On his face was a shallow smile: “Since this brother is Shiqi’s guest, then this brother is also the guest of Wen residence.”


    Zhao Wujiu toasted with him: “Young Sir Wen and Bai Shiqi have known each other for a long time?”


    “I’ve known him since we were small.” Wen Tao did not hesitate to show the relationship between the two in front of Zhao Wujiu: “Our fathers have friendship, however in our generation, we keep fighting one another since we were young.” One did not know what he was thinking about, he added: “Bai Shiqi was very naughty when he was a child.”


    Zhao Wujiu recalled her “miraculous skills”, and expressed his agreement: “Young Leader Bai is indeed somewhat naughty and mischievous.”


    Even though Zhao Ziheng was a spoiled rich kid, compared to her mischiefs, the difference was pretty far.


    Halfway through the banquet, a group of people clamored wanting to see the bride, hence they took Bai Shiqi to the bridal chamber.


    Zhao Wujiu used the excuse that he was tired, so the subordinates of the Wen family took him and his group of guards to the guest room.


    Standing at the door of the bridal chamber, Bai Shiqi was thinking in her heart: Really never expected that in this lifetime, Laozi will have the opportunity to become a groom and take off the veil of my own bride.


    Wen Tao pushed open the door, then he invited the group to enter: “Why are you hesitating? The bride has been waiting for long.”


    Zhao Ziheng cheered for his good brother, while Qiu Yunping pulled back behind the noisy crowd. The group of drunk youths became noisy: “Quick! Take off the veil so we can continue drinking!”


    Bai Shiqi was surrounded by a lot of people and had drunk a lot of wine. At this moment she was somewhat intoxicated.  The whole way to the bridal chamber she felt as if she was floating. Once she floated to face the bride, she quickly took off the veil. Beneath, Miss Song Si’s head was hanging low. She was infinitely shy for today was a day of great joy. She had been dressed up meticulously and she was really as beautiful as jade.


    The young men congratulated Bai Shiqi one after another, saying that her luck with women was not shallow. Only Wen Tao noticed her expression of suffering in silence. It was as if she was suffering from unspeakable misery and she looked rather solemn.


    Later that evening, Zhao Ziheng had drunk until he slipped under the table, thus Shu Changfeng led someone to carry the person back.


    The remaining youths had drunk a lot as well and started talking nonsense. Some of them were holding their companion and not letting go, while some others refused to get up from the ground. In the end, Bai Shiqi was the only one who was still sitting perfectly upright while holding a wine jug.


    The musicians in the hall were already sent away a long time ago. Wen Tao ordered the housekeeper to take a group of servants to send the guests back to the guest rooms to sober up and rest, while he himself took a wine jug and sat in front of Bai Shiqi. He knocked on the table: “Bai Shiqi, wake up.”


    Bai Shiqi stared blankly at him. She turned her head to look at him properly. She was trying to maintain the last trace of soberness. Seeing the enlarged face before her eyes, without any trace of politeness she patted his face, her tone was full of provocation: “Bastard, you want another fight, right?”


    Wen Tao pulled her hand and asked her probingly: “If I don’t fight with you today, can you still drink?”


    Bai Shiqi: “I suspect that you might be Sunzi! Come, let’s drink!” She lifted the wine jug… and with a crash smashed it on Wen Tao’s head.


    Wen Tao smiled viciously… and poured the half-finished wine jug on the table on her head. Hypocritically, he asked in worry: “AiyoShiqi, your clothes are completely soaked, should I take you to change clothes?”


    Bai Shiqi almost fainted in an instant, now she was aware of what trick Wen Tao was holding back. She pushed him hard: “You want to see this master making a joke out of himself, right?” Placing one foot on the stool, she grabbed his collar and spraying alcohol from her mouth, asked: “Say, that… where did you hide my guest?”


    Wen Tao’s eyes narrowed, revealing a dangerous light, but he quickly took it back: “Which guest?”


    “The one… in a wheelchair.”


    “Don’t worry, this brother always treats his guests well. I’ve already sent that noble guest of yours to the guest room to rest.”


    Bai Shiqi’s tongue knotted and she urged him: “Take me… Take me to him.”


    Wen Tao’s fingers accidentally slid across her reddened cheek, his gaze swept across her lips: “It’s already late, why are you looking for him?”


    Bai Shiqi became dizzy in a second, she held onto his lapel and would not let go: “I want to see him!”


    Wen Tao: “How about you change your clothes first, alright?”


    Bai Shiqi: “Not alright!”



    The author has something to say:
    … Wen Tao is the second male lead.




    1 The youth has the sentiment, the concubine has the intent: idiom, refers to two people who have a good feeling for each other and are connected, especially between lovers.


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    Wook's notes:

    Eh, don't worry. He's not the second male lead. There's no such thing as second male in this series.


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