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The Black Horse

The Black Horse (Web Novel)

TBH, 害群之马

Author: 蓝艾草
Rank 37
31 Releases 2.8K Views 1 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
Last Update 4 weeks ago


On that year, he was returning to civilian life. Stepping his foot into a vessel, embarking for Jiangnan.


In regards to the yearnings for women of the army chiefs from the barracks, if one were to summarize it in a sentence: The beauties in Jiangnan had long since gone.


Afterward, he was made perplexed by that valiant and formidable-looking female brigand, who dallied with women better than any man: Since when did the beauties in Jiangnan transform into such troublemakers?


This is a story of a shipping group’s female young leader wearing men’s clothes VS. an old-fashioned guy who had shed his armor to return to civilian life.


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