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    Chapter 13


    “You’re late,” Siegfried said to me with his back against the wall in the hallway.


    “It’s not too late,” I responded. 


    I was about to rush out of my room just now since I finished tying my hair. 


    After last night’s incident, we decided to go see the festival together. 


    As we were eating breakfast this morning, Siegfried asked what the festival looked like during the daytime since he already knows what it’s like at night. 


    Since he couldn’t experience it during the day, I promised to meet him at lunch… Right now it was lunchtime. This was the right time. 


    “How long have you been waiting?” I asked.


    “For two hours,” he said bluntly.


    “No, but just how much were you looking forward to the festival…”


    Even though what he said lacked enthusiasm, I found his unwillingness to admit how excited he was fitting for someone his age. Despite his mature mindset, he is fifteen years old after all.


    “Your Highness, yesterday you said you’d pay your debt for saving you.”


    I said as I was sent off by the servants. I saw Siegfried prick his ears. 


    “I came up with a good idea. Your Highness should serve as my wallet for today.”


    This main character has lots of money so it wouldn’t be a problem to spend, right? This little boy wouldn’t have lingering regrets about it, right? 


    “How much will you use at the festival?”


    “Oh? I will wipe all the sweets on the streets.”


    “I see.”


    Siegfried shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. Then he frowned his eyes as if he’s annoyed by something. 


    “I don’t think this is right, though. For a man like me, paying a debt for saving my life seems too simple.”


    “Do you really think so?”


    After pondering last night, I couldn’t agree with his thoughts.


    Come to think of it, Siegfried is the male lead, so there’s no way he could die at Killian’s hand, right?


    With or without me, I know he’ll manage to somehow survive and kill Killian. 


    But in the meantime, I sneaked around and asked for a price. 


    People have a conscience, and I was joking about 10 million erks.


    “I think so.”


    “It’s useless though.”




    “Because you are in a position to pay off your debts.”


    Siegfried still looked unconvinced.


    Nevertheless, when I came out strong, he was forced to accept my decision.


    “So, I have something to say before we arrived here.”


    Siegfried opened his mouth as I was excitedly looking around the streets. 


    “What is it, Your Highness?”


    “That. That title of prince. Don’t call me like that here at the festival. Yesterday, Milliard kept calling me ‘Your Highness, Your Highness’ and it seemed like the whole world was looking for me.”


    Siegfried blinked his eyes, shuddering as he recalled those words like he was fed up with them. 


    Somehow, my laughter came out as I looked at his expression. 


    How embarrassing would it be for Milliard to Siegfried with that loud voice of his. 


    “I guess so. What kind of prince was in the middle of the streets? You really look like a prince if they see you in person.”


    “What do you mean I looked like a real prince?”


    “You look like a prince.”


    Anyone who would look at him would think he’s isn’t an ordinary person, right? It wasn’t just because of his gorgeous appearance. It’s obvious from his aura, the way he moves, and his straight walking posture that appeared too noble. 


    “But don’t call me Your Highness.”


    “Then how should I call you? Young master? Knight? Hey, bachelor?”


    “Where do you use such a good name?”


    …… Ugh.


    When I heard Siegfried, I was confused. Is Siegfried telling me to call his name now? 


    He’s still a prince, so can I call him at my will?


    I hesitated. I was careful to say it with my mouth.


    As I kept showing signs of hesitation, Siegfried frowned slightly. 


    “I’m already calling you Ariel.”


    “That’s because… You’re His Highness, the Prince.”


    “I’m already doing that, so what’s wrong? I even gave you my permission.”


    “That’s why it’s more burdensome.”


    Come to think of it, this situation was also quite burdensome. I’m going out to the festival with the prince, the male lead. 


    I was too slow to realize it now. I suddenly became conscious. 


    “Call me by my name.”


    Siegfried was still tough. If I didn’t call his name, he wouldn’t even move from his position. 


    He stopped and didn’t move at all. His purple eyes looked down at me with anticipation. 


    “Sieg… fr… fried….”


    “Does my name take you too long to say it?”


    “Sieg…… fried….”




    “I just won’t call your name.”


    “This prince said he hated it.”


    “How about a young man?”




    Siegfried shook his head relentlessly, saying there was nothing more to hear. 


    It seems that this young man hated it. If you are fifteen, you are a young man.


    “No, it’s more of a baby than that.”




    What I thought of came out of my mouth.


    Siegfried blinked as if he couldn’t understand what he had just heard. 


    I just want you to forget it.


    My mind must be overwhelmed by his burdensome request to call him by his name. I didn’t even filter my thoughts and just carelessly let it out. 


    “… Baby?”


    Siegfried raised one eyebrow.


    It seemed very, very unpleasant.


    Cold sweats run down. From a 20-year-old adult’s point of view, it’s natural that fifteen year olds looked like babies.


    “Have you ever seen me that way?”


    “Not that.”


    “I don’t think so.”


    I don’t mean to play with words now. I sighed.


    Siegfried narrowed his eyes.


    “A baby.”


    He must’ve hated it. I don’t know how many times he heard someone say he’s a baby. 


    I shook my head.


    “It means cute.”


    “I hate it more.”


    “Oh no.”


    I clacked my tongue with pity. 


    Siegfried pursed his lips into a thin line. 


    Having a younger brother of the age of Siegfried, I could instinctively know at that moment. It seems that Siegfried is bored.


    “A young man would be better off.”


    “Then shall I choose to call you that way?”


    “Don’t want to.”


    No, then what the hell should I do? I scratched my cheek.


    Siegfried scowled at my coyness.


    “Call me by name.”


    “It’s really hard to.”


    I shook my head. Even if I lived my life twice, I had no recollection of my past life and I’m still Ariel. 


    I’m familiar with the social class, so how can I call the prince’s name casually? 


    Even Siegfried didn’t force me to understand my position. Instead, he touched his chin as if he’s thinking of something. 


    “Oh, then.”


    Finally, Siegfried lifted the corner of his mouth as if he had a good idea.


    I always think about it, but his smile was really pretty. I wanted to poke his tear mole under his eyes. 


    “I have three names in total. Siegfried Laxien Yan.”


    “I know.”


    “Two of them are relatively short.”


    No, this man. I think he misunderstood something but his name wasn’t relatively long. 


    “You can call me Laxien.”


    However, Siegfried was nodding satisfactorily as if he had already made a decision alone. At that point, I can’t call him like ‘Let’s go, young man!’ 


    “Fine. Lax…… xien….”


    “You’re calling my name like that again.”




    “That’s more like it.”


    Siegfried smiled as if complimenting me, raising his hand over my head. Then, as if surprised, he took his hand off.


    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”


    “Well, it’s okay. I even said you’re a baby without knowing it.”


    “That was really rude.”


    “I know….”


    I didn’t know he hated it that much.


    Eventually, the lunch passed by quickly as we argued about what to call him. 


    After having a simple breakfast, I heard my stomach rumble. 


    “I’m hungry…….”


    “Come on.”


    Siegfried said as he walked ahead. He walked quickly ahead, maybe because of his long legs. 


    It was like teasing my feet that can barely catch up to him. 


    I would like him to go a little slower. It was me who said I was hungry.




    Siegfried, who had been walking quickly, suddenly stopped. Thanks to that, I hit my nose on his broad back. 


    “Are you okay?”


    “Why did you stop suddenly?”


    I asked, rubbing my nose. Siegfried slightly lowered his eyes.


    “Because I don’t think you can keep up with my pace. Let’s walk next to each other.”


    “… Your Highness, you’re popular, aren’t you?”


    “You called me Your Highness again.”




    Siegfried narrowed his eyebrows with his arms folded. I started walking out first while waiting for his answer. 


    Besides, I think his personality is surprisingly good.


    Recalling our first meeting, it doesn’t feel as ambiguous. 


    Come to think of it, why did Siegfried feel bad as soon as he saw me?


    It was more questionable because there was no such thing at all now.


    “I’m not. I don’t have a weak personality. In the Imperial Palace, I have little to do with Eisa.”


    “You’re very sweet for that.”


    “Am I sweet?” 


    Siegfried asked, surprised.


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