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    Chapter 12

    Then Siegfried looked at me as if he had forgotten that I was there for a moment.

    “You didn’t even listen to me even in this situation, you’re still here and watching.”

    “Honestly, I knew that Your Highness would win.”

    It was actually a lie. I just watched because I knew that Siegfried wasn’t going to die here because he was the male lead.

    Though it was terrible that he applied his skills to Siegfried, Killian was also talented himself.

    His opponent was so ridiculously strong that this one-sided result came out.

    And who would have imagined that Siegfried would have this level of skill?

    I remembered him on the vacant lot and I was thinking that time, ‘Oh, if it doesn’t go well, I’ll carry him and run out even if he’s heavy.’

    “I-is that so?”

    Siegfried paid no heed to the subject’s (Killian) stammering. Like he’s complacent with something.

    “So how did you change your mind?”

    “It is me who strikes Eisa’s neck. I have already made that decision.”

    “… So what do you want from me?”

    Killian eventually gave up getting off the floor, and instead leaned on a sack of flour.

    Siegfried picked up the sword that fell on Killian’s foot.

    The sword stuck right next to Killian’s face. Flour poured out through the open space.

    As flour spilled over Killian’s shoulder, Siegfried laughed mischievously as if he had been a funny joke.

    “I want to put you under me. It would mean that you are quite skilled because you received the order from Eisa.”

    “I don’t think you’re going to pay me 10 million erks from the start, right?”

    “Of course. Did you believe it?“

    I believed… .!

    I clenched my fist. It was too much to catch people using money….!

    Siegfried looked down at Killian pathetically. Then he opened his mouth as if he thought of a good idea.

    “After two weeks, I plan to participate in the suppressing monsters. You’ll also go there.”

    He said it using a tone of voice in which you can’t do anything about it but follow unconditionally. Killian laughed as if it was absurd.

    “My body is expensive.”

    Siegfried snorted as if he heard a nonsensical remark.

    “And I have so much money to overflow. There will be more in the future.”

    Oh my God, how can he learn such a romantic line? What the hell does Siegfried don’t have?

    I was envious of Killian hearing such words. Even though 10 million erks have become something inexistent.

    “So good….”

    “… What?”

    As I muttered alone, Siegfried raised his head and asked.

    I shook my hand saying it was nothing.

    “Anyway, stay on standby near the manor until then. I will end the search for you.”

    Siegfried said that for the last time, and then threw several gold coins over Killian’s head.

    Because he was a prince, the unit of cash he gave was unique. I, the Count’s Young Lady, also use gold coins while trembling. Siegfried suddenly came to me.

    Sitting in a bag of flour, I accepted the dagger from Siegfried.

    “Today was a very rough day.”

    “Absolutely. It was a sight to oversee if you were bored.”

    After all, there was no chance for me to go out. Siegfried, like a male lead, solved everything by himself.

    Until the end, I was afraid that Killian would counterattack.

    Killian seemed to unable even lift his finger after being beaten by Siegfried….

    I’ll just count it as sightseeing in my heart’s contentment.

    Then I lifted the hem of my dress to put back my dagger in.

    While fiddling with the sheath on my thigh, Siegfried suddenly coughed.

    “What, what are you doing? Why.”

    “I’m putting back my dagger.”

    “You should’ve told me before you…!”

    “It’s dark so you won’t be able to see it anyway.”

    “I saw it all — no.”

    Siegfried shook his head hastily. He roughly swept the back of his neck.

    “Let’s get going. It’s too late.”

    “Okay. Now that Killian has been caught, I won’t need an escort for me from tomorrow, right?“


    Siegfried asked as if I’m asking a funny thing.

    He’s still laughing until I jumped down from the bag of flour.

    “Let‘s go to the festival together tomorrow. Why would I need an escort when you’re there?”

    How can I have such a reliable line? It felt even more so after seeing the strength of Siegfried in person.

    I looked at him with my eyes wide open, and quickly nodded.


    The two of us were muttering to each other on the way back to the mansion. When we were almost in front of the mansion, Siegfried suddenly opened his mouth.

    “For what happened today, keep it a secret.”

    “Yes? Why?”

    “I don’t want to cause unnecessary worries for your family. It won’t be long anyway, and I’ll be leaving.”

    “But don’t you think we have to tell them not to search for Killian anymore, right?”

    “So it means to keep what happened in the warehouse a secret.”

    Siegfried seemed to conceal the part Killian had attempted to kidnap and kill him. Well, it’s clear that if Abbysion finds out, he’ll go right away.

    “I see. Then it‘s just our secret.“

    I nodded happily. I have a secret with the male lead.

    “Yes, that’s…… that’s it.”

    Siegfried dragged his words. He glanced at me and bit his lips slightly.

    “I owe you.”

    “What debt? If it’s 10 million erks, then Killian….”

    “Not that. Didn’t you come to save me.”

    “Oh right.”

    I forgot. As soon as Siegfried was caught, I tried to get into the warehouse where he was hidden, and get him out.

    “I forgot such an important thing.”

    “It’s not something to laugh. I will somehow pay off this debt.”


    If you would give me 10 million erks.

    “Anything…… Say what you want.”

    As he approached the front door, Siegfried stopped.

    Looking at him staring at me, it seems like he’s waiting for me to open my mouth and give him an answer before going inside.


    I was worried. Does he have to pay this debt? Siegfried made Killian into a pool of blood himself.

    “I don‘t have anything on mind now, so can I tell you next time?”

    “It doesn’t matter though.”

    “By the way, that‘s what you said before.”

    Then I remembered what Siegfried had said to Killian.

    As I paused for a moment, Siegfried tilted his head slightly.

    “You mean you are going to participate in the suppressing monsters?”

    “Yes, I came down to the Ellifritz with the intention of doing that from the beginning.”

    Aha. I was told why he came here to Ellifritz but I didn’t know it was for suppressing of monsters.

    It turns out that in the novel, Siegfried made a tremendous contribution not only to war but also defeating monsters.

    “Do you have any experience of suppressing monsters?”

    “No, this is my first time.”

    “I see. You have to be careful. Siren is the most troublesome thing in the South.”

    How loud was their crying sound again? There were dozens of trade ships each year that sinks into the reef by sirens.

    “ I didn’t mean that I will participate myself in the suppressing of monsters. There will be many southern nobles there. I wanted to show an impressive image of me to them.”

    I think it will be possible if I am skilled now. Fighting! I clenched my fists and pretended to be strong.

    “Your Highnessssss!”

    Siegfried tried to open his mouth again, but the front door suddenly opened. Then Milliard jumped out and cried.

    Milliard immediately knelt in front of Siegfried, bowed his head and prayed.

    “My deepest apologies! I only looked away for a moment then I lost you, Your Highness. I searched every corner, but I couldn’t find you, so I stopped….“

    He said he stopped then came home.

    So Milliard explained it like this. Millard ran around the festival grounds while searching for the prince then met with my escort knights.

    The knights also said that they went to the bathroom for a while, and when I didn’t came back, they were in uproar.

    Milliard came out late at night with the knights and lost in search of Siegfried.

    Therefore, he decided that it would be better to go home and get the rest of knights to look for the both of us.

    He was about to go out with Abbysion’s permission, but he already saw us walking outside the window.

    “Am I an object? Lose it.”

    Siegfried grabbed the hem of his pants, pulling off the crying Milliard as if he was an annoyance.

    Milliard said, ‘Hick, Your Highnesss!’ and tried to stick to Siegfried again.

    Then Siegfried sighed, ruffling his hair in annoyance.

    “You must be tired, so go up.”

    “Good night.”

    I said, pulling Milliard on the floor towards me.

    Siegfried raised his head silently.

    “Millo, you go to bed quickly.”

    “Huh huh. First, I told my brother that my sister and Your Highness had returned safely, and then, hick.”

    “I’ll do that.”

    I grabbed Milliard’s back neck and closed the front door.

    I was actually disturbed by this night’s uproar, and even Milliard’s crying with his runny nose is making me enraged.

    I threw Milliard at a nearby butler and climbed the stairs to find Abbysion.

    Siegfried, who was going up first, stopped as if hearing my steps. He turned his back sharply and looked at me.

    I looked up at him in wonder. Siegfried smiled a little as he put a finger on my mouth.

    Oh, yes, yes. I’ll keep it a secret, so you don’t have to worry.

    I laughed lightly and followed him with a finger on my lips.

    Siegfried soon began to climb the stairs again with a face that seemed to be satisfied with the unspoken situation.

    A few days ago, he looked like he’s drunk or something, with a haggard expression, but now he can also make such a face. Somehow, I felt like I was a little closer to Siegfried.

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