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The Hero is Standing in My Way

Chapter 10

Translated by Bunny
Edited by Gilb


Chapter 10

I teased him so much that Siegfried’s eyes were getting red and hot. His skin was so white that I could see his bloodshot eyes. For some reason, I had an urge to stroke it on impulse. But obviously, he would hate it, so I stopped myself.

Looking at him, Siegfried wasn’t even breathing properly while I struggled to cut the ropes. Or maybe he’s suffering from breathing smelling the dusty odor on me.

“When we catch Killian, we’ll go to the festival together. There are still six more days left.”

“Fine. I think I know what the atmosphere was like.”

“I’m not in the mood to faint after just eating anything.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But still, it’s your first festival so you shouldn’t have bad memories about it. So, can I ask you one more time? ”

“Do we have to go together?”

Siegfried blinked his eyes. He let out a low breath through the gaps of his teeth.

Am I worried? It’s just two times. My laughter was coming out as I was conflicted about what to do. I forced my mouth to hold back the laughter that flowed out. Siegfried looked at me and raised his eyes sharply.

“Are you having fun as you tease one of the royal family?”

Oh right. Siegfried was both a prince and the male lead. I stopped subconsciously as it’s no different from teasing a neighbor’s kid.

“So what’s your answer?”


“Should I ask you for the third time?”

“Okay. I’ll go with you, so hurry and unbind the ropes.”

“It’s almost done.”

I said so, but in fact, I couldn’t even cut it in half. I don’t know how many layers are tied together.

Siegfried glanced down to check his wrist and changed the angle slightly to make it easier for me to cut. The conversation between us disappeared in no time, it was so quiet that I could only hear his trembling breath.

With my sleeve, I wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead. I was too busy cutting the rope, but my drooping hair kept obstructing my view.

“Ah really.”

I frustratedly muttered as I removed my hair. My hair is sticking to my forehead because it’s hot, it is bothersome.

“Shall I help you?.”

We had to go out quickly, but my hair sticking to my forehead was stopping me from cutting the rope properly, so Siegfried asked me.


“Like this.”

He bowed his head without talking.

I felt his lips faintly passing on my eyelids, as he bit my hair into his mouth. Only when he tilted his face I had a clear view of the rope.

Aren’t you a genius Siegfried?

“Good. If you’re doing that for a while, it’ll be… ”

No way! No way!

“Heok!” (sfx of breathing)

I held my breath.

They’re back already? They said they’re going to get a girl to flirt with, but didn’t get one? No, they said something like they were leaving it to ‘Brother’, so is there someone else coming?

I heard the sound of the locks unlocking one by one. My heart was beating.

Siegfried calmly let go of my hair, then lifted one of his thighs and wrapped it around my back.


Siegfried said as he made a gesture with his chin. So I started to move faster.

“I can’t. If I hide then they will see you, Your Highness.”

“I know, so stay hidden. You’ve done enough.”

We kept arguing over and over again.

How can I leave Siegfried behind when I had seen his skills with my own two eyes?

He won’t die because he’s the male lead, but he’ll still get injured. He’s been recuperating for these past few weeks!

“Come on. I’m okay.”

“Do you hate it?”

Siegfried started to push me with his shoulder when I didn’t listen.

I fell back on my buttocks with my meager strength to fight him. Fortunately, however, his legs were still holding my back firmly. It would be better to stay hidden like this as we buy time.

It wouldn’t also be that bad to attack from behind when the opponent comes in.


However, the door opened first before I could get up.

I looked back as I put strength to my hand holding the dagger. It was Killian who appeared in the wide-open door.

The door closed again with a loud thud.

Ah. We made eye contact.

“I met you again, like this.”

Killian approached with a smile.

“Arielia, aren’t we just having something? Three chances are fate….”

“Shut up.”

Siegfried said, stopping himself from growling again. He staggered as he hid me behind him.

“Oh, damn it.”

Siegfried’s body staggered forward slightly. I tried to catch him in a hurry.

But Siegfried managed to hold his balance alone. Killian looked at Siegfried with interest.

“You must be dizzy as you’re still implicated by the medicine.”

Killian fiddled with his sword hanging on his waist. This time, his bright eyes suddenly turned to me.

“I’ll give you a chance. You can run away now.”


“Yes, Arielia.”

“… Is it Ellia?”

“It’s Ariel.”

He fooled me at least once. He’s really too much.

“What if I keep going?”

“You’ll die. Or I’ll take you with me.”

“I hate both.”

“You only have to choose between the two.”

“Is there any way to beat you?”

“That’s terrible.”

Killian touched his chin as if he had heard a difficult answer. That even in his dreams he wouldn’t hear such remarks.

I tried hiding my trembling hands, pretending to be unaware. I attempted to appear confident despite the surge of fear I felt.

“Or, why don’t you just send us both away?”

“I can’t. I already have some money.”

“Is Eisa behind you?” Siegfried asked.

Killian looked at Siegfried again, “That’s right. It won’t do you good even if you know it.”

“How much did you get from him?”

Siegfried glared at Killian. I didn’t know he could make such a bitter look because when he looked at me, it was with pure aegyo. [1]

“I received a lot, a lot.”

“Of course it is. It wasn’t normal to assassinate the Imperial Family.”

“Yes. So, when I finish this, I plan to be quiet.”

“You still look young.”

“Ariel, keep quiet and run away.”

Siegfried glanced at me and said.

I felt like he was asking for y dagger seeing one of his untied hands wide open.

“I am twenty-six years old this year.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“Ei, this man is old.”


Siegfried turned again and looked down at me. Oh, right. He asked for my dagger.

“It’s useless. How would you deal with me with such a toy.”

“You must be pretty confident in your skills.”

Siegfried laughed. Killian squinted one of his eyes.

“Otherwise, would I have been hired?”

“Let me guess. Did you get about 10,000 erks?”

“I’m not sure.”


“Eisa’s maternal family wasn’t famous for her wealth.”

What is Siegfried trying to say now? He continued to increase the numbers.

“1 million?”

“Something like that.”

Finally, Killian raised his hands and admitted. Siegfried briefly burst into laughter.

“You’re funny. I didn’t think only that much was the cost of my life.”

One million erks equaled the total wealth of a noble family with counts or higher. It was a price that anyone could tackle with their eyes open. If it was enough to pay that amount to the assassin, it meant that Eisa’s family also had enormous wealth.

But by Siegfried’s standards, it didn’t seem like that. He said calmly.

“I’ll give you 10 million erks. Go kill Eisa.”

I gaped at Siegfried’s statement.

… Do you have any desire to give me that money?

I had never murdered anyone, but I’m willing with that amount of money. Besides, the opponent was Eisa, who was going to die because he was a villain anyway. Later in the novel would he be my husband, but it wasn’t a part time job.

I’ll do it. Give me that money!

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Bunny's notes:

Translator's notes:  

  1. Aegyo 애교 means acting coquettish, flirtatious and cute, or making cute gestures and expressions. The FL here was saying that Siegfried looks like only doing aegyo in front of her.
  🐰: FL is ready to kill her husband-to-be lol

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