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The Hero is Standing in My Way

The Hero is Standing in My Way (Web Novel)

The Main Protagonist Block My Path, 남자 주인공이 내 앞길을 가로막는다

Author: Joo Ah Ri
Rank 32
12 Releases 4K Views 21 Bookmarked Completed Status
Last Update Release in 1 week


I reincarnated into a novel that I’d read in my past life.

I’m destined to be the fiancé of the villain in the not-too-distant future, but that’s… Doesn’t it depend on how I live?

“My ideal type is 190 centimeters tall, handsome, rich and doesn’t get fat when he gets older!”

And then I saved the life of the young male protagonist before I even started looking for him?

My plan to have a smooth, carefree life has been ruined ever since!

“I’m sorry, but Ariel said ‘I can’t take my eyes off the prettiest and handsomest people in the world.’ ”

“What? Me?”

“I’m – I’m sorry, I’ve been very rude. Please forget my proposal!”

“Wait! No! Please Wait!”

As he watched me feel increasingly guilty towards him, a supposedly broken-hearted person, he raised the corner of his mouth.


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