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The Overbearing Contractor Fell in Love With Me

The Overbearing Contractor Fell in Love With Me (Web Novel)

Author: 枸杞配大枣
Rank 77
6 Releases 146 Views 1 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
Last Update 2 months ago


When Xi Xi saw Li Shen for the first time, she felt that he must not be a good man because of his fierce face.

Later, Li Shen helped her carry her luggage, cooked for her, and walked the dog with her. Xi Xi felt guilty and apologized to him, “Li Shen, I was wrong. I shouldn’t judge people by their appearance. In fact, you’re a living Lei Feng who doesn’t ask for anything in return.”

Li Shen was almost stunned to death in one breath. I don’t ask for anything in return. Didn’t you see Lao Zi chasing you!

Timid female writer × ferocious and overbearing contractor


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