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The Princess Seduces the Tyrant

The Princess Seduces the Tyrant (Web Novel)

Author: Jinsuk
Rank 75
17 Releases 59 Views 4 Bookmarked Hiatus Status
Last Update 5 months ago


Eunseol was born as a princess of a ruined country of interest and lived outside the palace without knowing her identity. One day, Eun-seol faced a beautiful man with sad eyes. “I’m falling for that guy who’s always worried about me.” It turned out that Do-yun, the king of Joseon, was known to be the most handsome tyrant of all time! As a joke of fate, Eun-seol learned that Do-yoon was the son of the enemy who killed her father, . In order to recover her identity, Eun-seol became a court maid and entered the palace where Do-yun was.


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