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    “This is … a mixture of energy and magic …?”

    “That’s right. If you apply the same amount of energy and magical power above a certain level, they will mix and you will be able to operate it stably.The skill of multiplying energy and magical power is called white Qi. “

    “‘White Qi’ ……”

    “Um. Let’s try it.”

    “I understand”


     First, “Physical strengthening” Is activated.

     Since I was training with it being activated recently, I was able to activate it as if I was breathing.


    “… you’ve been using non-attribute magic for a long time, right?”

    “No, I just learned from Instructor Alexander the other day.”

    “It’s strange !? Why can you do it so easily in such a short time!?”

    “Recently, I haven’t been able to use up my magical power … I always consume a lot of magical power during training.I think I got used to it because I activated it many times. “

    “Why are you trying to use up your magical power in the first place !?”

    “Eh? If you use up your magical power, the amount of magical power will increase when you recover, right?”


     Beatrice has too much magical power and maybe she doesn’t need it?

     I think that the training that consumes magical power is the basic training for the general public.


    “It is true that there is a phenomenon in which the magical capacity is raised by the natural recovery after the magical power is exhausted, but … Isn’t the mental load high?”

    “Hmm … I think it was hard at first, but … once you get used to it, you’ll feel refreshed and tired, right?”

    “Didn’t you lose something important as a person … Oh, it’s okay. Continue.”


     I’m not convinced, but I’m sure it’s different from how to train an ordinary person like me. I think so.


     While being conscious of compressing the magical power I strengthen the body with energy.

     It’s a balance that can be destroyed at any time, but I managed to acquire magical power and energy at the same time.


    “It’s a lie … It’s the first time and you’ve come this far …”


     Beatrice is muttering something, but I can’t afford to hear it at all.

     It is necessary to maintain tremendous concentration just by maintaining this equilibrium, and cold sweat is flowing out from the whole body.

     I hurry up and move on to the next process.


     The power is compressed outward, and at the same time, the magical power is further compressed inward.

     They desperately push each other with a tremendous repulsion, it seems that they will pop off at any moment.


    “Gu … Gukkuku …”


     A weird voice comes out

    I was told to push a baseball against the ground to flatten it, and it feels like I’m desperately pushing it against the ground.

     Is this really possible? The moment when the question came to my mind.


    –Pan! !!


     When I thought that something was bursting into my eardrum, it became pitch black in front of me.




     It feels like I’m wrapped in something gentle and warm like sunshine.

     When did I sleep so comfortably? The reason I had to wake up and the feeling of wanting to sleep more clashed, and I turned over.

     I thought I buried my face in a soft pillow, but I felt something elastic on my face that had a freshness different from that of a pillow.


    “Hmm … Si, Sirius, did you wake up?”

    “Hmm ……… Yeah !?”


     When I raised my face, I saw Beatrice’s face, which was slightly red.

     I immediately distance myself from her.


    “Sorry, I’m sorry !! I … I’m sure I failed” White Qi “…”

    “Um, um. You’ve failed and fainted due to magic depletion, I shared some with you. “

    “I see … Thank you for your help.”

    “I taught you, so this is natural.”


    “” … “”


     There is some awkward silence.


    “Ah, it was the failure I made earlier, but you couldn’t balance the amount of magic and energy. Maybe because you couldn’t afford to focus on the balance, you unconsciously tried to release the magic and energy in your body with almost all your strength. It seems that you had more magical power, so naturally the amount of magical power released was larger and could not be balanced. For the time being, practice to be a little more stable in the state before that. Well, that’s right … I’ll come back to see the situation about a month later, so by then, you should get used to running around in the state before the activation. “

    “… Okay, thank you for your professor.”



    –next day

     After school, I use energy and magic at the training ground at the same time.

     I felt it was easier than yesterday because I knew the difficulty after experiencing it once.

     Even so, it requires tremendous concentration, and it consumes energy and magic, so my mind and body are exhausted.



    –After a week

     It has become stable, and it has become possible to take a walk.

     Perhaps because there is a margin, it is becoming possible to adjust the amount of energy and magic released.



    –Two weeks later

     It has become possible to naturally maintain a state of using energy and magic.

     However, it is not good just to maintain this state, so I start running and muscle training as it is.



    –Three weeks later

     It can now be activated unconsciously.


     When adjusting the compression of power and magic, there are moments when it seems to be integrated.

     While repeating this, I began to think that whiteness is not just about strengthening the body of energy and magic.

     Isn’t it a technique that attempts to achieve a more dramatic enhancement rather than an additive enhancement by converting the repulsive force into physical energy in addition to the energy and magical power?


     With that in mind, I begin to compress my energy and magic again.

     If the amount is large, it will not be compressed, but rather it will be difficult to control.

     Pressure is applied to ensure that the repulsive force is generated with the amount of magical power that naturally fits.


     Then, something was reversed around a certain point.


     ――Is this white?


     When I noticed, my body was wearing a white aura that was neither energy nor magic.

     The raging repulsive force mixes with the energy and magical power, and is united as one energy.

    It consumes a lot of energy and magic, but I feel that it has a lot of power to make up for its shortcomings.



    –And a month later

     After using “White Qi”, he has been training while using white ki.

     The energy and magical power that has become difficult to use up recently, but training by activating white energy consumes about 90% in one hour.

     In practice, considering the use of other magic, is it about 20 minutes to maintain and fight?


     When the rest of the magical power and energy is less than 10%,I take a break.

     It’s a refreshing feeling of fatigue … It’s a refreshing feeling like the early morning when the work was well organized by making the materials thoroughly.


     When I thought so, I was greeted from above.


    “Oh, you’re stupid …”


     When I managed to get up and look towards the voice, there was Beatrice, who had an expression that extruded anxiety.


    “Beatrice-san. Thanks to you, I was able to learn “White Qi “, thank you.”

    “It’s not like learning in a month … Lord, It isn’t something that keeps you active until you’re overwhelmed, isn’t it? Short-term or momentary physical strengthening is the normal way to use it.”

    “I see … It’s true that the economy is extremely poor.”

    “Let’s activate it for an hour …”

    “But energy and magic are consumed at the same time, so it’s a discipline! But it’s certainly better to acquire momentary reinforcement when considering the battle.”

    “That’s wise, but I ended up doing almost nothing … boring guy.”


    (I was supposed to teach you more steps, but … this training idiot)


    “No, thanks to Beatrice, I was able to acquire great skills. Thank you.”


     Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to master this.

     I have no choice but to thank her.


    “Hmm. If you have a feeling of gratitude, I’m always waiting for a thank-you gift.”


     Beatrice grins like a child who came up with a prank.


    “… I understand. By the way, Beatrice, I haven’t seen you in the staff room, but where are you usually?”

    “Ah … My room is on the top floor of the instructor’s building. You can come visit me anytime.”

    “The top floor of the instructor building …? I haven’t been there … I see, I’ll ask you next time.”

    “Kukku … I’m looking forward to it.”


     Beatrice left while laughing.

     …… Why don’t you use the doorway normally?

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