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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 48

Translated by kingavent
Edited by kingavent


One day after school, I was walking around the city with Airi aiming for a weapon shop.


“Even so, why do you want to buy a weapon with less sharpness.”


 Airi, who told me about a recommended weapon shop, was smiling next to me.


“This Rainagi that my parents gave me is too sharp, isn’t it? It’s so sharp that if you hit it with the opponent’s sword, you’ll cut it as it is, so it’s too difficult to use in simulated battles. “

“It’s about slashing the analysis sphere in the entrance exam. Well, I think it’s because of Sirius’s ability, right?”

“That’s because of Rainagi. Absolutely.”


 Even in the magic test the “analysis sphere” was shattered, but I didn’t care about it.


 When I was talking about such a story, I arrived at an old-fashioned, rugged store.

 There is no signboard, and it doesn’t look like a store at a glance.


“It should be here …. A blacksmith shop run by my dad’s friend. I was told about it by my dad, but this is my first time to come here.”


Airi speaks while losing her confidence.

 It looks just like an old-fashioned private house.

 However, the smoke rising from the chimney and the sound of hitting the metal echoing from inside the building shows that this is a blacksmith.

 Probably no doubt.


 There was no reaction when I knocked or called, so when I opened the door, I suddenly saw a shelf full of weapons, and in the back I saw a figure hitting metal with all his might.

 As I approached the figure, there was an old man who was short and plump. …… This is a dwarf by all means.


 Dwarf. Familiar races that often appear in anime and light novels also existed in this world.

 After all, it is a race that likes to make things like no other, and it seems that there are many in occupations such as craftsmen and blacksmiths.


 We approach the dwarf who keeps hitting the metal without noticing us, and Airi talks to him.


“Ah … excuse me …”


 The sound of hitting the metal is so loud that Airi’s voice does not seem to reach at all.


“I’m sorry !!!!!! Gantetsu-san !!!”


 Airi shouted in Gantetsu-san’s ear.

 Then, Gantetsu-san, who had a surprised expression, looked back and shook his head.


“Hmm? Who are you guys? What are you doing here?”

“I’m Airi Silpheed. My father, Forres, introduced me to you Gantetsu-san as a good blacksmith.”

“Ah? Sylpheed … Forres? … Father? … Mai-san, Forres’ daughter?”

“Um … yes, that’s right.”

“What !!? Hmm … such a small daughter has grown so big … Time goes by quickly.”

“Eh !? I … I met Gantetsu-san …!?”

“Umu. Well, since you were still a small child, it’s not unreasonable to remember. So what is it Forres’ daughter?”

“Yes. My friend wanted some weapons, and I was wondering about Gantetsu-san’s weapons, so I came to see them.”


 After being introduced by Airi, I introduced myself to Gantetsu-san.


“My name is Sirius. I’m looking for a sword and would love to see it. Is that okay?”

“Umu.You’re hanging a fine Katana … Katana … Ah ???”


 Suddenly, Gantetsu’s line of sight became sharp, and he was looking at “Rainagi” hanging on my waist.


“Hey … where did you get this katana …?”


 Gantetsu asks with a low voice while suddenly showing killing intent.

 Even though the furnace is burning, the temperature in the room drops sharply.

 This person has a lot of grudges with the katana! ??

  My mouth is dry as I answer carefully.


“This was a gift from my mother, Mira Astel. She said it was given by my father, Regulus …”

“Mira … Mother …? Regulus …? No way … Mira and Regulus’s child !! ??”

“Yes, that’s right”


 Gantetsu opens his eyes when he hears the names of my father and mother.

 What the hell did those two guys do to Gantetsu-san! ??

 Cold sweat ran down my cheeks, I suddenly patted my head.


“I don’t think they had such a wonderful child. I often visited them.”


 Gantetsu had a strange and gentle expression.


“Actually, that Katana Rainagi was created by my mentor.”

“Eh !!?”

“Mira and Regulus came to the workshop for a while and were flirting while looking at the weapons. They didn’t like it.”


 What are you doing Dad … Mom …


“But one day, a request to subdue a ridiculous monster came to them. It was a request that made it difficult to return alive. At that time, Regulus brought in ridiculous material and stayed in dogeza. “Please make the best Katana to protect my wife”.

It was such a ridiculous material that it was still unmanageable at that time. So I asked my master to create “Rainagi” together. It’s still the best weapon I’ve ever worked on. Mira with “Rainagi” is as strong as a demon, and seems to have successfully completed the super-difficult request.

Because a stranger had it. I’m sorry I thought you were a thief. “


 Was that the case …

 It was too intense a killing intent …


“It’s inherited by her son now … I’m glad … By the way, you said you’re looking for a sword. While you have” Rainagi “, what more do you want? Are you alright? “


 A sharp line of sight pierces me, as if he were exploring the inside of my heart.


“Yes. I’m looking for a weapon with a bad sharpness.”

“… What?”

“I’m looking for a weapon that can’t cut very much.”

“………… What is it?”

“Weapons that are hard to cut …”

“No, I understand that. I understand that, but why are you looking for a weapon that isn’t sharp?”


“Yes. Rainagi is a very nice weapon, but … it’s too sharp.”

“What’s wrong with the sharpness?”

“I’m attending school now, but if I match the blade with the opponent’s weapon in a simulated battle, for example, I could just cut the opponent’s weapon and kill him.”


“Therefore, I want a weapon that is strong enough to catch the opponent’s attack and has a bad sharpness.”

“You want a weapon to control your opponent so that you don’t kill him?”

“That’s what it means to be crazy.”

“… Oita was crazy …”


“in that case, Kurogane  ana”

“Kurogane …?”

“Black steel is a metal mainly used for blunt weapons such as hammers. It boasts tremendous hardness, and black steel hammers can even crack Mithril.”

“It’s harder than Mithril !?”

“Well, Mithril is quite strong, but its greatest strength is its magical conductivity. On the other hand, black steel is extremely hard instead of not transmitting magical power at all.”

“The magical power is not transmitted and the strength is high … Isn’t it a terrible material for a warrior?”

“That’s right … but there is a problem with black steel, it’s too hard.”

“Isn’t it okay if it’s too hard?”

“It’s too hard to process. So, you can only make hammers that can be used in lumps. Look, this is black steel. It’s not a metal that is widely distributed, but it’s too difficult to process. It’s cheap


 When I picked up the black steel, it was heavier than I had imagined.

 It looks terribly black. Probably it reflects almost no light, and it is black that seems to be sucked in like a black hole.

 I try to play it with my fingers, but there is almost no sound. It’s hard and I feel a tremendous density.


【given names】Kurogane


Very hard, black metal.

It hardly passes magical power.

High affinity with other metals.


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