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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 47

Translated by kingavent
Edited by kingavent


There was a big door in front of me.

 Yes, I went down from the 10th floor and now, I’m in front of the boss room on the 20th floor.


 To be honest, the monsters after the 10th floor were not so strong, and I reached the 20th floor without much effort.

 Goblin leaders and other goblin-type monsters are on the rise, and I think that the number of wolf-type and snake-type beast-type monsters has increased.

 Well, I open the door of the boss room lightly, thinking that there are no rare monsters.


 There were many wolves and three hellhounds, one size larger than the wolves.

 Also, I encountered these often in the forest, while feeling sorry that no new monsters appeared I cast my magic on them , it was an instant kill.


 Collecting the demon core I descend the stairs to the 20th floor.

 There were fewer people than the tenth floor, and I saw a party resting sparsely.

 The eyes of the adventurers pierce Sirius for a moment.

 When I sat on the edge and rehydrated without worrying about it at all, I started thinking about some things.


 Even so, I don’t know how long I was diving because I don’t have a clock and I can’t see the sun.

 I’m eating jerky with water intake to replenish my enrgy, so I don’t even know the belly clock.


 It seems that I can dive infinitely as it is, but I think it’s about evening.

 My clothes are getting dusty, so I want to take a bath. Let’s go home soon.


 Thinking so, I look at the labyrinth transfer board.

 I don’t know how to use it, so I observe what other people are doing.

 There is a pedestal on which magic stones are placed next to the transfer board, and when you hold a guild card over it, it seems that the magic of transfer will be activated.


 I Stand on the transfer board after seeing where the line of users is interrupted.

 When I held the guild card over the magic stone, magical power was released from my feet, and when I noticed it, it was transferred to the outside of the labyrinth and on the transfer board behind the reception.

 Next to the transfer board, there was a soldier who was free.





 He was the older brother who accepted me when I entered the labyrinth.


“My god !! Did you go up to the 10th floor !? It’s dangerous! I’m glad you came back safely …”


 He is pressed by the older brother with a distraught expression and shakes his shoulders.

 Actually, I went up to the 20th floor, but I didn’t feel like I could say that.


“Ah, ah, da, i, jo, u, bu, de, su, ka, ra”

“You … I’m glad you came back safely, but it’s a life-threatening species. Isn’t it really unreasonable?”

“Uh, I understand … I’m sorry for concerning you.”


 I apologize honestly for the time being.


“Well, for the time being, go home today and relax slowly.”

“Yes, thank you”


 With that, he returns to the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Oh, Sirius! Thank you for your hard work. How was your first labyrinth?”

“It was fun. I didn’t dive too much. I came to get the reward.”


 I give the guild card to the receptionist, Celia.

 It seems that you can get a performance reward from the information recorded on the guild card.


“Well, You need to get used to it at first. I’m sure you must have cleared 1st and 2nd floor today, and Sirius will be able to go up to about 10 levels within a few days.”

“Ah, aha …”


 Is it like that when exploring the labyrinth? It seems better not to say that I went up to the 20th floor on the first day …


“Well, what’s the reward this time …? It’s funny … The standard price hasn’t changed, right? That …”


 Celia is comparing the materials with the information on the guild stone.

 Somehow, I have a bad feeling …


“Eh !? Hey Sirius !! How many levels did you go to today! ??”

“Well … what level was it, aha …”


 I couldn’t answer honestly to Celia, who was approaching with a glare, and I turned my eyes away.


“Hmm … On the guild side, you can see on the guild stone how many levels the adventurer has advanced and what he has defeated today. It’s useless to hide it. Sirius, you’ve gone up to the 20th level today alone?”

“Well, is it bad?”

“That’s just abnormal … Normally, the 20th floor is a level where a C-rank party can manage to break through. It’s not like a D-rank adventurer can do it solo …. Well, at 6 years old you subdued the Goblin Road solo, so it may be so natural, but … isn’t it too crazy? “

“I’m sorry.”


 Well, maybe because I’m a child, I just worry everyone.

 If the adventurer rank goes up a little, that kind of thing is likely to decrease.


“Ah … By the way, how long does it take to be promoted to the next adventurer rank?”

“It takes about a year at the earliest to promote from D rank to C rank. C rank is judged only by the guild points by fulfilling the request and defeating monsters. Sirius says that you have subdued many monsters. However, it is still not going up to C rank … Still … That !? It’s not that long until promotion !? Eh … What is this number of monsters subdued … “


 Ah … If you combine the lower monsters that I haven’t collected the materials for, I defeated quite a few.

 Combined with the usual hunting in the forest, I may have defeated quite a few monsters even after I came to this city.

 However, the guild card that records all of them as points is amazing … What kind of mechanism is it?


“Sirius, you …I….I don’t know what to say to you. “

“Ah, aha …”


 I could only laugh bitterly at the cold gaze from Celia.

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