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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 46

Translated by kingavent
Edited by kingavent


Tln: Miles has been confirmed as female due to the incidents in this chapter


When I glanced at the other members, Amy sat down and looked at me in a daze, and Wolf was also in a daze on one knee.

 Fang opened his mouth wide and dropped the knife.


 Why are they so surprised?


“Gugaaaaaaaaaaa !!!”


 Perhaps the Goblin General noticed that his arm had been cut off, he made a deafening roar and swung his left arm down.


 I kicked the right arm at him and cut off its neck when it was distracted.


 When I turned around, I met Miles, who was quivering and tearing.


“Are you OK?”


 I reach out while smiling to reassure her.

 Miles filled her eyes with tears and hugged me with all her might.

 I couldn’t take it suddenly and fell back as it was.


“Siriusu … Thank you …”


 Miles mutters, burying her face in my little chest.

 While wondering what happened, I gently stroked her head.



“Well …”


 A few minutes later, Mr. Wolf approached me, scratching his head, with a bad-looking face.

 Amy and Fang were also holding their breath and gathering.

 …… Only Miles was stuck with her face buried in my chest.


“Sirius … Thank you very much. I have a lot to talk about, but for the time being … Miles, we should get out of here. Maybe there’s another party.”


 Wolf hits Miles’ shoulders.


“No, I’m staying here …”


 Miles shakes her head.


“Miles, you’re being stupid! Look, get away!”


 Amy grabs Miles’ neck.


“Shiriusuuuu …”


 I couldn’t resist the strength of the swordfighter Amy, and Miles was torn off from me.


“Ah … yeah. For the time being, do you want to strip off the high-grade goblin material? The general is … yours, Sirius.”

“No, I was able to safely defeat the Generals and other goblins because Mr. Wolf was holding them down. I just helped a bit, so please share them with everyone.”

“Why don’t you take it! Without you! Miles would have been …”

“… Okay. Then, can I get the Goblin Magician’s Magic Core? It was included as a special material in the request I received today. It would be very helpful.”

“No … no, I understand …. Thank you.”


 Goblin General demons sell for a good price.

 That’s a small bonus level for a D-rank party.

 This time, it was everyone in “Wolf Fang” who fought with their own hands.

 It would be difficult for me, who stole the limelight from the side, to receive the general.


 Everyone recovered the goblins’ magic core and left the boss room.

 When I went down the stairs at the end of the boss room, it became a small hall where adventurers were resting.

 A labyrinth transfer board was installed at the end of the hall.

 Is it a room like a safe zone?

 Why is there a room in the labyrinth that is convenient for such a capture? It’s a mystery.


It seemed that everyone’s tension was finally broken, and they were sitting down to rehydrate.


“Even so, it was really helpful. Thank you again, Sirius.”

“Sirius … let’s get married”

“miles! But it was really amazing. I couldn’t see any movement … I’m sorry to look down on you.”

“Ah, when you were slashing the goblin’s neck with a sword. I was scared.”


“Ah, aha …”


“Sirius, will you join our party?”


 Miles hugs my arm and speaks up.

 I feel my arms wrapped in the developing chest armor and my face turns red.

 To tell the truth, although I was with women in previous life, I was mostly working so I’m less tolerant around women.

 She is a beautiful person so I’m having trouble dealing with her.


“Oh, uh, that …”


 I couldn’t look directly at Miles, who was staring at me with her glittering eyes, and I was looking around.


“Wait, Miles. Sirius would be a big help if he joined our party … but We can only be his burden. You too understand that right? “


 Miles looks down.


 I wonder what the answer is.

 It was true that the party play was fun, but it was also true that there was too much difference in ability.

 If there is too much difference in ability between members, it will cause discord in the party. It is the common sense of adventurers.


 Above all, I’m still a student.

 Basically, I can only work as an adventurer on weekends, and I don’t know if I can do it every week.

 I may be invited by a classmate or have a school event. …… Maybe not.

 With that in mind, it was a difficult story for me to join this party.


“I enjoyed partying with everyone, but I’m actually a student at an adventurer school, so it’s difficult to belong to a full-fledged party. Certainly, I’m thinking of going deeper. But……”

“Ah … were you a student at an adventurer’s school? Give up, Miles.”

“Muu …”


 Miles swells her cheeks and releases her hand from me in a reluctant manner.


“That, but we may also make a request together or form an extraordinary party like this. I hope you can get along as the same adventurer.”

“Oh, of course. Isn’t that right everyone!”


“Sirius is welcome.”

“Oh, it’s definitely better to team up with Sirius than to team up with bad guys.”

“… Every day is fine”


 Everyone smiles and slaps their shoulders.

 It’s a really warm party.


“… Thank you everyone. Then I’m about to move on.”


” I’m not going anymore deeper. We’re going back today. I think you’re okay, but don’t be too crazy.”

“Sirius, see you again”


 I Thank everyone in “Wolf Fang” and proceed to explore the 10th floor.


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