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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 45

Translated by kingavent
Edited by kingavent


Upon entering the boss room, a goblin general in armor stood calmly in the center, accompanied by a goblin, a goblin leader, and a goblin magician.


 Goblins even if you come to the labyrinth …


 I was excited about what kind of interesting monsters would come out because it was a boss room, but why were the goblins that we were hunting in the local mountains here? The tension goes down at once.

 Well, it’s the first boss room, so I change my mind and turn my attention to the surroundings.


“Goblin General …”


 Wolf mutters and re-grasps the sword.

 The other members are also nervous with the Goblin General in front of them.



 When I was six years old, I thought that I had defeated a higher-ranking Goblin Rook, but Goblin General is a C-rank monster.

 For a D-rank party, it’s a pretty difficult enemy.


“I will suppress the general !! In the meantime, Amy preferentially destroys the leader, Miles goes for the magician, and Fang and Sirius hold the surrounding goblins!”


“” “Oh!” “”


 According to Wolf’s instructions, they all spread out.


 With this ability, I think it will be a tough fight for this number of parties, but for the time being, I will follow Wolf’s instructions and head for the goblins.

 I am careful not to seriously injure their faces.


 With that in mind, the goblins’ necks are almost unknowingly cut off.

 Fang, who is fighting the Goblins with me, seems to be looking at me with a scared face.

 I look at others while processing goblins mechanically.


 There were three goblin magicians, and it seemed that they were focusing on Miles, who is also a magician.


“Flame, become my spear and pierce it.”Flame lance””


 Miles said, “Flame lance”, It pierced a goblin magician and the remaining ones surrounded her and released an ice arrow to Miles.

 Miles tries to avoid it by twisting herself, but another one comes from a different direction, it seems impossible to avoid both.


 I quickly fired a flame arrow and hit the ice arrow.

 The released flame arrow extinguished the ice arrow and without losing momentum, it stabbed into one goblin magician and killed him.


 Miles looked at me with her eyes wide open, but as soon as I pointed to the goblin magician, she returned to the battle.


 When I saw Amy, she was about to defeat the goblin leader. She was hurt a little bit but there seemed to be no fatal injuries.

 Since there was only one goblin leader, she joined Wolf, who is fighting the goblin general.


 And when I saw Wolf, he was full of wounds.

 Goblin General was superior in both speed and power, and he probably managed to earn time.


“Wolf, take a break! I’ll do it !!”


“Huh … I’m sorry … Let me take a little breather, I’ll be back soon …”


 Amy appears in front of Wolf to replace him, but Amy, who is inferior to Wolf, earning time was extremely difficult.


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Flame, become my spear and pierce it.”Flame lance”


 Miles, who defeated the last goblin magician, joined and released a “Flame lance” Towards the Goblin General.

 Upon seeing it, the Goblin General swung his sword, blocking Amy and at the same time dissipating magic.


“What !?”


The goblin general then sees Miles, who is a magician, as the weakest and attacks her.

 Wolf, who is wounded, and Amy, who was blown away by the Goblin General’s sword, could not move and could only see the Goblin General’s moving towards Miles.




 Miles can only look up at it and let out a small voice.


 …… That’s it.



 The goblin general’s right arm fluttered in the air with his sword, and fell to the ground with Botori, as they were struck.


 Sirius, charged in with a sword using lightning enchantment and held Miles in the other hand.

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