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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Translated by Kingavent

Edited by Kingavent

“Next, exam number 987, Sirius Astel”




 Guided by the examiner, he stands in front of a short-range target.

 If you look closely at the target, you can see that it has a faint magical power, and it can be seen that it is not only physically hard but also magically strengthened.


“Hmm …”


 Take a deep breath and grasp the handle of the sword “Rainagi”.

 At the same time as increasing the energy with “Kenki”, it begins to fill the two techniques with magical power.


Blitz accelerator.


――― Bachichichichi


 A large amount of electricity is discharged from the body due to the double strengthening by the lightning attribute with a large amount of magical power.

 At the moment of pulling out the sword, a large amount of electricity carried on the sword generates a strong electromagnetic force in the sheath and ejects the sword at high speed.


 It’s a flash of moment.


――― Kyun


 The sword was in a scabbard.

 However, only the remnants of thunder floating there showed that the sword was swung.


――― Chin


 Along with the sound of the sword, the cut target falls to the ground.

 The cut surface melted red, and it was known that it was an ultra-high temperature slash.


“” “………” “”


 While the venue was surrounded by silence, cold sweat blew out from the whole body.


 …… oh no! I overdid it……!

 No, it looked hard to cut, and I thought I couldn’t cut it even if I tried my best …


 Was it overkill to make it to railgun specs? Or was it the magic strengthening on the sword?

 The cut surface was melted …. Thunder magic with magical power like that I wonder if it couldn’t stand the temperature …


 No, the number one cause is the sharpness of “Rainagi”.

 Isn’t it possible for anyone to use an S-rank sword?

 No, it must be. Yeah, I’m not bad.



 It seems that the examiner has returned to reality.


“… Huh !? Well, I have to change the target … No, Sirius Astel, for the time being, you should take the next long-distance test.”

“I understand.”


 While giving a strange answer due to the agitation, he heads for the long-distance test.



 In order to make it less noticeable, do you cut corners …?

 No, it was because of “Rainagi” that I was afraid that magic would be okay.


 I stand in front of the target and begin to fill the magical power into the technique.

 The magic used is that, which does not explode flashy and does not penetrate, and is a magic that gives a pinpoint impact.

 By the time the magical power was fully filled in the technique, the leaked magical power began to take on some electricity, and there was a crackling noise around it.

 Alright, let’s go.


“Thor’s hammer”


 Following my motion as if I was doing the upper, the thunder hammer that occurred at the bottom of the target was swung in the sky.


――― Pan


 Along with a dry explosive sound that shatters into pieces, a thunder hammer scatters.

 No loud noise or explosion as planned, no damage to the building, just the target crushed to bits…….Huh?

“” “………” “”


 Once again, while the venue was surrounded by silence, I felt unbearable and turned my gaze toward Airi.

 Airi was waving her hand, with her eyes screaming, “I can’t help you.”



“Ah … this is the end of the practical test …?”


 For the time being, I want to leave here as soon as possible, so I call out to the examiner.

 The examiner, who has returned to reality with my voice, opens his mouth with a confused expression.


“Ah, ah … wait until the announcement of successful applicants for the primary exam.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”


 With permission to leave, I moved to the side of Airi, who had a disgusted expression with a dry laugh, so as to escape from everyone’s eyes.


“Ahaha … I’ve done a little too much …”

“You … who are you really?”

“I’m just a redneck swordsman …”

“It’s no wonder that a mere redneck swordsman can use such stupid magic.”


 Perhaps it didn’t make sense to pursue it any further, Airi sighed.

 The silence at the test site subsided, and everyone with Zawazawa was talking about the incident.


“Who is he? Is it a demon?”

“That target, wasn’t it too damaged and weakened?”

“I didn’t even realize he cut it too fast …”

“Believe me, too …”

“That magic, wasn’t it more powerful than advanced?”

“He’s a monster.”


 Who is the monster, who is the one who likes it?

 If I was a monster, what would my father and mother be, the Demon King?



 After that, the practical test proceeded steadily, and the successful applicants of the primary test were announced.

 The number of examinees was narrowed down to nearly 200 out of 2,000, but thanks to the fact that they broke the target, they managed to pass.

 Airi has also passed, and I am pleased that we can proceed to the second examination together.



 The entrance examination is divided into a primary examination and a secondary examination. The primary examination is a written examination and a practical examination, and the secondary examination is a practical examination.


 What I have taken so far is the primary exam, and only those who pass this will proceed to the secondary exam.

 In the actual battle test of the secondary test, the actual battle is conducted with the teacher, and the total ability in the battle is evaluated.

 Then, pass / fail is decided based on the result, and classification is performed.


 Classes are divided into 5 classes, S, A, B, C and D, according to ability.

 The classification changes every year depending on the classification test held at the end of the year, so it may increase or decrease depending on the efforts after admission.


 Weapons and magic can be used in the practical test.

 Everything is tested in a simulated space created with magic tools, and even if you die there, you will not actually die.

 If you lose your life in the pseudo space, you will be forcibly removed from that space and your body will be returned to its pre-combat state.

 Also, even if you get out of the pseudo space on the way, it will be returned to the body before the battle, so it seems that you will not suffer any damage such as injury.

 However, it seems that pain is felt until it comes out of the space, so it is the same as the actual battle.


 While doing so, it was Airi’s turn and she was called by the examiner.


“Examination number 986, Airi Sylpheed. Go up to the arena ”



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