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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Translated by Kingavent

Edited by Kingavent

After the written test, we head to the practical test site.

 Honestly, I could clear the written exam easily.


 The contents were the history of the country, the ecology and types of basic demons, the theory of elementary magic, etc., all of which were written in the books I read in my father’s study when I was a child.

 I wonder if everyone is perfect with this kind of content …



 The practical test site was a fairly large training ground.

 The training ground was vertically divided with many lanes like a shooting range and an archery field.

 The target was a spherical object, which was attached to the tip of a stick extending from the ground at the height of the line of sight.


 According to the examiner, the spherical target is a magic tool that reads the nature of attacks and magic, and can monitor power, attributes, additional effects, and so on.

 Therefore, even an auxiliary magician who is not good at attacking will judge the effect and get a score if he / she applies auxiliary magic.

 In addition, there are two types of targets, short-distance and long-distance, and it seems that the final score will be given in consideration of the scores of both.


 I tried to analyze the magic tool in “Analysis”, but I could only understand that the magical power was supplied from somewhere and that it was messy because it had a very complicated technique.

 The examiner said that he could shoot the attack with the maximum power because it wouldn’t break, but it doesn’t seem to be a lie.



 Also, what was surprising was that there was no time limit.

 Of course, within the bounds of common sense … I think.


 Since I was little, I have been wasting magical power through “magical power manipulation” etc., so there is a waste of magical power that I can’t use in actual battles.

 Also, for some reason, my mental strength was abnormally high from the time I was born, but I was not able to fully draw out that strength.


 Because, the power of magic is not only the height of a simple status, but the skill that consists of understanding and experience of the technique is an important factor.

 I’m still immature in that technique, so I can’t use my power to use the magic of all types.


 However, the fact that there is no time limit means that there are too many gaps in the actual battle, and you can inject a large amount of magical power into the technique that is impossible, or you can take time to “train”.

 I’m an inexperienced technician, but if I take the time, I can draw out the power of the status to some extent.


 In other words, the rule of no time limit was a very favorable condition for me.



――― Zudogaaaaan


 When I was thinking and not looking at the practical skills of other examinees and being alert, a terrible explosion suddenly occurred.

 The power of the explosion was tremendous, and the ground shook.


 Looking at its source, the detonation gradually subsided, and there was a target full of cracks.

 Furthermore, the examiner stared at the target with a stunned expression.


 The examinees who saw it buzzed.


“Hey … Didn’t you say that the target wouldn’t break …?”

“Isn’t it a monster to release such powerful magic?”


 Looking at the magician, she was a little girl with red hair standing with no expression.


“Can I go now?”


 A girl who asks the examiner with no expression whether she has any impressions of the target full of cracks.


“Ah, ah, go! Wait a minute for the next test taker to exchange targets.”


 Despite the rushing examiners to replace the broken target, the girl left with interest.



“It was a terrible magic …”


 Airi, who was lined up in front of me, expressed her impressions while sweating on her forehead.


“Ah, ah, it was amazing … (I missed it …)”



 Recalling the scene I mentioned earlier, I wonder what to do.

 I was just thinking of releasing the finest magic that I could release, but it was embarrassing to stand out when it was a flashy magic that exploded.

 It was strangely noticeable in the previous incident, and I want to avoid making it stand out any more.


 Also, when I see that the target is not all-purpose, I feel that the magic that penetrates is also dangerous.

 I don’t think it’s there, but if it does penetrate, it will damage the training ground.

 Often in anime and light novels, there is a promise to destroy the test site in a big way, but I definitely want to avoid being noticeable due to such annoyance.


 Considering these things, it is desirable to use magic that gives a pinpoint impact, and that does not explode and is not flashy.

 It’s annoying …


 With that in mind, it was finally Airi’s turn.


“Ms. Airi, please do your best!”

“Ah, ah. Thank you, I’ll do my best for the time being!”


 Airi who goes forward, is guided by the examiner at a short distance, and holds a sword in the upper row.

 And raise energy by “Kenki”.

 The polite and powerful flow of energy that felt beautiful showed the result of her efforts.


“Huh !!”


――― Garin


 The sword hit the target and sparks fell.

 The examiner looks impressed for a moment and immediately guides Airi to a long-distance target.

 Standing in front of a long-distance target, Airi holds her sword in the upper row again and begins “Kiki”.


 I didn’t feel like she used the sword attack or magic, but for some reason I felt a slight magical power at the moment of releasing it. What the hell was that …


 With that in mind, the magical power around Mr. Air, who is holding the sword, began to activate.

 Magic … No, almost no magical power is emitted from Airi herself … What?

 Don’t worry, I will activate “Insight” for Airi.


[Name] Airi Sylpheed

[Gender] Woman

[Age] 15 years old

[Race] Elves (concealed)


Physical fitness: 1700

Ki: 1000

Mental strength: 1100

Magical power: 600


“Manipulation” “Kiki” “Hidden” “Magic Manipulation” “Concealment” “Beginner Spirit Magic”


 ”Spirit magic” … Certainly, it is a magic that can be exercised by making a contract with a spirit that exists in the natural world.

 Since it is used by spirits and the magical power of the natural world, it seems that it is possible not to consume its own magical power, or if it is a high-ranking spirit, it is possible to release magic that exceeds its own power.

 However, since it is necessary to continue to dedicate its own magical power to the spirits, it seems that there are restrictions on the use of magic using its own magical power.

 Whether or not you can meet spirits and even make contracts has a big factor of luck, and human beings tend not to like spirits so much, so few humans can use “spirit magic”.


 I’m surprised that you can use that “spirit magic” …

 She didn’t have sharp ears, and I didn’t realize that she was an elf …

 she may be “hiding” elf-like features such as ears and hiding being an elf.

 I’m sorry to know something by peeping …

 Let’s not see it for the time being, let’s do it.


<< Judged the magical phenomenon as “spirit” and succeeded in visualizing “spirit” by “analysis” >>


 After a long time, the voice of “analysis” flowed into my head.


 By being “analyzed”, the outline emerged in the magical power that was floating around Airi.

 The outline was shaped like a woman and existed to wrap around Airi.


 …… Is that a spirit …


 The spirit pours magical power into Airi’s sword, and the magical power of the wind attribute overflows from that sword.


“‘Gale Sword’ !!”


 When Airi swung her sword down, the blade of the wind was released toward the target.

 The blade hit the target and scattered while giving off a strong wind.


 Out of nowhere, I hear a voice of admiration.


“Oh …!”

“Do not let the swordsman shoot such a powerful long-range attack …”

“Isn’t it at a level comparable to a magician !?”


 Perhaps those voices were heard, Airi moved to the side of the test site with a proud face.

 And look here and do your best! Maybe she said that, she was doing a guts pose here.


 Alright, it’s my turn next.

 Let’s do our best not to lose to Airi.



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