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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Translated by Kingavent

Edited by Kingavent

Central Adventurer’s School, which is said to be the most difficult adventurer’s school in Altria.

 Only those who have swordsmanship, magic, or both qualities exceeding a certain standard in the entrance examination are allowed to enter.

 Those who fail the entrance examination of the Central Adventurer School will be sent to the transfer examination of schools in other regions.

 Those who give up on Central will go to schools in other regions, and those who can’t give up will take the exam again next year.

 It’s a little surprising that there is an examination war in another world.


 And, of course, the top adventurer school had the best facilities.


“Wow … how large is it?”


 The outer wall of the school continues far.

 And in the back, there was a high-rise school building, which is rare in this world.


“It seems that there are many training grounds, and it seems that they also own a forest where monsters grow. If you combine that, it will be terrible.”


 Airi returns to the soliloquy that she muttered unintentionally.

 Yes, we came to take the exam together at the same inn.


“It’s a great school again. It’s no wonder there are so many students.”


“I think we came pretty early, but I don’t like the number because of how many rivals there are …”


 Perhaps there are about 2,000 people?

 I was used to commuting in Japan, but it wasn’t so crowded in this world, so I was tired from the large number of people even before the exam started.

  Airi next door seems to be feeling relaxed.


 As I was waiting for the test to start in the crowd in the training ground, I heard a man screaming.


“Hey, you’ve hit me right now! This outfit costs 900,000 gold! Did you put dust on it, what do you do !?”

“I’m sorry … Could you wipe it with this handkerchief …”

“Why don’t you rub this Görlitz Viscount Zand’s clothes with your dirty piece of cloth? Don’t be silly !! I can’t help but ask you to pay with your body. Stop taking the exam now and become my slave. “

“Eh !? That’s impossible …!”


 What is that unreasonable man?


 A blonde evil eyed man caught the arm of a girl with long light blue hair and was about to drag her out of the test site.

 Since the man claims to be a Viscount family, everyone was looking away, perhaps because he didn’t want to deal with the aristocratic conflict, or because he had fewer rivals.


“Shut up and become mine. If you are obedient, I’ll love you.”

“No, no …”


 The sound of something breaking is heard, and the hit becomes quiet.

 Not looking at how terrible it was, he fired a knife on the man’s wrist and forcibly released the man’s hand from the girl’s arm.

 Then, hold down the wrist and slide my body between the man and the girl who was in tears.


“… It’s impossible not to hit people in such a crowd. Are you sane, like being a slave with just a little hit?”

“Come on, you guys !! Do you know who I am !?”

“I don’t know what you are, but I just saw that he was a small man.”


 I was a gentle servant who didn’t get angry at the command of my unreasonable boss, but I couldn’t overlook this one.


“It’s Görlitz Viscount Zand! I can make your neck fly in an instant!”


 Zand pulls out his sword and slashes.

 It’s too late for the flies to stop.

 Did you decide to take the Central Adventurer School with such ability?


“Well, then, should you blow your neck before my neck is blown?”


 Raise your energy with “Kiki” and shoot it toward Zand to intimidate you.

 Even if I pull out my sword, I don’t think I’ll be able to adjust it well, and above all, I don’t want to be noticed by the examiner.


“Aba … Ba … Oh, Omaoma …”


 The amount of energy I had been training since I was a toddler was considerable.

 Zand, who was intimidated by his energy, had his knees jerky and his face blue.


“Apologize to this child”


 Command Zand without releasing the intimidation.

 Zand couldn’t stand the intimidation and finally sank to the ground and even leaked.


“Ah, I’m sorry … No, I … I won’t do it anymore … I’m sorry …”


 Zand apologized and ran away from the test site.

 And the calming air.


 ……awkward! !!


“Well, then I’ll go, excuse me!”


 I wanted to leave in the wind of nothing, but the hem was pulled from behind and I was blocked.


“Ah … Oh, thank you! I’m Aria! Can you tell me your name !?”

“Ah, were you okay? It was a disaster because I was caught by a strange guy. I’m Sirius.”

“Sirius … I will never forget this kindness …!”

“No, it’s a little … Don’t worry because it’s not such a big deal. Let’s do our best to test each other.”

“Yes I will try my best!!!”


 Then, I hurry away from the place so as to avoid the eyes of others.

 When I returned to Airi, for some reason she was looking at me.


“Do you have a hobby to get into the problem?”

“I really want to spend my time in peace, but … can’t I just leave it alone?”


 Airi turned away with a slightly embarrassed face.


“… Well, I think that’s a good thing about you.”

“Thank you”


 When I was talking to Airi, who creates a tsundere atmosphere, a voice echoed in the training ground.


“Then, please move to the written examination site. Please move according to the guidance of the staff. “



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