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The Reincarnated Corporate Slave Will Not Rest Until He Becames the Strongest in the Other World

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1



Another Headache.

Lately, the frequency of his headaches have been increasing.He knew that he needed to go to the hospital, but he couldn’t take a break until he completed his current project.

He felt like he had been thinking about that for almost a year now, maybe it was just my imagination.

It was already 23:00 and he was still working like crazy. He doesn’t think he can go home again today.

「Wataru-san! I’ve brought the Lipovitan D!」

That was his subordinate Yui-chan,a good-natured girl who helps me out in any way she can.

「Thanks, you saved me again.It’s quite late, you should go back home first」

「It’s fine! I’m doing it because I want to! By the way, Wataru-san, are you staying up all night again? I’d like to have a sleepover with you once in a while. Now I’d like to go out with you… 」

He knew she was saying it lightheartedly, like a sleepover, but that was his job, right?

「I can’t involve Yui-chan in this too, so please, go home and get some rest.」

「Mmm――! Wataru-san is so stingy!! But I get it. Wataru-san, get some rest, okay? If Wataru-san collapses, our company might go bankrupt!!!」

He was just one of the cogs in the wheel. So it shouldn’t be a problem even if he disappears.

「Yeah, yeah. Thanks for worrying about me.」

「Then I’ll go back first. Thank you for your hard work!」



Ah… He should have a glass of lipovitan D.He wondered where he put it though.





What the…………

Ouch… His head!!!!!

The pain was as if his head was being repeatedly cut from the inside with a blade.The pain was so great that he couldn’t even breathe.

What ……is ….this…….it was  driving him insane!! It hurt so much that he thought he was dying, seriously he was  gonna die at this rate  ..…!He couldn’t take it!! If he was  going to die,then just let him die immediately…. Get him out of this…

《……buzz za za za za buzz……》


The pain was fading. Was that it or did it hurt so much that his brain became numb?

The pain had faded and he was starting to cool down a bit.His body didn’t move an inch.

The pain had faded away, but he could still feel it. He knew that he was losing his life.

 He wondered if the blood vessel in his brain had been cut.

He had only been eating lipovitan D, calorie bars and cup noodles.

He hadn’t been getting any sleep at all and when he thought about it, that was what was killing him.

《……buzz za za za za buzz……》

By the way, he was hearing some weird noises earlier.

It was a little different from tinnitus and it sounded like an electronic noise, but it doesn’t seem to be the sound you hear from your computer.

It wasn’t a sound he was hearing as it felt more like coming directly from inside his head.

《Zzzz…..We have successfully analyzed the system language through『Analysis』From now on system language will only play in the primary language.》


What did you say?

…… Ah …He was losing consciousness. Was it … just a… hallucination he had before he died …………?

《We have confirmed the cardiac arrest of Aokiri Wataru. Initializing Soul Transfer by the Line system》

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