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The Tyrant Won’t Let Me Go

Chapter 6

The Tyrant Won't Let Me Go Chapter 6

Translated by Niks
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Cedric rolled his eyes nervously and couldn’t open his mouth.


I smiled at him.


“It’s okay. Tell me.”


At the moment of eye contact, his red and transparent eyes looked like strawberry-flavored candy.


I saw it then.


When he firmly bites his chubby lips, which he hasn’t let go of yet.


“Thank you.”




Cedric took a step forward and said.


“For being my teacher.”


A sweet floral scent came from him.


A faint, pleasant scent that was not intense.


Cedric, who looked about twelve years old, seemed only like a young boy to me who’s twenty-three years old.


But it wasn’t until we met.


In fact, he was taller than me, and even his face, which looked younger, had a sharp line as if his face was sculpted with a knife.


“Oh, no! It’s natural, haha.”


Smiling awkwardly, I turned my head to the side.


‘Wow, no matter how young he was, I couldn’t ignore the sub-male’s beauty…’


To be honest, I felt like I’d be fascinated if I looked at his face a little longer.




He spoke in a strangely subdued voice.


“If you hadn’t been my teacher, I would have been abandoned.”


I couldn’t stop laughing.


Heavy silence fell in the hallway.




By whom? Why?


Why? You are the crown prince of this Empire? Several questions swirled in my heart.


However, I couldn’t say that in front of him, with his eyes that seemed to burst into tears at any moment.


‘What am I supposed to say?’


Cedric opened his mouth to speak before I could even come to a conclusion from the pouring thoughts like flood.


“So thank you.”


His eyes glistened when he looked up again. Nevertheless, tears did not flow down.


I looked at him quietly.


I didn’t know what to say.


“Oh, right.”


Yes, it was at that time when I let my guard down.


Cedric, who looked as if he had thought of something, put his hand on my swollen cheek.


Before coming to the palace, I got injured when I fell to the ground while confronting the director of the orphanage.




Immediately, the accident stopped after I went with him to the Imperial Palace.


“Here, does it hurt a lot here…?”


Cedric raised his hand slightly and spoke in a worried voice.


“Oh, no, that… it’s okay.”


I tried to pretend to be fine, but my beating heart kept pounding more.


Cedric was looking closely at my face, sticking a band-aid on it.


‘No, he’s a tyrant. He may look like this now, but this kid would be a tyrant causing a blood festival later on! Don’t be fooled.’


However, unlike my thoughts, my body reacted separately.


I could feel the heat rushing to my face in an instant.


“If you apply this, it would get better. Paul told me.”


Then he held out a small pouch tightly into my hand.


“Thank you…”


I don’t know why, but Cedric’s face turned red when he heard that.


“Well, then, bye! Ciel!”


“Uh, just now, wait a minute!”


Despite my cry to say something, he turned straight back, ran down the hall and disappeared to the other side.


His ears, running faster than a rabbit, turned red like a balsam.


‘What the…’


I thought, as I put my right hand back, which had stretched out to hold Cedric from running away.


 * * *


“Wow, it really works.”


I stepped on the chair, looked in the mirror and muttered.


There was an ointment in the pouch that Cedric gave.


I pretended to be deceived and applied it, and my swollen cheeks subsided a little, and the pain decreased.


“By the way, this was what I looked…”


There was no mirror in the torn poor house, and neither was the orphanage.


So today was my first time seeing my instinctive appearance.


The thick wavy silver hair swayed around my waist.


It seemed to glow on transparent skin because it was too white.


Except for the swollen cheek after falling on the floor.


Above all, the eyes with deep blue color like sapphire suit my taste.


‘Hey, how did they know that I like blue eyes?’


My mom had the same silver hair as me, but not the blue eyes.


“Silver-hair and red-eyes, silver-hair and gold-eyes, and silver-hair with gray-eyes are all good, but silver-hair with blue-eyes was the best.”


Indeed, it was an appearance that suited the name ‘Ciel’, which means heaven.


I looked in the mirror and smiled seeing this satisfying appearance, it was difficult to say that it was a mere commoner extra.


“Well, you’ve been struggling for days, and now you’ve got your life together.”


“That’s right.”




Amazed by the voice of Caliberne that suddenly interrupted my thoughts, I fell from the chair.


“Hey, you have to be careful. What are you so surprised about?”


It was strange.


This wasn’t a voice in my head.


‘Where did the voice come from?’


Caliberne answered in a cheerful voice, perhaps reading my thoughts.


“Here, I’m here!”


The sword that was hung as a decoration on the wall was emitting a faint blue light.


“What, why are you talking there?”


“Because it’s comfortable to talk inside the sword. So, if you have a sword around, face the sword and talk to me.”


“No, couldn’t you do it in my head like before? I don’t want to be treated as a crazy person!”


“Well, it doesn’t matter because you’re the one being treated as a crazy person not me.”




As I was stroking my painful knees, Caliberne went on, and not caring about my distorted face.


“Oh, it’s a nice room. 200 million kerta, you did one thing right.”


“What, were you listening?”


“Well, who am I? I am the world’s best, one and only best sword Caliberne.”


As I was listening to it, I thought quietly.


‘Was Caliberne always that talkative?’


But Caliberne ignored my question and kept talking about what it wanted to say.


“Now that you see the prince every day, who was so hard to meet, and have decided to live in the palace, you’re living a good life now.”




I immediately refuted what Caliberne said.


‘It’s not a good thing to get involved with a future tyrant.’


Since the director was arrested, the original orphanage would not be maintained, and other orphanages who heard about me would not accept me.


In the end, if I didn’t accept this, I would have lived on the street begging.


I agreed because they offered to pay a huge salary in such a situation, but it was also a little uncomfortable to be involved with Cedric.


“What, why? He’s a very precious person, and he’s cute!”


“I admit that he-“


“And he’s nice. He even brought you that ointment or something.”


The ointment that I applied was still on my face as I listened to Caliberne’s words, and stroked my cheek with a piece of band-aid.


‘He was definitely cute, but…’


When I recalled the face of Cedric, who looked at me with his shimmering red eyes, my heart started pounding again.




When I came to my senses, I slapped myself on the left cheek.


“Why, what’s wrong?”


Unconcerned with Caliberne’s startled voice, I thumped my head against the wall and screamed.


“Crazy! No! Apart from anything else, he’s only twelve years old!”


I’m twenty-three years old, but I get excited for a twelve-year-old boy.


“What’s wrong with you? Did you like him so much that you lost your mind?”


It felt like I’m not different from a dangerous group of dark crowd who says, ‘Hey, you’re really cute.’ when they see a prey.


“Wake up! Eleven years apart, you’d be in prison if you were in past life! It’s bean rice! Bean rice”


(N: 콩밥 / Bean Rice, rice cooked with beans mixed in it. It was a prison meal. Ciel, yes go to prison and eat bean-rice.)


After hitting her head a few more times, Caliberne muttered quietly.




My head was sore.


“You, have you done anything wrong?”


Getting involved with Cedric was another problem of my life.


Beyond that, however, I realized that it was also a matter of human conscience.


“Well, I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s a good thing to sign a contract with that prince.”


“No, I mean, it’s true but…”


I replied by rubbing my forehead that was sore because I was hitting it.


“But you, you need to sign a contract anyway.”


I turned my head to the voice of Caliberne and questioned him.


“What? What do you mean?”


“That contract, it’s a must for you.”


At first Caliberne wanted to make a joke, but it didn’t seem like it.


Because Caliberne was talking in a serious voice like before when I faced the director of the Orphanage, and the blue light flashed.


“Wait a minute. So if you were listening, why didn’t you say anything?”


“Oh my! Then what should I do? You should have them sign a contract.”


Caliberne said with a sigh.


“No, what are you talking about? What happens if I don’t sign a contract?”


I have no way to know what Caliberne was talking about.


In the original story, just because the heroine absorbed Caliberne, it did not create any special restrictions, and there was no mention that she had to sign a contract with someone else.


At a time when my complicated head was filled with thoughts, Caliberne’s heavy voice echoed in the room.


“You’re going to die from congestion.”

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