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    The Tyrant Won’t Let Me Go

    Chapter 3

    The Tyrant Won't Let Me Go Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 : The Tyrant Won’t Let Me Go

    Translated by Niks

    Edited by KBJ


    Today was exceptionally long.


    Nevertheless, I couldn’t sleep because I was restless.




    Eventually I got up and leaned against the hard wooden wall.


    ‘I’ll wait for an opportunity next time and escape.


    It was hard to stay alive here.


    There was also a limit to staying here in the orphanage, I could die in a few days.


    Even today, I couldn’t believe the assistant was hitting the kids again, how harsh they could be.


    ‘By the way…’


    I opened my right hand as I recalled Caliberne who came into my body during the day.


    ‘What the hell am I going to do with this?’


    The tyrant sub-male, whose eyes turned upside down by the sword that gives unconditional victory in the original story, aims at the heroine after learning that the heroine absorbed the sword.


    Of course, in the future, regardless of Caliberne, that tyrant would still be fascinated by the heroine.


    But, unlike the heroine, I had no confidence to fall in love with the tyrant.


    ‘Of course, it’s a no-no to suffer from that crazy obsession in the first place.’


    Anyway, how hard did the lovely heroine struggle when she first met the tyrant sub-male?


    “Split it in half.”


    It was the first word the tyrant said when he met the heroine who had absorbed the sword.


    Of course, no matter how powerless the other person was that came from another kingdom, she was still a princess, so he didn’t mean it sincerely, and he said it for the sake of controlling her.


    But I wasn’t a princess, but a powerless commoner running around in an orphanage.


    ‘If it was me, he might really cut me in half and take out the sword.’


    Feeling the chills, my body trembled and I swallowed my thoughts.


    ‘I’d rather not get involved as much as possible.’


    I thought it wouldn’t be bad to escape from this country at all if I could run away successfully.


    Or live out of the continent.


    Even if he wasn’t a tyrant sub-male, there was nothing good about my situation as long as every country on the continent was aiming for Caliberne.


    ‘I don’t know if it’s Caliberne or Curly Fries that came into my body…’


    I mumbled in my mind, scrambling my hands struggling with my dry hair.


    * * *


    “You’re putting the dishes behind! Can’t you eat fast?”


    The director’s voice, which seemed like a roar of a beast, made my ears sore.


    ‘No, does it make sense to ask a child who barely holds a spoon to eat in 10 minutes?’


    I thought while looking at Ully, who was holding a spoon with his trembling hands.


    Originally, Ully was a weak and timid child.


    So his actions were always tight.


    I was bored, and I couldn’t make up my mind because I was busy looking at other children.


    The director complained that he was always slow whenever she saw Ully.


    What’s important was that Ully was only four years old.


    “Oh, I- Im sorry. I’m sorry.”


    “Just put it in your mouth quickly rather than answering me!”


    The children noticed that the director was more upset than usual, took the hint and slipped out of the dining.


    Suddenly, Ully, who was desperately chewing over what he put in his mouth with eyes full of tears, was left at the table, the director and I quietly watched the appearance of the crying child.


    ‘I think I should apply some ointment later on him.’


    I knew why Ully was eating at a slower pace than usual.


    A few days ago, while playing a knight riding a horse, he accidentally bit his tongue, and he had a wound because of it.


    That’s why he couldn’t chew the food well.


    However, the director, who was not aware of such circumstances and had no intention of understanding them, stared at Ully with her eyes wide open.


    “I- I’m done eating.”


    Ully, who put the porridge in his mouth.


    He ran swiftly with a spoon and a bowl of rice to get out of his seat quickly for a moment.




    As soon as I heard the sound of glass breaking, my nerves stood sharp.


    ‘He’s in trouble.’


    He fell to the floor and curled up, I ran to Ully who was crouching.


    At that rate, he would be stabbed by a broken piece of glass.


    “What are you doing now!”


    The director’s voice echoed in the dining.


    “You don’t know how to do anything right, at least try to even listen!”


    How could it be the same as the words I heard at the orphanage in my previous life?


    “The only thing you know how to do is to eat? That’s all you know?”


    Why should a four-year-old child listen to those types of words?


    Ully couldn’t answer the stabbing words, and he trembled because of fear as he cried.


    “Well, I did wrong, I’m sorry…”


    However, the director’s eyes were already mad.


    “Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.”


    My body moved first.


    Somehow, I felt the director’s eyes were unusual, so I quickly blocked between the director and Ully.


    Otherwise, something might happen.




    “Don’t touch the kids.”


    I said to the director who looked at me with a red face.


    “He’s still too young. He’s only four years old.”




    I looked straight at the director’s dark eyes, stained with anger.


    “You’re being cheeky. I’ve been feeling a bit calm lately, but you’re climbing up without knowing the subject.”


    Climbing up?


    I didn’t understand.


    The people who need to take care of the children set the hierarchy and reign over it.


    It was funny to behave as if the children were poor people and they were kings.


    “Don’t touch the kids. Do you have a disease that kills you if you can’t vent your anger on the kids?”


    After all, I couldn’t stand it.


    The shell was a child’s body, but not inside.


    The feeling of life that I have accumulated for 23 years, that life was what I’m saying that I’m not a child inside.


    It was difficult to keep seeing this beggar-like situation.


    “You should rather oversee things. Don’t harass and condemn the innocent kids like bullshit.”


    The air in the dining quickly cooled down.


    And the director’s face began to distort.


    As she looked down at me, she talked in a trembling voice because she couldn’t control her anger for a while.


    “I’ve been in a bad mood from the first time I’ve seen you. You act like a gentle sheep in front of others, it’s not easy to climb, when it’s not.”


    I looked straight at him without losing. Was that so?


    The director eventually called the assistant teacher and instructed her to take me to the innermost room in the hallway.


    Seeing that the assistant teacher took me to the room, the director closed the door and whispered low as if cursing.


    “Just looking at the witch-like silver hair makes me feel dirty all day long “


    No, why was that my fault?


    It was ridiculous, but the door had already been closed.


    One hour, two hours like that.


    I spent quite a long time in a room that smelled like stale dust.


    Until the sunlight flowing through the small window turns into a sunset color, and the spiders settle down.


    It was then.


    The door opened again, and the director with a devil-like expression opened the door.


    “Come here.”


    I sensed a threat from the words she spoke in a low voice.


    As soon as I saw her strutting toward me with her eyes mixed with madness and anger, I thought I should avoid her.


    Although it was in my past life, I was fortunate that I still have the motor skills from being athletic that were better than others.


    At first, I was able to avoid the director approaching me to some extent.


    But I eventually collapsed.


    It was unreasonable to keep avoiding the adults with my skinny body because I couldn’t eat well.


    The director, who used to shout, twisted up the corners of her mouth.


    I saw her wicked smile while lifting her legs as if she was about to step on my soft ankle with her heel.


    ‘What’s wrong with you?’


    The extra line was good.


    However, I was resentful of God to spend my childhood like a ditch like in my previous life.


    Even then, I was lucky enough to have no guardian until I became an adult.


    I have power to protect myself, do what I want without looking out for others, until I finally stand confidently in front of people.


    It wasn’t until I was almost twenty that I could achieve it.


    ‘You want me to repeat it again?’


    If I was an adult.


    If I had the strength, I wouldn’t have suffered like this.


    Just then, a familiar voice was heard from my head.


    [Look. You’re being bullied again.]


    My eyes flashed open.


    [Do you need my strength?]


    The director’s face with a cunning smile was just around the corner.


    I was desperate.


    Now, I really wanted to get out of this place.




    I bit my dry lips and said.


    At the same time, a dazzling blue light filled my view.


    * * *


    “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t think you could look inside right now because the director was absent.”


    The woman who introduced herself as an assistant teacher at the Herseli Orphanage said with a pretentious smile.


    Standing facing a man with a nasty impression that was likely to be more than 190 centimeters tall, and a young boy who was about to reach his waist.


    Behind them were rows of soldiers wearing gorgeous armor.


    ‘I think I’ve heard that twenty times today.’


    Whenever the tall man visited the orphanage more than ten times, the tall man clicked his tongue making the same sound.


    The assistant teacher looked at the man’s face and was restless as he showed his deep fatigue.


    The boy, watching the scene, carefully pulled the man’s hem twice.


    “Paul, could I really find her today?”


    Paul knew well that he couldn’t give a harsh answer to those tender eyes.


    “Yes. You would definitely be able to find that child today.”


    Paul smiled as much as possible, so that he could reassure the child he was serving.


    Upon hearing the conversation, the assistant teacher shook his head with a difficult expression.


    “Hey, wait a minute. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to see the children because the director wasn’t here at the moment.”


    It was then.




    Something popped, and a blue light flashed across the hallway.




    The boy pushed the assistant teacher, who was looking elsewhere, away while staring at the side where the shimmering light had faded and ran.


    “Wait, you can’t go in as you please!”


    Seeing the boy run toward the ‘Punishment room’, the assistant teacher urgently cried out while trembling.


    But her body was soon blocked by Paul, who followed the boy.


    “Your Highness!”


    Paul’s cry rang out in the hallway where the boy was running as if he were possessed.


    Leaving the cries behind, the boy quickly reached the door where the blue light flowed.


    His heart as he looked at the door throbbed.


    ‘A child who deals with blue light would help you fill your lack of magic and open up your power.’


    His eyes sparkled as he recalled the voice he had heard about the child of an oracle.


    At the thought that there was someone over that door who he wanted to see so much.


    “…Finally I found it.”


    With a faint smile on his lips, the boy muttered, reaching for his hand toward the doorknob.


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