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The Tyrant’s Beloved Doll

Chapter 34

Translated by Wealthy Whale
Edited by Iris Sakura


“…. Brother?”




The man narrowed his eyes with confusion at being called ‘brother’ out of the blue.


The person in front of Sezh has red eyes, so she thought it was Raytan. But when she looked at him closely, he wasn’t him. His hair was navy blue and he looked much taller than Raytan. It seemed he was five or six years older than Raytan. His aura was also a little different. However, was there anyone else in the Imperial Palace with those kinds of eyes?


“Who are you?” Sezh asked with a puzzled face.


“I think I should be the one asking that,” the man answered with a dazed face.


“Ah, I’m Sezh. That- I got lost on my way to the library…”




“I’m sorry, but could you show me the way…”


The man quieted. He narrowed his eyes while still looking at Sezh. What is it? Why was he looking at her like that? Did he want to pick a fight?


“You said you’re here because you lost your way?”




“Where did you come from?”


“A small hole behind this palace.”


“You came from there and now you’re here?”


“Yes….? Yes.”




The man tilted his head and asked her once again.


“So this is your first time being here?”


“Uh…. yes.”


At that moment, the man frowned as he looked at Sezh.


“How old are you, little girl?”


“I’m twelve years old.”


She’s not lying. Since Sezh was twelve years old at the present.


“You’re twelve? Really?”


“Yes. Am I not supposed to be twelve?”


“… Interesting,” the man smirked.


What is interesting here? Sezh stared at the man as if she were looking at a crazy person.


“Excuse me, if you could show me the way to…”


“Would you like to have a cup of tea?”


“Yes, that’s why the tea… what did you say?”


“Let’s have a cup of tea.”


The man was stubborn. He put his hands on Sezh’s shoulders and made her sit in front of the table by the window. Sezh wondered what they were doing? However, no matter what was going through her mind right now, the man looked like he didn’t care a little bit about it.


“Have a sip. It’s warm milk,” The man spoke while pushing a cup towards her. 


Um…it’s not poisoned, right? Sezh was reluctant but it would be impolite to not drink it. So she decided to take a sip or two of the warm milk.


“By the way, what did you say before? Brother?” While the man took a seat in front of Sezh, he asked her a question.


“Ah, yes. I was mistaken…”






“If you said you’re mistaken, then I assume that I look like someone that you know. So, is there someone in the Imperial Palace that looks like me?”


“That… you have the same eye color as my brother.”


“… Like me?” His face hardened.


“Yes, Brother Raytan has red eyes too. But his hair is black unlike yours…”


“Wait, please wait. Ray…what?”




“What did you just say?”


“About having black hair and red eyes?”


“No, not that. What’s his name?”


“Brother Raytan?”


“Raytan? His name is Raytan?”


Were his ears blocked by something or what? Sezh’s face became anxious.


“But you’re from the royal family. You have blonde hair and blue eyes…”


“Yes. That’s right.”


“It means your brother is part of the royal family too, right?”


“That’s also true.”


“… I don’t understand,” the man laughed. 


Frankly speaking, Sezh also didn’t understand the situation she was in now. She was simply asking him to show her the way out, but she never thought that he was such a crazy person.


“But who are you? Do you live here? But this is Lady Lize’s palace…”




“Or perhaps, are you Lady Lize’s servant?”


“I’m not.”


“I’ve been visiting her palace for a few days, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you.”


“That’s right. Because it wasn’t so  long ago that I was still locked up.”


…Is he a prisoner?


“I am not a prisoner.”




What is this? He looked like a crazy person but how did he know what’s on her mind? Sezh looked perplexed.


“I am not a crazy person either.”


“Did, did you read my mind?”


“No, your face just showed everything you were thinking about.”


“You’re good at observing people…”


“I don’t want to have any misunderstandings,” the man chuckled as he sipped his tea.

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