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    I’ll Take The Dukedom From Today

    Chapter 1.3

    Princess From Today!

    Translated by Jas
    Edited by Jas


    The magnificent mansion was a long way past the main gate along with the brick road that was lined with shrubs. The sound of the horses’ hooves was cheerful unlike earlier when it was on the unpaved roads. In the garden, lilacs bloomed.

    ‘Here’s the dukedom…!’

    Everything was colorful and beautiful, so it would even be a waste to blink. I wish I had inherited magic from my mother. I wanted to live here no matter what.

    “We’ve arrived.”

    As the wagon stopped, Rogen spoke while checking outside of the small window. Soon, the driver opened the carriage door and placed a shallow staircase at the carriage. Rogen got out of the carriage first and then held his right hand towards me, who was still sitting inside.

    “Watch your step.”


    All right. I need to get it together. I can’t just keep looking around amazingly.

    I took Rogen’s hand and stepped carefully down the stairs and got out of the wagon. In fact, these escorts were only necessary for girls with long dresses. I didn’t need one because my dress was short enough to reveal my ankle, but it didn’t feel bad.

    When I got out of the carriage, the butler who was standing at the front entrance of the mansion approached us with two maids.

    “Welcome. We’ve been waiting.”

    The butler bowed his head to Rogen and then to me. The maids followed. It felt strange when other people bowed to me, so I felt embarrassed. Do nobles always feel this way?

    “Has His Excellency arrived yet?”

    “Yes, he’s in the study. He told me to take you to a small drawing-room when you arrive.”

    ‘If there’s a small drawing-room, then there’s a big one too.’

    It would’ve been nice if he had called me to a large drawing room since it would be his first time seeing his granddaughter. My maternal grandfather seems to have a surprisingly petulant temper, even though he is a duke.

    Rogen must’ve felt the same way I did, for his expression got a little dark.

    In other words, he’s drawing the line as if saying ‘you’re not at the stage to receive that kind of treatment yet’.

    Well, I’m not the only one discouraged by this.

    “You can’t give a large drawing-room, but can you give me a bathroom? I haven’t been able to wash up all this time, so I would like to at least do that first.”

    I raised my shoulder high as if I were asking for a right. The butler, maid, and even Rogen looked at me with their eyes widened. Did I speak too confidently for the first time? Should I have been a little more modest?

    “…Or, is the bathroom too much? Well, I guess I’m fine.”

    I added with a grin. Then their eyes even widened more.

    ‘Well, this is surprising.’

    A commoner girl is talking about being considerate of the duke’s difficult position.

    “Bathroom… Yes, of course, I can show it to you.”

    The butler belatedly said after finally coming to his senses. As expected, he’s no different since the first thing you see is him regaining his posture.

    “I’ll show you to the bathroom first so you can wash up and change.”

    After saying so, I turned towards the mansion as the butler guided me. The maids headed towards the carriage’s compartment to carry the luggage in. I was walking along with the butler until Rogen grabbed me by my arm.


    I frowned and asked, wondering if he was going to nag again. He then whispered to me in a small voice.

    “If you find any servants rude or unreasonable, please let me know.”

    “…Are you worried about me?”

    I asked back in a dazed voice. I was genuinely surprised. I thought you would get in trouble for saying rude things.

    “I told you. The people in this mansion won’t do you any favors.”

    “I know that. By the way, do you think I’ll just hold myself back if something does happen?”

    I asked while nodding my head. Rogen frowned and thought for a moment. Maybe he’s thinking about the time I kicked Pinter between his legs.

    “…Don’t hit the servants in any case.”

    Rogen’s expression grew darker to see if his expectations were right. I can see what this guy thinks of me, and this is why first impressions are the most important.

    “You think I’m some kind of thug?”

    What? Look at this guy. He looked back at me with a question on his face. I hit him on his side with my elbow pretending it was a mistake. I didn’t poke that hard, but Rogen frowned slightly. Leaving him behind, I hurried along with the butler.


    The bathroom was perfect for quick preparation. In the center, there was a bathtub made of white pottery. It was big enough to go in and stretch your legs. There were white towels and several glass bottles on the shelf next to it, and when I looked carefully, it was a high-quality fragrance with different flower scents.

    “No wonder all the nobles smelled good…”

    Come think of it, I think it’s about two months’ salary for a bottle of refined milk.

    “Don’t tell me, you don’t always use this every time you take a bath, do you?”

    I carefully placed the glass bottle I picked up back on the shelf. After that, I dipped my hands in the bathtub and checked the temperature of the water. It was just right.

    “I don’t think it’s going to bother me.”

    Rogen scared me so much to where I was ready for cold water, but I can’t believe it’s warm. On one side of the room, there’s a partition taller than my height. Considering how there’s a basket on the other side, it must be a space for changing clothes.

    I then took off my outfit and hung them over the partition. I couldn’t put them in the basket because I didn’t have any clothes to change into right now. Then, I soaked myself into the warm bathtub. It felt like my whole body was melting.

    “Ah… this felt good…”

    I then washed my face with the palm of my hand. There was a faint scent of flowers in the water too. I don’t know if it’s just my feeling, but I think my skin is getting smoother.

    “What even is this soap? It’s bubbling as well!”

    There were even petals embedded inside. It’s pretty and useless, so I know it’s a noble thing.

    Cool, this is the life of a nobleman.


    It’s the best!

    I’ll become a noble no matter what!

    “Excuse me.”


    I was being too enthusiastic and almost screamed without realizing there would be people around. I dipped myself in the bathtub and looked where I could hear the voice with only my head sticking out.

    A woman in a suit was seen standing behind the partition.

    “There’s something I can do for you.”

    What can you do to help an adult take a bath alone?

    “No, it’s okay.”

    I answered. I didn’t want to ask someone I’ve never seen before to help me.

    “Yes, I see. I’ll wait in the next room, so call me if you need anything.”

    “Yes, thank you…”

    When I replied, the woman’s body completely disappeared on the other side of the partition. Wait. There’s a door there? Where the hell did she come from?

    “I’m… going to be quick and then get out of here…”

    I’m so nervous because I don’t know when and who else will come in. I hurriedly washed up, left the bathtub, and wiped the water off my body and hair. But, when I walked over to the partition to change my clothes,

    “…What? Where are my clothes?”

    The clothes that I had hung over the partition disappeared! That thief!

    Of course, it’s not a real thief, for they wouldn’t have taken my clothes and left a silk dress here that was even more expensive.

    “Don’t tell me I need to change into this…?”

    I think the maid who left a while ago left this here.

    There was no other alternative, so I took the silk dress that was hung gently and changed into it. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult or complicated to put on. The problem was something else.

    “…It’s big.”

    Whose clothes are these?

    It’s big. It’s way too big.

    The shoulder part rolled down and the skirt dragged on the floor. Moreover, it was designed to have a tight front, so if you don’t have the chest part, the entire dress will fall down.

    I can never wear this! I’d rather wear a sack!

    “Excuse me… uh maid?”

    I called the maid who had visited me earlier. There’s no way for me to know where she came from. I’m at loss.

    “Um, maid! Hello? Help!”

    It’s not very good for me to be shouting in the air, but it worked.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “Oh my gosh!”

    The wall suddenly opened and a polite maid appeared. I was wondering where the hell she came in from, and there was a small door in the wall. Why did they make the door look like a hidden picture?

    However, that’s not the point.

    “I can’t wear this because it’s too big. Where are the clothes that I wore earlier?”

    “Oh my. I already sent them to the laundry room.”

    “Huh?! Well, then my bag…”

    “I sent all the clothes you brought to the laundry room.”

    “What, how come you didn’t say anything…”

    I’m in trouble. I don’t have anything to change to.

    “And what about other clothes? I’m sure there should be something smaller?”

    The maid spoke with one hand on her cheek and an embarrassed look on her face.

    “The only clothes you can wear now are maid clothes. Should I bring that?”


    ‘It feels like you’re trying to screw me over.’

    Not all the women living in the Duke’s place are huge, so how can there not be anything that can suit me?

    “Did His Excellency order you not to lend me clothes?”

    “No, it’s not that. All the dresses in the mansion are now either in the laundry room or the repair room.”

    “Huh? How is that even possible?”

    “It’s social season, so most dresses went to the townhouses, and it’s time to fix them. All the women’s clothes went to the laundry room this morning.”

    Oh, right.

    “But I didn’t expect it to be this big… What should I do? I can get you a new dress tomorrow, so now you should wear a maid’s dress.”

    It makes no sense. I feel like someone needs to hit me.

    ‘Even the maids are fed heavily in aristocracy.’

    I took a deep breath. I knew I wouldn’t be able to butter up this shitty situation.

    “What shall we do?”

    The maid urged me with an abominable look. I feel like she was waiting for a disappointing answer like ‘I can’t do this’ to fall out from my mouth. I thought for a moment and looked at the maid and asked.

    “Hey, what’s your name?”

    “What? Well, I’m… Dorothy.”

    When I asked for her name, she stuttered back while looking a little embarrassed. Maybe she thinks I will tell on her. But, she didn’t really do anything wrong in this situation. It’s not like she didn’t give me any clothes at all, but she did it in the best time for everything is being washed or repaired.

    “All right Dorothy. I’ll have to wear something else, so please listen to me and bring it.”

    Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to dress up like a maid as you wish.

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