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I’ll Take The Dukedom From Today

Chapter 1.2

Princess From Today!

Translated by Jas
Edited by Jas


It’ll take four full days to arrive at the duchy from my village. However, Rogen didn’t want to stop at any city as if he was determined to get there in the shortest time. Since it was a day-and-night trip, he had to sleep in the wagon.


Of course, I didn’t sleep. When the top of the chair unfolds, it becomes an extra bed. Because of that, it was quite reasonable to put a blanket and cushion on it. As expected, it’s a luxurious carriage, but even if you run it on the unpaved road at the highest speed, the ride is still terrible like any other carriage. There’s no way I can fall asleep.


Above all, the biggest reason why I couldn’t fall asleep was Rogen. It’s a question of how to sleep with a stranger in a small space. It would be better to sleep together, but that is definitely not happening.


I’m not sleeping at all!


When I was asked why I didn’t sleep, I responded with the same answer.


‘You don’t have to worry about me. It won’t matter if I don’t sleep for a few days.’


I’m not worried about you!


You’re worried about me!


I don’t know if I’ll snore, grind my teeth, or talk while I sleep, but if a man whom I barely know stares at me with his eyes open, it’s impossible to fall asleep!




I couldn’t believe in myself. I tried to avoid it, but I didn’t have the skill to stop my heavy eyelids from drooping. It was the first time I fell asleep faintly on the long trip. 


After that, I did the entire combination of snoring, mumbling, and kicking the blanket. If you want to ask how a sleeping person knows that… I didn’t know either.


“Zzzz…zzzz… woah!”


I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t woken up from my snoring. It was the second night after the departure. When I woke up, the carriage was still moving through the night. As for Rogen, during the noisy and hectic period, he was reading by the oil lamp. His aloofness made me feel so embarrassed.


“Um, did you hear me snoring?”


I knew, but I still asked because I felt embarrassed and thought that I should still say something. Rogen looked at me for a long time and then replied as he dropped his gaze back on his book.


“It was fine.”


What does that even, that’s not the answer. Now it bothers me even more! Just tell me I snored and I was loud! 


I lowered my head while clasping my face. I didn’t have the courage to face Rogen. When I met him on the first day, I thought all he would see is the mess I showed in front of Pinter and his dad, but now that’s not all. Damn in. I’m so embarrassed to where I feel like I can’t live anymore.


Moreover, I’m showing all kinds of embarrassment, and I’m so angry that Rogen has never shown even one weakness in front of me. He’s constantly elegant, neat, well-mannered, and handsome to the point people wonder how that’s possible. How does his hair still flicker without getting greasy?


‘It’s unfair.’


There’s nothing to complain about because of the inequity of genetic traits. Well, I’m glad he’s not at least going around while talking about me.


…I hope not.


It would be weird if he looks like that and is a big-mouth.


‘I’m not going to sleep until I get there. I’ll never sleep.’


I stared over the carriage window with my eyes wide open. However, the sound of the horses’ hooves, which can be heard constantly while watching the night scene made me fall asleep again. I had no choice since it’s not like there’s anything to hide anymore.




I’ve been out of my mind ever since the carriage entered the capital where the duchy is. The pavement was clean, people were dressed in colorful clothes, a busy market, and rows of high-end shops…


It’s not that I didn’t know the village I lived in was rural, but it was when I saw this place with my own eyes and compared them, I realized that where I used to live was very rural.


That was why everyone said ‘go to the city, you’ll succeed!’


‘…Ah! This is not the time to think.’


I quickly straightened up and sat down as if trying to shake off my petty thinking. From now on, I’m the only granddaughter of Duke Arpegio, and I can’t afford to spend my life on employee salaries.


“You don’t have to be nervous already. It’ll take a while until we arrive.”


As I suddenly straightened my back, Rogen said that. I think answered with the most mellow voice I could muster.


“A self-proclaimed aristocrat must maintain grace wherever she is.”


“If you want to maintain elegance, you’d better get your messy hair straightened first.”




He really doesn’t let it slide once. 


I’ve been sleeping in the carriage for a few days and my clothes are all wrinkled and my hair… But even if the most elegant lady were to be stuck in a carriage for this long,  wouldn’t she look like this too?


‘Except, of course, Rogen Strauss.’


He still looked dignified while I was crumbled up in a mess. It’s unfair.


“My mom said that elegance comes from the inside, not the outside.”


I brushed my hair with my fingers while saying so as an excuse. But it was difficult as the tangled hair won’t come out since it was curly. When Rogen saw that, he smirked and moved to sit next to me. As a tall man in the narrow carriage, the view was full of him in an instant.


Ugh, I wish he wouldn’t have moved all of the sudden. If a handsome face approaches you without notice, it’ll strain your heart. And what is that sweet scent coming from him? Did he put on perfume while I was sleeping?


‘…Wait a minute.’


Do I smell? I haven’t taken a shower in two days.


“Look over there. I’ll brush it for you.”


Rogen said while pulling out a hairbrush off the shelf under his seat. Luxurious carriages are sure different no matter what.


“Well, my hair is messy.”


“I know.”


“But it’s embarrassing…”


“Well, it’s fine.”


Rogen answered casually and started brushing my hair. 


By the way, the hairbrush touch was somehow pleasing. Come think of it, it’s also the first time someone has combed my hair since my mother died. Whenever Rogen’s cold fingertips touched the tip of my ear, I got goosebumps on the back of my neck with a strange feeling of unfamiliarity. 


“Is this the skill where you’ve only brushed once or twice?”


I talked to him out of embarrassment, but unlike me, Rogen replied in a calm tone.


“I did brush it a lot.”


“Hyuk, what kind of?! Ouch!”


“Look ahead. It’s all messed up.”


I tried to look back in surprise but Rogen lightly pressed the back of my head.


“I once had a dog with a long-hair breed in my family.”


“Dog? You’re comparing me to a dog?!”


“I just answered your question.”


‘Oh, I don’t know if I should be offended or relieved.’


In the meantime, he stopped combing. After he had brushed it, I felt pretty good because my hair slipped down without getting caught with my fingers. Even if I comb hard in the mornings, my hair quickly gets messy when I work in the restaurant. Since it’s also curly, it gets poofier too.


However, I couldn’t comb my hair frequently while working, so I had to tie it tightly. It’s been a long time since my hair has been this wavy. I talked to Rogen as he sat back in his place.


“You’re really good.”


“I’m flattered.”


“What are you lacking? Is there anything you can’t do?”


“There is not.”


“Wow, I hate you.”


You’ll see. One day, I’ll find out his weakness. That’s fair, isn’t it?


“By the way, will I be able to see my mother’s brothers at the duke’s residence?”


I heard from Rogen that she had an older and younger brother. I don’t think they’ll welcome me, but I don’t want to make a bad first impression. I was wondering how to say hello for the first time, but Rogen blew that away.


“It’s social season, so everyone’s down at the townhouses.”


“So the rest of the family don’t know that I’m coming?”


“Yes. Not yet.”


“Then I’ll only see the duke today.”


“Are you disappointed?”


“It’s a pity… or not…”


I said while slurring the words at the end. 


I only had my mom and dad in my family, but now they’re all dead. In fact, I have more family left, and I was only a little excited to think that I might meet them today. However, Rogen flatly denied my regret with an expression of indifference.


“There’s nothing to be disappointed about. It would be better to not meet them because they won’t be very nice to Hilde.”


“Can you not make that decision? Maybe everyone will fall in love with my cuteness.”


“Yes… What… It’s good to have hope…”


Rogen replied with a dead look. 


Why is he so negative? 


‘I don’t even know if I’m on my own side or not.’


‘Let’s not be discouraged.’


At least the duke will welcome me. Of course, there will be a premise that I need to inherit my mother’s magic well.


I looked out at the window again. The scenery of the bright big city that I have never seen before even in my dreams quickly passed by. It felt strange as if I was coming out of a reality alone and heading towards a completely different world where I could never have imagined.


My heart is pounding again.

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