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I’ll Take The Dukedom From Today

Chapter 1.1

Princess From Today!

Translated by Jas
Edited by Jas


Lucia Arpegio, the eldest child of Duke Arpegio, was both a powerful wizard and a brilliant intellectual. She was also an aestheticist, to the point where she refused the crown prince’s proposal because she didn’t like his face.


In this world where powerful magic proves a noble lineage, she was the pride of the family. The duke loved Lucia the most among his three children, but couldn’t love her senseless state.


“You were the chance from the Arpegio family to become the empress, but you’re crazy!”


“I am married and my family takes care of me.”


“What if a rumor spreads around the social circle that you only like men’s faces!”


“They can’t even say a word in front of my face anyways. Do I care about what they say behind my back?”


“You refused the Crown Prince’s proposal because his face was not your cup of tea?! You know how important the role of being the future empress is!”


“If you like the position so much, then why don’t father marry the Crown Prince! I’m sure my late mother will understand.”


“What?! You, you, you…!”


The duke’s relationship with Lucia went completely awry afterwards. However, despite Lucia’s firm opposition, the duke and the emperor pushed the marriage. This is because the emperor needed a strong wizard, and the duke needed the honor of being a family that produced an empress.


Lucia opposed with all her might, but it was not enough to stop the huge political tide alone.


So, in the end.


She ran away at night.


She didn’t even leave alone, for she went away with a family gardener. 


As for the gardener, although he was a commoner, he was a handsome man who was praised wherever he would go.


Again, she was an extreme aestheticist.




“So… the runaway princess is my mother?”


The handsome baron who saved me yesterday came to my house. Since it was late, I told him to talk about it tomorrow and left, but I didn’t know that he would actually come. Besides, how did he know the location of my house?


It’s been about 30 minutes since I’ve started to listen to the old story, and like an exemplary student, I raised my right hand to ask a question.


“Yes, that’s right.”


And surprisingly, that was the answer.


“Is my father the gardener who ran away with her at night?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


But, it doesn’t make sense? A noble princess rejected the prince and ran away with a gardener at night?


…There’s no doubt in that. Because my dad is ridiculously handsome. Of course, he died early without becoming the head of his household from poor health. However, my mother didn’t.


‘Hilde, your dad is incredibly handsome, and he has done his part and left.’


Anyways, that’s not the point.


“In summary, I am the only granddaughter of Duke Arpegio…?”


“That’s how it is.”


Wow, crazy.


‘I’m a noble then!’


The duke’s granddaughter! The blood of one of the four dukes in this vast empire!


“No wonder my skin color was a bit different, it’s because I have the blood of a noble family…!”


I covered my mouth with my hands and murmured this news. To be honest, I have imagined myself as a noble a few times since I was young.


“Do you believe me?”


“I am confused, but the more I hear it, the more it matches my mother’s story.”


“Which part? About how Lucia was a powerful wizard?”


“No, but your face lit up.”




Perhaps it was an unexpected answer, but the handsome baron briefly lamented.


“My dad was really good-looking. It’s no joke. Ugh, there’s no way to prove it.”


“You don’t have to prove it.”


The baron said with an expression that says that he either wasn’t interested or he didn’t care. Well, this guy doesn’t have to wonder about another guy’s face, for looking at myself in the mirror is good enough.


“Anyways, the story is amazing enough. So it’s Rogen…?”


“Strauss. It’s Rogen Strauss.”


He said his name once again.


“All right, Viscount Strauss.”


Luckily, he didn’t seem to care about the name that I used to call him.


“Well, first of all… I want to say thank you. You literally saved my life yesterday.”


“I just did what I had to do.”


“But how did you come at such a wonderful time?”


In times of crisis, a gorgeous knight will appear and save the princess in a novel. Of course, it could just be a coincidence, but the timing was just way too spot on. I don’t want to question or doubt, but I want to hear the answer first. 


“I’ve been watching you all along.”


Rogen answered immediately as if it weren’t a difficult question.


“Ever since I kicked Pinter and was dragged out in the act?”


“Before that.”


“So, since my mother died last year?”


“More than that.”


It’s scary to ask how long ago it really was.


‘Stalker, or what.’


Handsome men are welcomed with open arms, but good-looking stalkers need some thought. I crept back while staring at Rogen with a suspicious and vigilance glance, and he coughed briefly before defending himself.


“Seven years after Lucia’s marriage, we found her and recommended her to return to the duke, but she refused.”


“What? Why?”


I asked back in amazement but soon took a breath at a thought that came into my mind.


“Did they try to marry my already married mother to the crown prince?! And she didn’t like that, so…!”


“No way. The crown prince had already married someone else.”


“What? Then why…”


“Well, maybe Lucia didn’t want any discrimination towards her husband or Hilde in the aristocracy.”


‘Well, that is true.’


My mother was a noble, and my father was a commoner, and I was born between them. I’m not an illegitimate child or anything, but I’m sure I’ll be ignored for having mixed blood in me. If I’m going to be ignored, it would be better to live leisurely as an aristocrat and be ignored than a poor commoner. 


“Anyways, so… since then, I’ve been watching from afar to see if you’re doing well under his command.”


“I guess you couldn’t miss anything since you’ve been watching. But I guess that can’t be helped.”


I replied sarcastically. This is because I remember my mother died from pneumonia and she couldn’t even use her hands. 


“Then what kind of change did your heart make to help me this time?”


 I know he was the man who saved me, but I couldn’t help myself from talking this way. I also know there was a wall between the duke and my mother’s relationship.


‘Well, how could you just watch your daughter get sick and die?’


Rogen spotted my sarcasm right away and soon turned somber and lowered his gaze.


“In fact, His Excellency wanted to see Hilde at least once, but I was against it.”


Oh my gosh.


It turns out that you’re not a benefactor, but a hindrance in my path?!


“How come?”


“I thought it was right to follow Lucia’s wish to not return to the duke.”


“Mom must’ve had her faith, but that’s not what I believe.”


“Does Hilde want to become a duchess?”


“Isn’t it natural to want to be a noble? Why would you refuse when you have the chance?”


“Even if the life of a noble isn’t what you would expect?”


Rogen’s voice raised a little. It seems like he wanted to convince me how stupid my idea was.


“The people of Arpegio will not be pleased with Hilde. You’ll be ignored and belittled by other nobles.”


“Then why don’t you give me a chance to experience and judge for myself?”


“You don’t know how painful it is to be shunned and insulted in a place where no one is by your side.”


“I know.”


“No, you wouldn’t say that easily if you knew.”


Rogen refused with a frown. His eyes were sharp.


‘Why is this man mad at me?’


Do you not want me to become a duchess? Or do you think I don’t deserve to be a noble? I was so angry at his facial expression. It’s this guy that really doesn’t know anything.


“If I were noble, would Pinter have been rude to me?”


In the end, I raised my voice.


“If I weren’t an aristocrat, would the lord listen to my defense? Would he free me if you hadn’t put the duke’s surname in his mouth?”


It couldn’t have been.


You don’t have to go through that, so you wouldn’t know. 


“All I want is that kind of ‘power’. Of course, you wouldn’t know how great that seems since you already have it.”


Ignore? Insult? Disrespect?


As a young woman living alone, I already went through enough of that. But you want me to do something stupid to miss the ‘power’ of nobility that’s right in front of me?


I stared straight at Rogen. I also forgot that he was a noble and made straight eye contact with him. 


Rogen was silent for a long time, and only his handsome face and his still expression remained. He didn’t even seem to figure out what he was thinking.


“…I know.”


It wasn’t too long after that he answered with a short sigh. 


“It just happens that the story goes way back.”


As if he were speaking in a raised tone, he continued to talk in a calm voice again.


“The duke wanted to see you because you may have inherited Lucia’s magic.”


“That means… if I inherited my mother’s magic, he would accept me as part of the Arpegio family?”


“Of course, the opposite is also possible.”


Rogen said with a determined look as if he were denying my hopeful imagination.


“If you don’t have the magic, then you’ll just be watched from afar. Of course, I won’t have the chance to help Hilde like yesterday.”


Now, what?


I thought my maternal grandfather would at least be glad to see me since I’m his only granddaughter. 


‘That’s not it, is it?’


He just wanted to see if I was useful to the Arpegio family. 


‘I think I now know why my mom ran away from her home…’


“His Excellency does not want to see you out of affection. Even so, does Hilde want to be a member of the Arpegio family?”


Anyways, I guess I still have the right to choose. 


I began to think carefully. 


If I don’t have the magic, it’ll be enough to just see my grandfather’s bad expression and then come back to my hometown.


‘But what happens if I do have magic?’


I know I’ll be counted as a commoner from the other nobles, and I’ll be despised and ostracized, but can’t I live the rest of my life without worrying about food and clothes? If all goes well, can’t I meet a decent nobleman and live peacefully down in the countryside?


Of course, I know that idea is a little far-stretched. 


As Rogen said, I don’t know much about the aristocratic circles and society. This development is simply a dreamy story. But a 20-year-old poor waitress turns out to be a duke’s daughter, and isn’t that even more ridiculous?


But what’s there to be afraid of possibly living a different life from now?


“Yes, I want to.”


In the end, I went straight on.

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