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    Translated by Translated by Tam
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    Charlotte’s prediction was correct, but the Emperor’s knights were wary, encircling Mrs. Enard’s house in a circle. 


    ‘The moment I step out of this house, their eyes will be focused. Shall I just blow them up with the house?’ 


    However, there was too much risk of getting caught compared to the probability of success.


    ‘I can’t believe I can’t do anything after coming all the way here!’


    Then, Amelie was seen moving to another floor. Lira quickly went upstairs and looked in through the window where she could see the child’s room. 


    Amelie seemed to be examining the child, and Serwin was looking at Amelie like that.


    ‘He’s monitoring like that again. The damn Emperor—’


    Lira gritted her teeth. Is there any way to kidnap Amelie like this? She began to ponder.


    At that time, Serwin looked out the window.




    Lira quickly hid.


    ‘Did I get caught?’


    Judging from the fact that an attack has yet to fly, it seemed that she had not been caught.


    ‘That damn ghost-like monster.’


    When she showed a hint of hostility, he noticed it immediately.


    ‘I can’t. It’s impossible to take her.’


    It was impossible to find her because she couldn’t enter the Imperial palace, and it was difficult to kidnap her now because of the emperor.


    ‘What should I do? Can’t I make Amelie come to me?’


    While contemplating, Amelie and Serwin came out of the house.


    Lira immediately utilized a transformation spell. With the sound of ‘Pong!’, a cat appeared where she was standing. It was a cat with glossy black fur that resembled Lira’s hair. 


    “Let’s follow them.”


    Lira started running with Charlotte in her mouth.


    ‘T, the teeth are touching!’


    Charlotte struggled, but Lira neither waited for a response nor cared, and jumped out the window biting Charlotte. 


    ‘I want to get revenge and go back to being a person! I hate witches the most in the world!’




    Charlotte’s scream was mixed with the sound of the wind and was not heard by anyone.




    After examining Ellie, Amelie handed Mrs. Enard some of the magic pills she brought. She decided to let her eat them one by one to make sure they worked well.


    “Then we’ll get going. See you again, Ellie.”


    Amelie got into the carriage and waved at Ellie. 


    “Maybe I should go with you—”


    Amelie told Mrs. Enard to leave work and stay with Ellie today, but Mrs. Enard was unfamiliar with this kind of consideration.


    “It’s fine.”


    “You’re going to need someone to attend— of course, I’ll go with you.”


    Mrs. Enard was ready to go, even hanging from the back of the carriage. Amelie glanced at Ellie. 


    ‘She’s at the age she wants to be with her mother.”


    Amelie decided to leave Mrs. Enard at her house.


    ‘This is the only way to make Mrs. Enard give up.’


    “It’s not good if Mrs. Enard follows us. It’s been a long time since we had a date, so please let us be alone.” 


    Serwin opened his eyes wide. Date?


    ‘Please match the rhythm.’


    Amelie pulled Serwin’s sleeve and gave him a hint.


    “Yeah, that’s right. If Mrs. Enard follows us, you’ll get in the way.”


    When Serwin agreed, Mrs. Enard sighed and accepted, ‘I can’t interrupt a date.’


    Ellie smiled brightly as she held Mrs. Enard’s hand. Amelie looked pleased at the child’s happy appearance and left Mrs. Enard’s house after being seen off by the two. 




    In the moving carriage, Amelie opened a tour book. The book was full of circles. In the past, when she was trapped in a palace, she checked where she wanted to go.


    “Where should we go? Is there any place you want to go?”


    “I’m from here, so I’ll go where you want to go.”


    “Uhm. Roman Bridge is said to be good, and Selice Church is also nearby! If we climb the clock tower here, we can see the capital at a glance. Can we see the Imperial Palace?”


    “You won’t be able to see it. It’s higher than the church, and we’ve put magic on it to make it invisible.”


    “There’s magic on it?”


    “Of course. That’s why it’s safe in the imperial palace. People without permission are not allowed in.”


    “I see.”


    Then where should they go? It was difficult to choose because there were so many places she wanted to go.


    Amelie decided where to go after much consideration.


    “Let’s go to the clock tower!”


    “Clock tower? Yeah. It’s good to see the capital at a glance.”




    When Amelie nodded enthusiastically, Serwin ordered the coachman to head toward the clock tower.


    “Let’s go to the clock tower.”


    “Yes. I understand.”


    The coachman drove the carriage to the right and began to turn the corner. And at that moment—.




    The coachman suddenly screamed and stopped the carriage. The carriage was greatly shaken by the sudden stop. Serwin quickly stretched out his arms and wrapped around Amelie. 


    “I, I apologize! I was turning the corner, and I was startled by something flying in mid-air—. I tried to avoid it, but the woman—! I didn’t mean to, ugh, I apologize! Your Majesty, please forgive—!”


    The coachman rambled. Amelie opened the carriage door and looked out. As the coachman said, the carriage was slightly off the road, and a woman collapsed in front of the carriage.


    “Did you hit this person?”


    “No! I’m sure she didn’t get to the carriage— she was walking staggering from the other side and nervous—” 


    The coachman went into a panic. He made this mistake while carrying the emperor, and he was as good as dead. 


    “Calm down. Let’s take a look at the person first.”


    Amelie got off the carriage and ran to the woman. Serwin followed her, too.


    “Excuse me, are you okay?”


    The woman was falling forward, but fortunately, she didn’t seem to have been hit by a carriage. Amelie sat next to the woman and looked at her condition.


    ‘She didn’t fall because of the carriage. Her fingers are white and her complexion is pale. Does she have anemia?’


    Amelie opened the bag. She had several potions in addition to what she had brought to Ellie.


    ‘It’s not poison, it’s not an antidote, it’s not traumatic— will this help?’


    Amelie’s choice was a recovery pill. Originally, it was brought in preparation for the witch’s attack, but even if the trauma was not serious, it had the effect of replenishing physical strength and enhancing resilience. 


    Amelie held the woman’s upper body and spilled the potion into her mouth.




    “It’s medicine. You have to take it.”


    The woman seemed to have regained consciousness a little, and swallowed the medicine with difficulty.


    “Your Majesty. Can I move this person to the carriage? It’s cold, it’s not good to lie down all the time.” 


    “No need, just send her home.”


    “How do you know her house?”


    Serwin crumpled his face and looked down at the woman.


    “Do you know her?”


    “I know it well.”


    “Who is she?”


    “Marchioness Lewin.”


    Serwin reluctantly said, as if he didn’t even want to say the name.


    “Marchioness Lewin?”


    “I’ve seen her face at a wedding.”


    Serwin was very annoyed. I was very dissatisfied with the fact that Marquis Lewin’s wife, no one else, intervened in the date with Amelie. If he had known he would run into Marchioness Lewin, he would never have taken this path. However, he couldn’t ignore it because they had already met. 


    “Then we’ll have to take her to the Marquis’ mansion.”


    “Of course!”


    When Amelie tried to hold Marchioness Lewin, Serwin stopped her.


    “Stop it. Let the knights do that.”


    “But there’s no knight.”


    Amelie was about to ask Serwin if he didn’t bring the knights out today, but when she saw the knights popping out from somewhere and quickly moving the Marchioness, she shut her mouth. 




    “Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t have an escort.”


    The emperor’s knights were guarding Amelie even before she left the palace. They only hid because Serwin had ordered them not to reveal themselves so that Amelie wouldn’t mind it. 


    “Wow that was possible, huh.”


    Amelie was amazed.




    When Serwin reached out, Amelie stood up holding his hand.


    “Why don’t you just leave the Marchioness to the knights?”


    He can’t believe he’s going to visit the Marquis’ mansion with his own feet—. Serwin felt bad just thinking about it.


    “—I’m worried about that. Then should I go by myself?” 


    “You can’t. I know what is that place to go alone.”


    Serwin never intended to let Amelie go alone.


    ‘If only the Marchioness is sent, I’ll take care of it all the time.’


    Here, he had no choice but to bend.


    “Okay. Instead, we’ll just drop off the Marchioness and come back right away. If we send the knight first and let the news go, they’ll call the doctor in advance. Is that okay?”


    “Yes! Then it’s a relief.”


    “Get in the carriage”.


    Amelie ran to the carriage and remembered that there was a basket.


    ‘I should take care of that too!’


    The basket fell where the Marchioness had fallen. Amelie heard that it was very heavy.


    ‘I guess there’s a lot of stuff in there. I shouldn’t have left it.’


    Amelie took the basket and ran to the carriage. 




    ‘Marquis Lewin— Marquis Lewin—’


    Amelie recalled the information she got from the novel. Marquis Lewin has maintained a close relationship with the emperor for generations. Sometimes he led the empire as a strong political partner and sometimes as a political opponent. 


    ‘Marquis Lewin and Serwin were not very on good terms.’


    There were many theories about why the relationship between the two was bad.


    Marquis Lewin was quite an important position in the original work. Marquis Lewin was at the peak of various corruption and exploited the people. In particular, they welcomed Serwin’s tyranny because the more chaos the country was, the better it was to fill their stomachs.


    Moreover, the ability to read and change the trend was so good that in the second half of the work, it was also the main pillar of the rebellion. Renee could not tolerate such Marquis Lewin, so she often clashed with him, and after the rebellion, the conflict intensified. 


    ‘Even though the disaster was solved and everything was ruined!’


    Anyway, Marquis Lewin must have been a character that Amelie should be careful of.


    ‘But why was Marchioness Lewin alone in such a place?’


    The place where the Marchioness had fallen was an area famous for being poor. At least on the other side of Mrs. Enard’s street, people with even shabby houses lived. Either way, it wasn’t a place for a Marchioness to roam alone.


    “According to a survey conducted in the past, it is her hobby to distribute food to children in slums.”


    “She’s doing good things.”


    A noble lady who secretly helps the poor. It was a pretty touching story. 


    “What good thing? Who do you think made them poor?”


    Serwin said it sarcastically, but Amelie didn’t mind and looked at the Marchioness. Her slender chin and long, slender neck gave off a pitiful aura, making it seem as if she couldn’t catch even a single insect.


    ‘Well. Marquis Lewin has done something wrong for sure.’


    In the original story, Marquis Lewin once siphoned off the national treasury in the name of beginning construction in part of the capital for the sake of a local noble, then when the water was contaminated and many young people died, all the nobles who had to punish Lewin were busy covering up the case. Renee came forward and uncovered the truth, but only those involved were punished, and the main actor, Marquis Lewin, leisurely avoided punishment. 


    Considering such a case, it was difficult to see the good deeds of the Marchioness as purely good. It could have been that she was acting falsely to change the image of the Marquis. 


    ‘As Serwin said, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.’ 


    By the time Amelie came to her conclusion, the carriage had arrived at Marquis Lewin’s mansion.


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