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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    No matter how much Amelie waited, the quarrel did not end. Serina’s younger brother, Kevin, did not believe Milena’s words and continued to question her. 


    ‘I should go out.’


    As Amelie ran out, Milena picked up Amelie quickly.


    “Oh? There’s really a hamster.”


    “I told you so.”


    Milena answered bluntly and put Amelie in her pocket very carefully.


    “I’m sorry if I offended you.”


    “Do you have any complaints about Amelie?”


    Milena looked at Serina and Kevin and asked bluntly. 


    For a moment, Serina was pricking. It was because she conspired with the other girls at Renia’s tea party and in the Imperial Palace party. Nothing had happened to anyone but even so, she was a thorn cushion every day because of it. Renia, whom she believed was untouchable, was cast out of her estate, and now Serina did not know when she would die at the hands of a tyrant. It was also because she wanted to discuss all of this that she came all the way to the Imperial Palace to meet her brother, Kevin.


    “What do you mean by complaints? I just follow my principles. Regardless of His Majesty’s relationship, outsiders can’t come in and out of this place. And recently, Miss Amelie kept abusing her authority, so I just asked to confirm.” 


    “What do you mean abuse of authority?”


    “She hasn’t even become the Empress, and she already tried to manage the Ministry of the Internal Affairs!”


    “Stop it!”


    Serena stopped Kevin, but Kevin did not know the word stop because he resembled his grandfather.


    ‘That’s right. Stop it.’


    Amelie also pulled Milena’s sleeves. Milena was choked up by Serina’s sharp attitude toward Kevin, but managed to hold back because she felt Amelie’s touch to stop her. 


    “Then I’ll go back now. Since I found my hamster, too.”


    “When you go back, watch the hamster’s condition. Small animals die without making it obvious even if they are sick.”




    “I was telling the truth. One of the seniors got skin disease while cleaning the inside.” 


    “Haha, thank you for worrying about me.”


    Even so, she was annoyed because she didn’t like Serina, but Milena was even more angry at Kevin’s attitude toward her. 


    When Milena turned around without saying hello and left her seat, Serina grabbed Kevin’s arm and shouted. 


    “What are you going to do! What if that maid runs to the Emperor!”


    “I didn’t do anything wrong.”


    “But it is.”


    Serina bit her lips. 


    “Sister, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with you?”


    Kevin was wondering. Serina looked anxious as if she were chased by something.


    “No, it’s nothing. What does that mean? She’s trying to control the Ministry of Internal Affairs?”


    “Sister, are you interested in that person a lot? Did you change your mind after hanging out with Lady Manvers for a while? It’s not good to walk a tightrope like that.”


    “It’s not like that, so hurry up and tell me. What is it?”


    “—She asked for data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs through His Majesty.”


    Kevin frowned. 


    “Thanks to that, I couldn’t even go home. I was organizing the records separately and correcting them one by one.”


    “Correct them?”


    “Yeah. After finding and collecting the data, the records are modified inconsistently.”


    “Why would you do that?”


    “I know. I’m the youngest, so I’m just doing as I’m told. It’s not even my job, but I had a hard time.”


    Kevin complained and realized that he was a little excessive. At other times, even if it was a family, he wouldn’t have said this much. It seemed that he was sensitive due to being overworked.


    “Sorry, just pretend you didn’t hear that. I shouldn’t tell you what’s going on inside— because I’ve been overdoing it, I guess I was sensitive.”


    “I understand, you look so tired these days.”


    Serina comforted Kevin.


    “You said you had something to discuss today, right? What is it? Housework?”




    Whether to call it housework or personal affairs— Serina licked her lips. 


    Serina’s family was originally an Odorus faction. Then recently, she joined the Manvers faction. 


    Serina’s position within the Manvers faction was narrow because she was involved in another faction. Serina had to do anything to get closer to Renia, so she joined the plan to humiliate Amelie at the imperial palace party.


    ‘I was just trying to do my best. How can I know it would be like this?’


    However, the plan failed, and Renia was forced out to her territory and away from the capital. Fortunately, Serwin did not take much issue with Serina falling and holding Amelie’s skirt, and he moved on as if it were a natural mistake. Serina was relieved that things seemed to have gone well, but the problem was that threatening letters began to come to Serina shortly after the party. 


    It was not just a threatening letter. It was a letter containing minor mistakes made by Serina and illegalities committed by the family. If it became known to the public, it would be hard to avoid criticism, and it would tarnish the family’s honor, so she had to find out who the sender was somehow. 


    Looking closely, Serina was not the only one who received such a letter. The Young Ladies, who were particularly close to Renia, who also belonged to the Manvers faction, all received the same letter.


    At the same time, corruption among the Manvers faction nobles was revealed and aristocrats began to be taken to prison one after another. Count Manvers, who should have protected the nobles under his command, somehow crawled flat in front of Serwin. 


    ‘Father said the Emperor’s pruning had begun.’ 


    Serwin seemed to have pulled out a knife this time to reduce the power of the Manvers faction. Perhaps the threat letter was a message from the Emperor. It is said he likes to let fear grow on its own before purging—.


    ‘My family is in danger, too.’


    Even though she was a latecomer, Serina’s family was deeply involved in the Manvers faction.


    ‘I received a threatening letter, the knights will come soon.’


    It was not known when the emperor’s knights would attack the mansion. Her family’s Integrity under the influence of her grandfather, who was an innocent prime minister, was cleaner than other noble families, but they were not so pure that no dust came out if searched.


    Moreover, Serina was properly hated by Amelie. It is not a crime to neglect her at a tea party or to publicly humiliate her at an imperial palace party, but Amelie’s dislike could compound with other crimes to make Serina guilty enough for a prison sentence.


    That’s why Serina came to Kevin to find a way to live. It will be a little helpful because he’s smart and knows the internal circumstances of the imperial palace well. 


    But the moment she met Kevin, Serina changed her mind. Seeing his droopy cheeks and dark circles under his eyes, she couldn’t quite tell him about her worries. 


    ‘What’s the point of putting pressure on a kid who’s busy working?’


    “You didn’t come home, so I came because mother told me to come and see you.”


    “You’re exaggerating”. He said, sighing.


    “It’s because the Imperial Palace is so hideous.”


    “But it’s fine these days. His Majesty is so stable that there is no need to remove any dead bodies.”


    Serina looked at Kevin who was laughing and sighed deeply.


    ‘How can I tell this kid that our family is going to be ruined?’


    She had to somehow find a way out on her own. But there wasn’t much Serina could do right now.


    ‘By any chance, if Amelie—’


    The fact that Serwin was stuck on Amelie was famous. During a recent meeting, Serwin, who couldn’t hold back his anger, pointed a sword at the Marquis, and Amelie not only calmed Serwin down but also nagged him and took the sword away directly. It was different from Serwin in the past, who had to see blood once he pulled out his sword. It was unimaginable. 


    ‘Besides, there are even rumors that he released Wizard Ruben for Miss Amelie.’


    A few years ago, Serwin imprisoned the wizard Ruben in his home. The Duke of Odorus visited him several times and begged for Ruben’s release, but Serwin didn’t even pretend to listen. By the way, did he release Ruben for Amelie just because she asked? That was how great Amelie’s influence on Serwin was. 


    ‘Yeah. Let’s ask Amelie for a favor. Please save my family.’


    Amelie, whom she saw at the party, was gentle, unable to say hateful things to others, and weak-minded.


    ‘She’s so nice that she even forgave Lady Riena. She might help if I hang on her pitifully.’


    It was worth a try at least once. There was little she could do to save the family, so she had to do something like this. Serina made up her mind.




    Amelie, who regained her energy, became a hamster again and followed Serwin. Serwin put Amelie on his desk and did his job, petting her to the fullest.


    The two were together all day, the only time they spent apart was to prepare for sleep. 


    ‘It’s not uncomfortable even though we’re together all day.’


    Amelie thought it was unexpected. Because she lived alone all this time, it was too much to be with others for a long time. No matter how close people were, she was the type that needed her own time. 


    ‘I feel relieved because we’re together. Is it because I can see that the disaster is still calm?’


    Serwin came into the room and found Amelie. Amelie was so focused that she didn’t even know Serwin had entered the room. 


    “Is the book that fun?”


    Serwin lowered himself and pulled the book down.




    Amelie was surprised by Serwin’s sudden appearance.


    ‘I’m surprised when such a handsome face suddenly appears.’


    His moist skin after having just washed and his eyes looking up at her looked very strange. Amelie grabbed her pounding chest. 


    “Aren’t you studying too hard?”


    “No, I was thinking about something else.”


    “What are you thinking about?”


    Serwin stared Amelie in the eye. His golden eyes were sharp and penetrating as if to dig into her mind. 


    “Just random stuff.”


    It was not something shameful, but Amelie, who was embarrassed to speak in front of the person involved, hesitated.


    “Mrs. Enard’s daughter, do you remember? It’s Elly.”


    Amelie quickly thought of another topic. Even if he wasn’t that interested, it was a story she had to tell Serwin. 


    “I’m thinking of prescribing another magic potion. If I’ve focused on reinforcing her weakened body, I think I’ll be able to start treating the disease sooner rather than later.” 


    “So it’s a new magic potion. You’re working hard.”


    Amelie smiled shyly at Serwin’s compliment. She was happier because it was a compliment she heard from him.


    “Before I make a new magic potion, I want to check the child’s condition myself. So I think I have to go outside the imperial palace.”


    Serwin frowned. 


    “What if the witch attacks you again?”


    “That’s a possibility but—”


    “Why don’t you bring that child to the Palace?”


    “The child doesn’t have the strength to move yet.”


    “Then tell her to come into the imperial palace and live. If she’s uncomfortable living here, build a new building. Put a person to take care of. Then Mrs. Enard can concentrate more on her work.” 


    “She’s doing well enough even now.”


    Amelie hoped that Mrs. Enard would not be misunderstood. She regarded taking care of Amelie as her number one priority and was doing her best. It was entirely thanks to Mrs. Enard’s outstanding skills and efforts that Amelie’s lack of employees wasn’t obvious even in a situation where there were not enough people to work. 


    “It’s not good to leave a familiar environment.” 


    Serwin didn’t seem pleased. 


    In fact, there was no way someone who couldn’t stand being apart for even a while would simply allow her to go out in a situation where there was unknown danger outside.


    However, Amelie, who expected Serwin to refuse, had prepared a plan in advance.


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