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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    The tip of the sword barely touched the skin of Marquis Lewin and cut through. Though not life threatening, it was deep enough that blood could be seen immediately and caused many trembling hands. In fact, it didn’t matter where the sword was pointing. If Serwin put his mind to it, he could have killed all the nobles gathered in the conference room in the blink of an eye. 


    “Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty. Even so, it’s because I’m getting older these days and my body isn’t what it used to be.” 


    Marquis Lewin responded shamelessly. 


    “I’m into making small models these days, and sometimes I make a mistake even when carving away a part I thought I needed to. Thanks to our inability to see its merit, we often ruin the model we made by cutting away too much. Your Majesty, who is still young, may not realize it.” 


    Serwin really wanted to kill him. It was obvious that he was talking about himself and Serwin, treating him like a child is a bonus. 


    To be honest, after touching Marquis Lewin, he wasn’t confident he could handle the aftermath. Because the arrogant aristocrats are going to make a mess to take the vacant position of Marquis Lewin. It was the people of the Empire who suffered until the Empire was again stabilized. It was right to be patient standing here. 


    However, looking at the confident face of Marquis Lewin, he had an urge to shatter expectations. At that moment, Serwin, who couldn’t resist the urge, raised his sword high to fully sever his neck. 


    “W, wait, Your Majesty. Calm down—” 


    The nobles who followed Marquis Lewin were contemplating and tried to stop Serwin. However, they could not speak properly because they were pressed by Serwin’s thirst for blood. Serwin swung his sword down. 


    ‘No way, no way!’ 


    The nobles opened their mouths and looked only at Serwin’s sword. The tip of the sword moved toward the neck of Marquis Lewin while drawing a parabola, and the hearts of the nobles watching the scene beat as fast as they could burst. Just before the sword reached Marquis Lewin’s neck, Serwin’s sword suddenly stopped. At the same time, the door to the meeting room swung open and a woman appeared. 


    “Your Majesty! Lower your sword!” 




    As the woman shouted at Serwin, the weak nobles exhaled as if they were about to die. Is that an order to Serwin? Who would do such a crazy thing? In her sky-blue striped dress, she looked ordinary at first glance. Nobles did not have to struggle to recall her identity. Because Serwin called her name right away. 




    Amelie walked in front of Serwin. The eyes of the nobles hurt her back, but stopping Serwin came first. 


    “How did you get here?” 


    “I brought her here.” 


    The nobles then found Baron Avery standing next to Amelie. They thought he had disappeared during the meeting, but it seems that he had brought Amelie with him. 


    ‘Baron Avery is also an idiot. Where did he hear that a woman could stop His Majesty?’ 


    ‘I don’t know if it’s irritating. She’s still young enough to die, but it’s a pity. Still, thanks to her, Marquis Lewin will be fine. That’s good.’ 


    The nobles had no expectations of Amelie surviving. They only thought it was fortunate that she would suffer Serwin’s anger instead of Marquis Lewin. 


    “No matter how angry you are, you can’t just swing your sword around like this.” 


    Amelie nagged and took the sword from Serwin’s hand. Serwin gently gave her the sword. 


    “I was just threatening him, I would have stopped it.” 


    “Didn’t it stop because I came?” 




    Serwin was stunned at her appearance here. The nobles opened their mouths wide as if their jaws were falling off. They knew that Serwin was obsessed with a woman named Amelie. But they never imagined he would be held so tight. Oh my gosh. How can that tyrant, who is not interested in anyone else, be so clingy to his lover like an ordinary man! 


    “Ugh, that’s an excuse. Then I’ll be waiting in the office until the end of the meeting. The sword is confiscated.” 


    “Let’s go together. The meeting is over.” 




    Amelie looked at Baron Avery. 


    “Yes, the discussion on the agenda is over.” 


    There was a follow-up, but it was his job. Baron Avery wanted to get Amelie and Serwin out of here quickly. 


    “Then let’s go.” 


    Amelie turned around. Although she rushed into the meeting in a hurry, she couldn’t stand the gazes that were directed at her. Serwin followed her without a word. The appearance of their King following Amelie excitedly and being wary of the nobles was more like a dog protecting his master without fail. 


    ‘I did it just in case, but I didn’t expect her to stop Your Majesty this simply.’ 


    It was clear that Serwin had fallen for Amelie more deeply than Baron Avery had thought. Fortunately, Serwin himself was completely unaware, so it was this much. He was afraid to even imagine what he would be like after he came to his senses. 


    ‘I have to be careful.’ 


    Baron Avery sighed internally. 




    Amelie dragged Serwin past the office and entered the room where he rested. When she sat in a long chair, Serwin also sat next to her. 


    “Did you run?” 


    He touched Ameli’s forehead with his hands. The touch was very friendly. Amelie looked at him with an uneasy look. 


    ‘You’re so kind to me—’ 


    He draws swords in front of others, so people are calling him a tyrant. 


    “Why did you fight with Marquis Lewin?” 


    “We didn’t fight. As usual, I was bitten by that side.” 


    “It always happens. Why did you even pull out a sword today? If I hadn’t come, it would have been a disaster. Baron Avery said that killing Marquis Lewin would cause a lot of trouble.” 


    Amelie made eye contact with Serwin and asked him to explain in detail. Serwin didn’t want to talk, but he couldn’t overcome her serious eyes. 


    “I have to go back to your place, but the Marquis deliberately dragged the meeting and twisted my words.” 


    “So you pulled a sword out of anger?” 


    Serwin nodded. He thought he was a little impulsive too, but when he heard that Amelie was wandering the palace alone, he couldn’t stand it. 


    “That’s— Well.” 


    Amelie didn’t know what Serwin was worried about, but once she had to calm him down, she grabbed his hand. Then, Serwin rested his head on Amelie’s shoulder. Although she must be uncomfortable because of the size difference, she felt sorry to see him bending his back to lean on her. 


    ‘Well, this is all because of the disaster.’ 


    It was all because of the disaster that he became violent and that he was called a tyrant. 


    Amelie patted his back slowly. If he was anxious, she would stay with him until he calmed down. 




    That evening, Amelie decided to use magic to call the witches. After dinner, she headed to the attic. Serwin naturally followed her. 


    “Did you say you’re going to use magic to summon witches? Now?” 


    “Yes, I’m going to do it now. The sooner, the better.” 


    Amelie put the tools she had brought from Dellahaim on the workbench. 


    There were two silver candlesticks, a long brass bowl, and a small altar. 


    “Did you bring it from Dellahaim?” 


    “Yes. That’s right.” 


    “It looks normal except for the altar.” 


    The altar looked like a small cabinet, and it was all painted black. On the black background, colorful patterns were drawn in silver, and although it looked very old, it had a mysterious feeling and seemed almost new. 


    “If you look closely, it’s a little different.” 


    Even the silver candlesticks and brass bowls, which look ordinary at first glance, are different if they look closely. Both objects were engraved and full of verses from sutras. 


    “It’s kind of like a holy relic. Even if it’s the capital, you can’t get it.” 


    If she had it from Dellahaim far away on purpose, he would have thought so. But now it was different. 


    ‘I don’t think I can do it because I’m bothered by someone.’ 


    Although she looked fine on the outside, she was very nervous. 


    This was because it was her first time contacting a witch. She was worried about whether the magic would succeed, what other witches would think after being contacted, and what to do if they met. 


    “Your Majesty, come here.” 


    Amelie grabbed his hand and walked to the sofa. 


    “Please sit here and wait. Okay? 


    “I don’t want to be apart for a second.” 


    His golden eyes gently stared at Amelie. 


    ‘No, what are you saying that makes me misunderstand?’ 


    Amelie blushed. Despite his ferocious impression, Serwin was handsome. When such a handsome guy seriously asked to stay with her, her face burned hot even though she knew it wasn’t meant like that. 


    “You can’t.” 


    Amelie firmly said and pressed Serwin’s shoulder hard and forced him to sit on the sofa. 


    ‘But these days, I lose on purpose. I’ve become so soft on him.’ 


    Is this how the owner feels when they see a dog that has grown up after only making trouble? 


    Amelie was slightly moved and stroked his head a couple of times. Serwin’s hair was a little stiff, but it felt like petting a big dog, so she laughed. 




    “You have to be quiet. I have to concentrate.” 


    When Amelie returned to her workbench, Serwin fiddled with his hair with an awkward expression. His face reddened slowly. 


    ‘Now, like a witch, I have to use magic.’ 


    Amelie stood in front of the altar and poured the poppy potion into the brass bowl. 


    ‘It’s okay. I just have to do what I read in the book.’ 


    Then, she put the letter of parchment down in a brass bowl. The parchment was slightly floating on the potion, and gradually wetted. As the parchment gradually turned dark gray, Amelie, who was watching the scene, ignited a fire. As the room became dark for a moment, the flames burned as if all the lights had gathered with silver candlesticks. 


    At that moment, Amelie casts a spell. Then, in the candle, the flames rose into the air like soap bubbles and circled around the brass bowl. It was a gloomy, unfamiliar, yet mysterious sight. 




    Serwin was looking at Amelie and was mesmerized before he knew it. The orange light cast a dark shadow on Amelie’s face. Her concentrated eyes and serious expression were very different from the usual Amelie. 


    ‘Witches were said to be priests of evil spirits.’ 


    When he investigated witches, that passage came to mind again. In that context, it was highly likely that the current behavior was also a ritual with religious meaning. 


    ‘It is said that ancient priests devote everything to God.’ 


    He felt strangely nauseous. Anxiety as if his feet were turning off attacked him. 


    ‘I’m seriously ill.’ (I’m not really sure about this;;)


    Now that it’s in front of him, he can’t stand it because he’s anxious.

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