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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    On the day of the party, the Imperial palace was engulfed in a strange tense atmosphere. It was an annual event, but this time it was different. All the people who were not present in prior years expressed their intention to attend the party, and even Serwin, who was not interested in the party, was very concerned, so the imperial palace was very busy from the morning. 


    There was a solemn atmosphere in Amelie’s palace. In the morning, Caroline and the person in the dressing room arrived and prepared, and Mrs Enard gathered the maids and vowed to prioritize party preparation. 


    “Miss Amelie, did you have a good night’s sleep?”


    When Milena woke her, Amelie leaned against the headboard of the bed and nodded. 


    ‘No one must know that I went out secretly.’ 


    Amelie smiled. She had a lot of fun going out last night. At first, they danced together, and later they played music and danced randomly. Thanks to this, her calves were aching, but the tension was relieved. She slept well and felt good.


    “We will have a light meal and start preparing for the party. Everyone is waiting only for Miss Amelie.” Milena said. 


    “Already? The party is in the afternoon.”


    “There are so many things to do.” 


    When Milena rang the bell, the maid brought a light meal. Milena took it and set it down on her table. The soup on the table had almost no ingredients, and the amount was not even half the usual. 


    ‘Will I gain strength after eating this?’


    Amelie was very dissatisfied, but she finished the meal without a gloomy expression on her face. Soon after, Amelie was able to realize that Milena’s judgment was correct. She couldn’t sit to digest until the party started, as she was dragged around frantically.


    Today, Amelie’s makeup was done by the staff of Monet’s dressing room. They put a special pack on Amelie’s face and hair to make it moist, and then they started putting on her makeup. Mrs Enard and Caroline took care of it. Milena chatted next to Amelie, and she brought drinks or snacks from time to time. 


    “Come to think of it, I don’t see Charlotte?”


    Amelie asked. 


    “I couldn’t see her since the morning. I thought she was sleeping, so I went to wake her up, but she wasn’t there. Even if she doesn’t want to work, she’s not one to fall for on days like this. It’s strange, isn’t it?”


    Milena narrowed her eyes. She looked suspicious of something. 


    “I don’t know where they’re plotting.” 


    “Don’t say anything unpleasant. I checked it thoroughly in advance. My dress is fine, too. There was nothing wrong with the food prepared either.” 


    When Mrs Enard nagged Milena to cease her negativity, Caroline nodded and responded. Milena was still uncomfortable, but she didn’t have any physical evidence, so she closed her mouth. 


    “Okay, it’s done.”


    Her makeup and hair are finally done. Amelie looked in the mirror awkwardly. They had carefully done her eyeliner to clearly emphasize her eyes, her hazy impression became more vivid and lively. Because her eyebrows were raised moderately, she looked more robust than her original sweet but weak impression. Her hair was raised in an upstyle, but Caroline’s team had intricately raised it to create a neat and uncomplicated style. 


    “Hurry up and bring a dress!” 


    At Mrs Enard’s words, the maids brought dresses. Amelie began to wear her dress with the help of Mrs Enard and Milena. 


    Amelie had two layers to her dress. She wore a simple white dress with a tube top first, then layered it with a lace and purple dress made of fabric that was as thin as a dragonfly’s wings.


    The dress had different material for the upper body and the skirt, the upper body was laced with  very thin thread, emphasizing Amelie’s slender shoulders and arms. The skirt was elongated with elegant pleats made of light fabric. 


    The color of the dress was dark rather than bright, complementing Amelie’s gentle atmosphere while emphasizing her loveliness, and at first glance, the dress was as thin as dragonfly wings, allowing it to flow around her lightly giving her a pure feeling.


    She even wore shoes that matched the dress, and finally Caroline brought her accessories. It was a hair accessory and earrings made especially for today. The hair ornament was made of a branch made of platinum with pink and green jewels attached to it like flowers and leaves.


    Unlike the colorful headdress, the earrings were simple. Three yellow gems the size of a baby’s fingernail were connected in a row. Every time Amelie moved her head, her earrings rattled, sprinkling bright light on Amelie’s face. 


    Caroline stood a little away and looked at Amelie with sharp eyes. It was not until the word perfect fell from her that the long decoration ended. 


    “Wow! You’re so beautiful!” 


    “Really. I feel like I’m looking at the night sky!” 


    The staff in the dressing room looked at Amelie and admired her. She was sick and tired of all the attention during the preparation period, but it felt refreshing to see everything complete. 


    “I was worried about the unique design, but it looks good on you.” 


    Mrs Enard smiled satisfied. She had no doubt that Amelie would become the empress in the future, so she thought she should leave a strong first impression on the aristocrats at this party.


    ‘You can’t look easy in front of the aristocrats!’


    Fancy and beautiful clothes were not enough. It took something more than splendor to leave a strong first impression. However, heavy or loud clothes did not suit Amelie. Those clothes may look pretty, but they killed Amelie’s cute and lovely charm. 


    Caroline repeatedly agonized over Mrs Enard’s demands and was able to produce a result in front of her. 


    ‘This is a masterpiece that marks a milestone in my craftsmanship.’ 


    Caroline looked at Amelie with an ecstatic expression. The more she looked at her, the more her heart was full and proud. Until now, there has been no dress that had such backing to pour so much money into every single piece. How many fabrics were torn apart and processed to give off the subtle gloss of the skirt hem—.


    Because Caroline loved beauty, she chose the profession of a dressmaker. But until now, she has taken pretty people and created a uniform beauty that everyone thinks is pretty. Preparing for this party with Amelie, Caroline was able to realize one thing. That true beauty is to emphasize the other person’s appearance no matter what others think it looks like.


    ‘Really, I’m glad I accepted this.’


    Through this experience, Caroline felt like she had grown to the next level as a dressmaker. 


    “Miss Amelie, do you like it?”


    “Yes. It’s really pretty.” 


    Amelie couldn’t take her eyes off the mirror. Even though she had the same face, she looked different. She seemed to have become a more elegant and assertive person. 


    “Miss Amelie, His Majesty has arrived. He’ll be here soon.”


    Just in time, the maid announced Serwin’s arrival. 


    “Huh, am I going to see His Majesty today too?” 


    Frightened by Amelie’s words, the dressing room staff quickly moved into a corner. 


    “You should stick to the wall and not raise your head.” 


    Unlike the afraid employees, Caroline did not hide. Serwin was not as scary as this moment at all. 


    ‘No matter how terrifying His Majesty may be, he will be blown away when he sees Miss Amelie!’ 


    Caroline was confident. 


    Just in time, Serwin entered the room. His eyes wandered in search of soft pink hair like a habit, and soon he was able to find Amelie. Because she was the most sparkling thing in the room. 


    Serwin froze on the spot for a moment. 


    Amelie seeing Serwin was smiling. His round eyes drooped and her bright eyes sparkled.


    ‘Why are you so dazzling? Is it because of the jewel?’


    Serwin stared blankly at her appearance. Her face looked a little unfamiliar. 


    ‘Was she always this pretty?’


    He thought she was cute before, but it was similar to how he felt when he saw a small animal. But this time it was a little different. Her face, matured by makeup, and her elegant attire made her look like a woman.


    Serwin’s ears burned red.


    “Your Majesty?”


    Amelie tilted her head. Her yellow earrings were just dangling. Her long white neck under the glinting jewel caught his eye. Suddenly, he had an urge to touch her. His heart pounded fast.


    Instead of surrendering to the impulse, he took Amelie’s hand. And he stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. His yellow eyes were hazy, but he looked at her face with some tenacity. 


    “I’m not familiar with these words, so I don’t know what they’ll sound like—”


    Serwin said. Amelie looked up at him silently. Her cheeks were burning red because of his enthusiastic gaze, but somehow she couldn’t turn her eyes away from him. 


    “You’re so beautiful today.”


    He bowed his head to the back of Amelie’s hand. The feeling of his lips touching her softly was clear. Amelie’s face turned red as if she were steaming. 


    Amelie couldn’t say anything and just smiled. She was so surprised that her head turned blank. 


    Fortunately, Serwin quickly moved his face, but he still couldn’t take his eyes off Amelie. 


    “Is the preparation finished?”


    “Yes, yes! It’s all over.” 


    Caroline, who was watching the scene, blushed and replied to Serwin.


    “Shall we go now?”




    When Amelie nodded, Serwin held her hand and led her outside. 


    As soon as the door closed, the remaining people exchanged glances. No one knew who went first but soon they were all squealing.




    “Did you see? Did you see that His Majesty couldn’t take his eyes off her?”


    “It seemed like there were only two of them in this room.”


    “They were completely in love. Ah, His Majesty is a man, too. Even a tyrant is an ordinary man in front of love.” 


    As if they had seen a scene from a romance novel, they all made a commotion as they blushed together. 


    “Oh, I want to be in a relationship, too.”


    “I would be so happy to be loved like that.” 


    Mrs Enard, who was watching the scene, smiled with a proud look.


    ‘Miss Amelie said she was not in that kind of relationship with him, but His Majesty must have  feelings for her.’ 


    At this moment, everyone envied Amelie. 


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