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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    ‘No, you can’t let her go!’


    Serwin was the scariest after a meeting. The stress he received from dealing with the nobles became a living thing that spread out in all directions. Especially today, Marquis Lewin would be attending the meeting. On a day like this, they can honestly say that they are better off dead. 


    ‘Things would be different with her!’


    The aides clearly remembered how soft Serwin was when Amelie appeared. Half of them still trembled, often recalling Serwin’s smile. 


    If Amelie was there, Serwin was more likely to not be angry, and if they were lucky, he might leave the office with Amelie. 


    ‘Of course, I’m not even asking for that much. I just want to be able to breathe!’


    The aide prayed earnestly in his mind.


    “Please wait here. His Majesty will be back soon. Oh, do you want some tea? or something sweet—. I hid some really good chocolates in a drawer, and I’ll give it to you.” 


    “What? But it will interfere with your work—”


    “No! You’re not disturbing us at all. To us, Miss Amelie is our savior!”


    The aides all looked at Amelie with desperate eyes. 


    “Then— excuse me for a moment.”


    Amelie was overwhelmed by the momentum and sat on the sofa.


    ‘Yes, it’s done! I’m alive now!’


    The aides expressed their infinite gratitude to Amelie. They moved in unison to prevent Amelie from even thinking about returning. 


    “I’ll make some tea”. 


    “This is northern chocolate and it’s delicious. You can eat it all.”


    “You must be bored waiting, so you can read any of these novels.”


    “Here’s an extra cushion.”


    Amelie accepted their favor with a puzzled look. She couldn’t understand the actions of Serwin’s aides, as she was used to Serwin’s laughter and his relaxed look. 


    After a while, Serwin returned to his office. The aides looked at each other with gaping glances. Serwin was smiling from the moment he entered his office. 


    ‘Look! It’s different from usual!’


    Every other time, he would have appeared frowning and kicking the door. 


    ‘It’s a good thing I told him in advance that Amelie is waiting for him.’


    ‘What would I have done if I hadn’t stopped her.’ 


    ‘—Isn’t there anything lacking in serving her? It’s a big deal if she’s upset.’ 


    The aides were all anxious. Either way, Serwin approached Amelie. His gaze was fixed on Amelie and didn’t move. 


    “Did you wait for a long time? I was going to finish it sooner, but Marquis Lewin was taking more time.” 


    Serwin held Amelie’s hand. Feeling his welcome, Amelie was able to relieve some of her worries about the disaster. 


    “It’s okay. The aides were so nice that I lost track of time and was comfortable.” 




    Serwin found cushions, blankets and snacks scattered around Amelie. It was a trace of the effort of the aides. He didn’t like his subordinates sucking up with shallow moves. But this time, he wasn’t angry at all. 


    ‘As long as Amelie liked it, that’s all it matters.’


    “Today was the tea party with Manvers Young Lady, right? Did anything happen?”


    “Yes, nothing happened. However, I heard about something there that I wanted to talk about.”


    “About what?”


    Amelie glanced around. Serwin noticed that the story she was trying to mention was about the disaster. 


    “Let’s go somewhere where we can be alone.” 




    The two left the office.


    The remaining aides in the office cheered silently. Not only did she help them avoid Serwin’s anger, but she also took him away!


    ‘Miss Amelie, as expected Miss Amelie!’


    ‘I hope you come often from now on. Should I bring a series of novels?’


    They exchanged glances. From the next day, it was natural for Amelie to have exclusive items and her own dedicated seat in the Emperor’s office. 




    It wasn’t until they were alone that Amelie told her story of meeting Renia by chance on a foggy day, and the rumor she heard from Serina today. 


    “—So, you were chased by a hound? But you can always transform into a person, right?”


    Amelie’s cheeks flushed red as Serwin looked at her fondly like she was absurd. 


    “I didn’t think of that back then! How big and sharp the dog’s teeth were! Anyway, that’s not what’s important right now.”


    “I know, I know.”


    Serwin chuckled. When he thought of Amelie, who must have run away in confusion, he couldn’t stop laughing.


    “Your Majesty!”


    Amelie glaring with her eyes. Serwin shook his hand.


    “Okay. I understand. I won’t laugh. You’re curious if there’s been any issues with the disaster recently, right?”




    “It’s been better.”


    Serwin shook his head.


    “Sometimes when I’m angry or stressed, I can hear its voice. The disaster has weakened a lot since I met you. All it can do is make noise.” 


    “I see.”


    Amelie nodded.


    “And that corruption has been around for a long time.” 




    “It often happened even when the disaster was properly sealed. Maybe that’s the kind of land it’s built on.” 


    “Ugh, I’m still concerned. Something’s bothering me.”


    Amelie covered her head and grumbled. Serwin looked down at the top of her pink hair. His expression was exceptionally dark and gloomy. 


    “What about preparing for the party? Since there’s only a week left, shouldn’t we focus more on that?” 


    Unlike his expression, Serwin’s voice was full of playfulness. Amelie made a tearful face. 


    “I’m still suffering a lot. Mrs Enard and Caroline get along so well.” 


    Amelie shook her head. Serwin stroke Amelie’s head. The soft texture of her hair made him feel good. Amelie stayed still while he gently touched her. 


    “Are you tired?” 


    “A little, but I still have time to help you.” 




    Amelie laughed. 




    As the party got closer, Amelie was getting busier. She mostly followed what Mrs Enard or Caroline told her to do, but with her one body she was quickly exhausted. Milena was also very busy, finding out about the strange phenomenon in the imperial palace had to be put off for a while. 




    ‘Phew. Why do you keep calling me?’


    Charlotte grumbled and headed to Count Manvers’ Mansion. As the party drew near, Amelie’s courtiers were all busy. In the meantime, Charlotte was strangely free. It wasn’t that she didn’t do anything, but it was because she was taking on everything.


    ‘That’s understandable. I ruined the dress that I prepared on the first day. Amelie probably knows by now.’


    Charlotte was thinking of giving Amelie a little trouble. It was because Amelie was a commoner and she did not like the fact that someone like that was proudly occupying a seat in the Imperial palace and acting as her supervisor. Seeing Serwin’s sincerity however, she quit troublemaking as much as she could, but it was already discovered by Mrs Enard. 


    ‘How did Mrs Enard who only likes money get so attached to Amelie? Wasn’t she originally closer to Count Manvers? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand.’ 


    She thought about this and that, but she couldn’t find an answer. She didn’t even know that Milena was stalking her, and a lot had happened during her time doing what she was comfortable doing. 


    ‘—the back door again.’


    Charlotte frowned and went into the mansion. It’s a mansion that she had always coveted. She rolled her eyes left and right and followed the maid, and Gilbert walked from the other side. 


    Charlotte quickly straightened her clothes. 


    “You, aren’t you the maid from the Imperial Palace? Did Renia call you?”


    It was the first time Gilbert talked to her, so Charlotte was nervous.


    “Yes, I’m here because the Young Lady called me.”




    “I’m working as Miss Amelie’s maid. So—.”


    “Oh? The beauty of the century?”


    Gilbert showed great interest.


    “What do you think? Is she really that pretty?”




    “No way, it’s a lie. There’s rumors all over the capital. Isn’t it because she’s prettier than you?” He leered at her.


    “—If you’re going to ask me something like that, I’ll leave. Young Lady was waiting for me.”


    Charlotte nodded sharply. She shouldn’t expect anything. She was a fool to have thought he had any interest in her.


    “Yeah, yeah. Seeing that she called you, I guess that girl is also very desperate. It’s fortunate. We’ve invested a lot in her so far, but it’s not easy to find a marriage partner to pay that much.”


    What do you mean desperate? Charlotte couldn’t stand her curiosity and finally asked. “What happened to Young Lady Reina?”


    “It seems that she followed my father to a meeting, but I heard that His Majesty didn’t even deal with her. Because of that, my father became very angry and said something on the spot. After that, even if he went to the Imperial Palace, she didn’t go, and has just been confined to her room.” 


    Gilbert giggled and laughed at Renia. He welcomed Renia’s failure. And reveled in it without shame. 


    The Count was filled with ambition to make her empress, but Gilbert hated it when his unlucky sister reigned above him. Whether she fails or not has nothing to do with him. Because he will be the Count even if she doesn’t do anything.


    “Then, good work. I’m going to go get a drink.”


    As Gilbert passed Charlotte, Charlotte looked at his back with a keen look. This was because his confidence in himself becoming the Count seemed very solid, becoming a countess also seemed very attractive.


    ‘I want to be the Countess.’


    Thinking so, Charlotte headed to Renia’s room.




    “Lady, Charlotte is here.”


    When the maid spoke and opened the door, Charlotte walked inside. She found Renia crouching down on the bed. At that moment, the hair on the back of the back of her neck stood up. Who is that woman?


    Charlotte closed her eyes and opened them. Then Renia appeared the same as her usual doll-like appearance. Well, she had become a little more emaciated, her jawline seemed to stand out even more. 


    ‘Did I see it wrong?’


    The room is dark, so she must have been mistaken. Charlotte took it lightly and approached Renia. 


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