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    Translated by Tam
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    “But don’t be too quick to believe it; it’s the Imperial Palace! Now I see why His Majesty is concerned. I’ve been keeping an eye on you, but you’re a little too laid back! Okay, then! You should look into it first. The evidence that I am my brother’s sister!”


    Milena unfolded the family relationship certificate in front of Amelie. Roen and Milena’s names were written on the paper. The names of the two people were written by themselves.


    “Don’t you have any other family members?”


    “Yes, it’s just my brother and me.”


    “I’m sorry about that—”


    “Don’t apologize so easily! You look down on the Imperial Palace!”


    “……It’s a personality trait.”


    “I can’t help it if it’s a personality trait then.”


    Milena quickly accepted with a nod. Amelie was confused. They’re siblings whose appearances and personalities bear no resemblance to each other. There isn’t anything that resembles the other.


    “Anyway, how come Milena told me you were Sir Roen’s sister? Sir Roen despised me.”


    “Oh, I knew this was going to happen, so I told you that I was his sister.”




    Milena neatly arranged her clothes, spread the hem of her skirt, and bowed deeply. Amelie was taken aback by the unexpectedly polite greeting.




    “First of all, thank you so much for saving my brother. My brother told me to say thank you. He’s sorry he couldn’t meet you in person, and he wants to apologize for saying bad things about you.”


    Milena began telling Amelie the entire story, recalling the events of the day.


    Roen, who had lost both of his parents as a child, did everything he could to protect his younger sister, who couldn’t speak properly. Nonetheless, he practiced his sword in his spare time, eventually catching Serwin’s eye and becoming a knight. Roen worked hard to put his life in danger for his miraculously fulfilled dream. Milena was constantly concerned about Roen. Because he was so focused, she wondered if he’d have an accident.


    Meanwhile, when she learned that the knights who had followed Serwin had returned, Milena went in search of her brother. However, there was no trace of Roen anywhere in the knighthood. She was terrified and sneaked out of the palace late at night to return home. It was to ensure that Roen returned safely.


    Roen, fortunately, was at home. He was sitting on the couch in the living room. Milena had anticipated that a witch would enter the palace via Ethan. Amelie needed someone to hide and cover her magic when she used it. Knowing this, Roen confessed without hesitation when Milena asked him what she wanted to know.


    He kept Amelie under control out of fear, spoke ill of her, but she still saved his life. Roen apologized and thanked Amelie, but there was no way to repay the favor. He said he couldn’t do anything for her because he had given everything to the Emperor.


    Milena, who wanted to help her brother, who had always made sacrifices for her, made a decision as soon as she heard it. She stated that she would help her rather than him.


    “That’s why I decided to repay the favor.”


    Milena took her time approaching. She was quietly looking around, and when she had a chance to speak to her alone, she did so.


    “I see. You don’t have to pay me back.”


    “No, I’ll pay you back. That way, my brother will feel unburdened while being a knight.”


    She can’t believe that there are such great siblings in this world. Amelie felt moved.


    “And I’ve been watching you so intently that I can’t leave you alone! My brother and I will die of guilt if something happens to Miss Amelie.”




    The emotion was so sudden Amelie couldn’t think of anything to say.


    “Am I really that bad?”


    “It’s not just one or two incidents to count.”


    “Ah, yes…”


    “Don’t worry! ‘Cause now this Milena’s gonna back you up, Miss Amelie!'”


    Milena confidently declared with one hand at her waist.




    Milena was the one who first explained Amelie’s current situation and surroundings. She told Amelie everything she knew, including the orders Serwin had given her.


    Amelie discovered, thanks to Milena, that Serwin was keeping her in this palace on purpose, surrounded by maids and Mrs Enard.


    “We couldn’t get out of the way in that state, no matter how badly Miss Amelie wanted to be alone.”


    “Somehow— I thought it was strange—.”


    Amelie frowned. She thought it was a little weird, because she wasn’t too naive. Serwin, on the other hand, stated that imperial life was originally this privacy deficient so she cleared her doubts because she believed he had no reason to supervise her.


    “Oh, You’re not surprised, are you? I expected you to be surprised—”


    “If it’s His Majesty the Emperor, I thought it might be possible.”


    Serwin was a villain in the first book, and the day she met him was the worst. Perhaps this is why she assumed ‘Serwin would still do that’ even if Serwin did something kind.


    But, aside from what she knew in her head, she didn’t feel good. 


    “Of course, it’s not that I’m not angry. I’m irritated and angry.”


    In fact, neither surveillance nor confinement were required. If he had asked her what he was curious about what she had been doing all day, she would have told him truthfully, and if he had explained it convincingly, she would not have considered leaving the palace.


    ‘This suspicious person—!’


    She thought they were getting close, but she was disappointed to learn that her opponent didn’t think so.


    ‘No, don’t act nice if you’re going to do this.’


    Don’t you lie calmly? Don’t you think it’s too much to be asking questions about my day as if you don’t know after watching every move? Why don’t you just say you’re keeping an eye on things?


    “It irritates me even more. I’ve made my decision.”




    “I’ll do whatever I want.”


    “But how?”


    “I’m going to practice magic whether His Majesty is awake or asleep. I’ll hold his hand, but I’m not going to sleep with him.”


    ‘After hearing your story, I thought you were a good person, but you’re really a good person.’


    However, such a character could not be considered beneficial to the imperial court. Milena is determined to take a step forward and protect Amelie.




    Amelie had tea in the garden that afternoon. It was always the same thing, but today she had a different goal in mind than just going for a walk.


    ‘Should I call it naturally?’


    Amelie took a deep breath and turned to the side. Mrs. Enade was pouring tea into a teacup while maintaining a calm face. Her goal for today’s tea time was to win Mrs. Enard over to her side.


    Milena taught Amelie how to spend time alone in the morning.


    Milena advised taking advantage of Mrs. Enard’s habit of revealing money and subtly using it.


    ‘I’m surprised Mrs Enard wasn’t Count Manverse’s servant.’


    Amelie assumed Mrs Enard was Count Manverse’s servant after reading the novel. Because she tormented Amelie at Count Manverse’s request and was getting paid.


    Mrs Enard, on the other hand, did what Count Manverse told her to do because it was the most profitable option. She doesn’t bother Amelie now because she determined that she had the most money to gain being on Amelie’s side.


    Milena learned from the evidence that the nobles were unaware of Amelie’s existence until now. The nobles have been looking for a reason for Serwin’s daily visits to the palace since he returned, but no one has found one because Mrs. Enard kept it hidden.


    ‘It’s complicated, it’s difficult—all I want is to get out of here quickly and go home.’


    Amelie missed the peaceful and pure Dellahaim.


    ‘Anyway, Milena told me to pay Mrs Enard money.’


    Amelie’s problem was that she didn’t have any money. Furthermore, she couldn’t afford to defy Serwin’s orders.


    Milena advised turning this problem into an opportunity. It is to request that Mrs. Enard assist her in disposing of some of the gifts that Serwin gave her. That way, she claims, she will be able to raise funds, and Mrs. Enard will remain silent because she will be able to profit from the process of creating slush funds indefinitely. She’s confident she’ll give Amelie some of what she wants.


    ‘Milena, you’re a scary child—’


    Amelie, on the other hand, was not particularly interested. In today’s values, it felt disheartening to inquire about whether it was slush funds or bribes. It was also difficult to obtain the funds to trick Serwin with the items he gave her.


    Milena persuaded Amelie, citing various reasons, saying that she should hold cash when she doesn’t know what will happen to people, that it was the emperor who made her do this in the first place, and that she would sell and use what she gave her. With her logical words and appealing persuasion, Amelie eventually fell for it.


    ‘How can we raise slush funds—? Do we have to go this far?’


    She had never experienced this before because she was having a normal work life. Maybe that’s why she was so nervous that her hands were shaking that she couldn’t even lift the teacup.


    ‘I’m sure I can do it! Fighting!’


    Milena’s eyes twinkled as she cheered for Amelie. The amount of slush funds she created was insignificant. Having slush funds was the important part. At least the maid who worked in the laundry had her own slush fund. She was forced to stay in the palace, where she had no idea when she would die, because she was paid that much.


    Amelie experienced a throbbing sensation in her stomach.


    “Are you sick?”


    Mrs. Enard asked. It was due to Amelie’s face turning blue.




    Amelie dragged her words for a moment. Now is the time.


    “I’m actually thinking about something a little bit.”


    “Oh, is there any inconvenience in your life?”


    “It’s not really. Well, I’ve received a lot of gifts from His Majesty recently. So I want to repay him, but I don’t have anything.”


    Milena instructed Amelie to speak in steps.


    “I was wondering if it would be strange to get rid of some of His Majesty’s things that I didn’t use and get a present for His Majesty. What are your thoughts, Mrs. Enard?”


    Amelie examined Mrs Enard’s response, barely speaking as Milena told me.


    ‘Is this going to work?’


    It would have been easier to simply say, ‘Can you help me make my own slush fund!’ but Milena asked Amelie to speak vaguely so that there is a way to get out of it later, so everyone is at ease with each other.


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