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    Amelie nibbled on the opaque pink fruit that had been served as a snack. It was Serwin’s second gift to her. It is said to be a fruit that is difficult to find in the capital due to its origins in much hotter regions. The one-of-a-kind scent was very good. 


    The maids kept talking to Amelie while she was eating fruit. They talked about how well her new dress fit her, how beautiful the sun was, and how beautifully her hair shone in the sun.


    On sunny days, it was the ideal afternoon tea time with new clothes and delicious food. Despite this, Amelie’s expression wasn’t bright. 


    ‘I’m bored,’


    For modern people, it was very boring. She wished she had a TV.


    Furthermore, Amelie had a very busy life before being reincarnated. Her body used to be stiff even when she took a single day off. As such habits persisted through the soul, Amelie felt uneasy because she felt like she was laying around wasting her time.


    Meanwhile, Serwin continued to send gifts, adding to Amelie’s burden. They’re also expensive and eye-catching gifts. Amelie had to listen to the maids squealing at Serwin’s gifts every day.


    Serwin sent a large amount of high quality cloth with a seamstress the next day after seeing Amelie wearing Dellahaim clothing.


    Amelie, who didn’t know much about the fabric, only realized how wonderful it was after witnessing Mrs Enard’s reaction to the huge amount.


    “I’ve never seen so much Sendel fabric in my life.”


    When Charlotte recalled that day, she still looked ecstatic. According to her, having a dress made of Sendel Mountain fabric is every girl’s dream. Clothes made of Sendelian fabric are said to stand out not only for their unique gloss, but also for their thinness, lightness, and thermal regulation effect. And because of their good ventilation, they are warm in the winter and cool even when standing in the sun.


    ‘It’s nice and warm.’


    It was warmer than her clothes at least, though the difference in thickness between this fabric and the clothes she brought from Dellahaim was just a little. Furthermore, she believed she understood why the fabric was referred to as high-quality fabric because it was not uncomfortable even when wrapped close the skin.


    “Was it two years ago that there was a big commotion about Sendel fabric? Isn’t this the fabric that was used for the Young Lady of Count Manverse’s debutante dress?” 


    “Yes, it was crazy. I can’t believe she’s wearing that priceless fabric for her debut dress. Count Manverse, as expected, is different.”


    “No matter how wealthy the Manverse family is, they are no match for the Imperial family.”


    “Of course, Miss Amelie’s dress contains His Majesty’s love as well. To whom would you make that comparison?”


    Amelie accepted their conversation with an awkward smile.


    ‘It isn’t love—’


    More than that, the name that came out of her mouth bothered her. Amelia was well acquainted with Count Manverse, a nobleman. This is due to the fact that in the original novel, Renia, Count Manverse’s daughter, becomes the empress.




    ‘Wasn’t Count Manverse a typical scumbag? I believe this father and daughter are going to become entangled with me—’


    Renia, who wanted to be empress, considered Amelie an eyesore. Perhaps it was annoying that Amelie had taken the title of Emperor’s first lover. Renia would give Amelie small prizes whenever Mrs. Enard and Charlotte bullied her. Renia later became Empress, but died during the rebellion. It was because Count Manverse, who had given up hope on Serwin, had joined the rebels.


    But there was no guarantee that it would flow the same way as the novel. Renia couldn’t even make an appearance to bother her at this point. Mrs Enard and Charlotte were also doing their best for Amelie. She was concerned that her clothes getting wet would be when the harassment would begin in earnest, but that was the end of it. It appeared that the time had not yet come where they could think to touch Amelie. She is in a situation in which Serwin pays her daily visits and gives her gifts. Or perhaps they changed their minds by stealing away some of the gifts Serwin had given her. 


    ‘I have no idea what will happen in the future. I can’t wait to return to Dellahaim.’


    Amelie was overcome with sadness as she remembered her hometown. The maid then approached.


    “What’s going on?”


    She asked Mrs Enard. 


    “His Majesty has sent you a gift.”




    Amelie asked again.


    ‘How long has it been since you sent me the cloth?’


    The maids were overjoyed and she instructed them to bring it to the room. After a brief moment, servants from the Emperor’s Palace appeared with several flat boxes. It was a luxurious-looking box wrapped in a variety of velvet fabrics.


    “When His Majesty learned that you had received new clothes he prepared this, you can see what you like first.”


    The servant opened the lid of a box. When he turned the box toward Amelie, a gleaming purple jewel appeared.


    “These are the things that were kept in the Imperial treasury. They are very precious jewels, though they may not be fashionable.”


    Mrs Enard recognized the jewels and explained what they were. Amelia examined the earrings. The jewels glistened blindingly in the afternoon sun.


    “I only heard about purple diamonds in rumors, but it’s right here. Take a look at that color….” a maid wondered softly. 


    “May I put it on?”


    She asked Mrs Enard. 


    “His Majesty has given everything to Miss Amelie. You are free to do whatever you want.”


    “He’s giving me all of this?”


    Amelie’s eyes widened. The number of boxes alone is more than a dozen.


    “Hurry up and try it on! Let me help you!”


    Amelie was hurried by the maids, who appeared to be excited.


    “Mirror, get me a mirror!”


    The maid-of-honor retrieved makeup and hair styling tools. The other maids dashed into the building and emerged with a mirror.


    Amelie put on her new earrings and examined herself in the mirror. Her earrings shook with every movement of her head, emitting a brilliant purple color. It was a bright light that drew her attention the more she looked at her reflection.


    “It’s beautiful. It goes very well with your hair color, Miss Amelie.”


    “You’re right.


    Amelie was also distracted by her appearance in the mirror. This is why they spend money on jewelry. It was just an earring, but the light of the jewel made her face feel noble.


    “Let’s look at the other one! Okay?”


    The jewels kept by the imperial family were known for their beauty and usage of precious gems and metals, and the maid of honor urged her while shaking her shoulders in excitement.


    Amelie couldn’t beat the enthusiasm, so she wore the accessories one by one. There were various types of ornaments, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and head ornaments, as well as metal and extra gems to be used in them.


    “How do they all look so lovely? It’s antique, but it’s not tacky.”


    “I’ve seen a lot of beautiful jewelry, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Especially the yellow diamond, which I saw for the third time. The enigmatic golden diamond is indeed—”


    “Miss Amelie must be feeling nice. Since His Majesty thought of Miss like this.”


    “Yes, who knew His Majesty had such a caring side.”


    The maids were envious of Amelie.


    ‘It’s burdensome—’


    Amelie secretly pressed her hands against her stomach. She’ll get indigestion from the tea and snacks she just ate.


    No such thing as a free lunch exists. She must return as much as she receives. That was the world’s logic. Serwin, what do you want to exchange for such expensive things?


    ‘I have no idea about our relationship. We don’t have that kind of relationship, do we?”


    Amelie might have been pleased to receive gifts if he truly loved her. But knowing it wasn’t the case increased the pressure.




    Amelie awoke the next day with the same feeling of being watched. Serwin was not in the room when she opened her eyes, and a maid was standing by the door.


    “Today is Milena—”


    Every morning, the maids who stood outside changed. But only the people change; they’re still staring at Amelie, and what they said when she woke up remained the same.


    ‘Did you get enough sleep? I’ve got the tub ready for you to wash right away. May I accompany you to the bathroom?’


    “Did you get enough sleep?” Milena said as she approached.


    ‘It’s still the same today.’


    She’ll find Charlotte if she goes to the bathroom with Milena. Mrs Enard will check her breakfast and return to assist with her dress choice while she is washing herself. And she’ll have to spend time with her maids until night falls and Serwin arrives.


    ‘Now… Right now, I want to be alone.’


    Amelie desired some alone time. Although the presence of servants was physically convenient, it was more stressful than she thought. Amelie considered other people’s eyes and attention to be poison.


    “Miss Amelie, would you like to be alone?”


    “Yes, indeed!! Please, even if it’s only a little bit!”


    Amelie sobbed uncontrollably.


    ‘Wait, what?’


    Milena had said something unusual, she realized.


    “That’s a shame; Because that’s completely impossible.”


    “I understand that’s the case, but why can’t you match it to me? Will you die if you don’t keep it?”


    “I will die, by His Majesty.”


    Milena smiled as she said this. Amelie, on the other hand, is no fool, so she immediately understood what she meant.


    “Did His Majesty give you the order to keep an eye on me?”


    “His Majesty instructed us to keep an eye on you. Whenever and whatever happens.”


    “Ha— I knew it was strange!”


    Then she suddenly remembered something strange from the day before.


    “Did His Majesty instruct you to keep me out of the palace?”


    “Yes. You have no idea how relieved I am that Miss Amelie didn’t say she would go out.”


    No wonder everyone looked at her with concern as she approached the main gate. Amelie became both enlightened and depressed. Milena, on the other hand, became a very suspicious individual.


    ‘How come you’re telling me this? Shouldn’t you keep it hidden?’


    Amelie locked her gaze on Milena.


    “Don’t you think I’m suspicious?”


    “…To be honest, yes.”Amelie wondered if she should be worried.


    “Allow me to introduce myself properly. Milena Belfar is my name. I’m Sir Roen’s sister.”




    Amelie gave her a blank stare.


    “Didn’t Sir Roen have the surname Roen?”


    “It’s only a name. Emperor knights are initially addressed by name. It means that your family isn’t important enough to be noted.”


    “Ah, I see…”


    She vaguely remembered something like this in the original work. She had skipped it because it was a small, seemingly unimportant setting.


    Amelie fixed her gaze on Milena. In her mid-twenties, she was generally round and cute. Amelie especially liked her face because her short nose and chin reminded Amelie of a cute little squirrel. No matter how hard Milena tried, there was no resemblance to Roen except for her brown hair and brown eyes.


    “Do we look alike as siblings? I have a similar appearance to my father. My brother resembles my mother.”


    “Yes, honestly, I wouldn’t have known until the end if you hadn’t revealed it first.”


    “However, can you put your trust in me?”


    “Is there any reason for Milena to lie?”


    Milena gave Amelie a stern look when she asked again. She felt cute rather than intimidating when she put strength in her eyes with a round face like that.


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