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The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 : The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer 

Translated by Tam

Edited by Genie 

Amelie and Serwin returned to the room. For Amelie, it was a familiar scene, but she was with Serwin so she felt so awkward today that she only moved her eyes.


It was Serwin who opened his mouth first, breaking the silence.


“First, I’ll apologize.”




That was a word that she had never imagined would come out of his mouth. Amelie opened her eyes wide and looked at Serwin.


“For your neck.”


“The stranglehold was because the disaster took over your body.”


“But it’s what my body did. And just before this— I hugged you as I wanted.”


“Ah, that’s an apology.”


Amelie blushed and avoided eye contact. On second thought, it was embarrassing. Seeing her embarrassed, Serwin became embarrassed.


As his gaze wandered it reached Amelie’s neck. His fingerprints remained there. Seeing the handprint, he remembered what the disaster had done with his body. When wrapped around her neck, he clearly remembered her blood beating that ran hot, the fragile bones that he felt under her thin skin, and how she was struggling to live.


The disaster tried to kill her from the bottom of its heart. It’s terrible just imagining it. Serwin took a deep breath to calm himself. Then, the scent that had disappeared like a prank filled his lungs.


“It’s strange. If I smell this scent—.”


Serwin’s eyes became hazy.




Amelie asked again.


She put her nose on her arm and sniffed, but all she could smell was dirt on her clothes.


“Don’t you know? You smell good.”


He approached her as if he were possessed by the smell. Then he bent down and inhaled deeply. His tension melted away. He wanted to be buried in this smell. And he could also sleep comfortably because of it.




Amelie swallowed a scream. The skin did not touch, but the hot breath tickled the neck. It’s too close, but it’s not touching. She was torn between whether to push Serwin away or not.


“I’ve been looking for you.”


Serwin said. His low voice stimulated Amelie’s ears. Every time his breath touched her Amelie’s face turned red.


“Your Majesty, stop—.”


Amelie whispered like she was crying. Serwin only then realized that he was too close.


‘You’re making a fool of yourself.’


Serwin frowned. As soon as he smelled her scent, he couldn’t come to his senses as if he were drunk. He strode to open the window. As the wind came in from the outside, the scent of Amelie was gone. He was both relieved and sad.


Serwin’s face was more terrifying than ever.


‘Look at his face. I should stay still—”


Amelie slipped away to the corner of the room. It was the same as when a bird looked at another person’s eyes by lowering its head slightly so that the round top of its head could be seen well, and moving only its eyes.


Even though the appearance changes, the inside remains the same. Serwin laughed in vain.


“I never thought the witch I was looking for would be next to me.”


“……I’m sorry I lied to you. But I didn’t know why Your Majesty was looking for me, and I can’t just get caught.”


“Didn’t you go there on your own for that? Where the hell does that recklessness come from? You really almost died.”


“That— I didn’t know there was such a thing as a disaster. I thought you’re just evil…”


Amelie shuddered.


“Is it because of the same situation you were looking for me, Your Majesty? Because I can defeat the disaster?”


“Let’s correct that first. You didn’t make the disaster go away.”




“It doesn’t go away. It’s still sealed inside me. Your power only calms the disaster. Now… You seem like you’ll faint.”


“What is it about me that makes it possible?”


“I don’t know.”




Amelie asked back blankly. You don’t know? No way! Serwin came to visit Amelie on purpose. And when the disaster was pulled back by her, she accepted it calmly. Then he should have known its secrets to some extent.


“If it’s hard to say, tell me it’s hard.”


“No, I would have explained it right away if I knew.”


“You really don’t know? So how did you know that you have to come here?”


“The person who sealed the disaster in my body told me. Find the Witch of the Fidelia Forest in 20 years.”


“That’s it?”


Serwin nodded.


“You came to me without knowing what it was? This far?”


“Because I had no other choice.”


Amelie was speechless. Isn’t that too much of a pain? On the other hand, it occurred that he must have been so desperate.


“Let’s talk about the details slowly. It’s a long way to the palace.”


“……I haven’t said I’m following you yet, Your Majesty. Would you mind not deciding on anything you want? And don’t think everyone will absolutely follow your word.”


Serwin giggled and laughed.


“You were about to run away. Didn’t you make up your mind then?




“Aren’t you worried about your family? You don’t look very similar but they seem special to you.”


Serwin knew everything. Amelie shut her mouth tight.


‘How can you look into people like that, you’re a jerk. When did you notice that my father is the Count?’


It was as Serwin said. The moment she hesitated in front of the window, she had already made her decision. No matter what the disaster is, no matter how strong it is. She will follow Serwin to defeat the disaster.


She still wanted to run away. Serwin is scary, and life in the palace is scary. The disaster is worse than she imagined, and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. Nevertheless, Amelie could not run away.


Amelie wanted to live happily. Before, she thought she could live happily even if she left alone, saying, “It’s a disaster or whatever.” But it wasn’t true anymore. After accepting Count Dellahaim and Renee as her own family, Amelie learned that the happiness she hoped for was with them. So surviving alone was meaningless to her.


It’s scary to follow him. She didn’t know what kind of misfortune would be waiting for her like in the original. However, if she turned a blind eye to the disaster and tried to avoid it, it was clear that this continent would soon be destroyed. It was better to face it herself.


Amelie, who made up her mind, made eye contact with Serwin. His eyes were sharp as if they looked inside of Amelie.


“I’ll help you defeat the Disaster. But I can’t do it with just what you said. Please give me a fair reward and guarantee my anonymity and safety. Otherwise, I can’t follow you to the palace.”


Amelie looked at Serwin’s hand. There was no guarantee that this hand would not strangle her again. Amelie still vividly saw Serwin strangling her.


Still, Amelie reached out her hand.


“Come on, now we’re in the same boat.”


Serwin looked at her hand. The white hand trembled with fear and tension.


“I’ll help you, and you have to protect me.”


Amelie continued her words straightforwardly.


“I promise.”


Serwin grabbed her hand carefully. The soft feeling that filled his hand was the same as holding a bird. He felt sleepy again, so he let go quickly, and felt disappointed.


After a brief conversation about what was to come, Serwin prepared to return to the palace, and Amelie visited Renee and revealed the secret she had been hiding. There is a disaster in Serwin, and it was the disaster that manipulated Serwin’s body, and that she needed to prevent it.


Amelie adapted the story into something like a dream and told Renee, and Renee’s expression changed moment by moment when she heard her story. Renee shouted when Amelie told her that she had decided to follow Serwin to the palace.


“Following the Emperor to the Imperial Palace! That’s not good! The palace is a tough place. You’ll never be left alone!”


“He has decided to be assured of my safety and anonymity. It won’t go according to the prophecy. That’s why I’m going to do that.”


Amelie asked him to keep it a secret that she was the daughter of Count Delahaim to prevent it from going according to the prophecy. And she asked for several additional safety measures. It may not be a big deal in a way, but it was an important matter for Amelie. Because she didn’t want to see Delahaim destroyed by himself.


“It’s too dangerous..”


“Renee, I’ve already made up my mind. And don’t worry. I will be able to stop the crisis this time and get out of the way of the precognitive dream, right? It won’t be like that in the future.”


“If you really want to go, I’ll go too.”


“You can’t do that.”


When Amelie flatly refused, Renee bit her lips. She seemed to have made up her mind. Eventually, Renee was forced to agree to Amelie’s decision.


While the two were struggling, the preparations were completed, and the knights began to get on their horses. Amelie, who got into the carriage, grabbed Renee’s hand and couldn’t let go easily.


“Are you sure you’re not going to see father?”


When asked several times already, Amelie nodded.


“I’m sorry. I don’t think I’d be able to leave if I saw father.”


Renee sighed.


“Please take care of father.”


“Don’t worry, you can trust me.”


“Thank you.”


Amelie patted Renee on the back. Finally, the two hugged each other tightly and released their hands. The carriage slowly began to move away.


Renee looked quietly at the carriage that was moving away.


‘You almost died because of me. So, this time, I’ll do whatever you want. But I won’t let you suffer alone. Hang in there.’


Renee had decided. She’ll follow Amelie as soon as things get sorted out here. It was obvious that Amelie would stop her, so she had to keep it secret.


Renee went back to the mansion where her father was waiting alone, making promises for the future.




The Delahaim estate was far from the Empire, they had to pass through the space transport magic camp twice. In addition, the space transport magic camp was mainly installed in the middle of nowhere, so there was no village to rest on the way. It was a hard journey.


The party stopped for a while before passing through the first moving magic camp. It was to take a break and allow any stragglers to catch up.


Even though the first break was only for a half day, the knights moved about busily. The movements of watering the horses and preparing them for meals were seen, and they seemed to be very familiar with long-distance travel.


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