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    Translated by Bunny
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    Chapter 14 part 1


            Under the wild pursuit of the angry servants with sticks, Shanoa and the others finally fled. After all, fighting ordinary humans is a whole lot different than fighting animals. Fortunately, Master Drew’s servants were actually very afraid of them—they did defeat the house’s ice wolves with their bare hands—so after just running far enough to chase them out of town, the servants slowed down little by little, letting the group escape with no problem.


            The group left through the woods and ran along the road after a few hours, eventually catching sight of the Lavette Port not far from the city. 


            Shanoa and Milona have never been out of the Nameless Village, but Gagaf, who was the village chief’s son, had followed his uncle to other cities. He told the two that no matter where they were planning to go, they had to take a boat from Port Lavette.


             They had to take care of a lot of things: 


            First, visit the sage elders who reside far across the Faros continent to learn the spell to seal the Demon King. 


             Second, find the unicorn in a forest in the far west of the continent to get its horn.


             Third, enter the Goblin Forest and request the goblin elders for a wand that can cast the sealing spell.


           Finally, they had to go to the northernmost part of the continent shrouded in the black flames of the Demon King City to seal the Demon King himself.


            Shanoa didn’t know of any other details she might have missed and reluctantly organised a plan. The unicorn horn used for making that wand thing was prompted by the sages of the previous generation. Even if she was now the one leading the team, bringing Gagaf and Milona into the forest did not seem like a very good idea to her.


            Fortunately, their parents told them, before they left, to go to the Cat Island and find the reclusive sage in a place inaccessible by a simple boat ride. Shanoa and the rest had to take a boat to the Zadimira Port, which was the nearest port to the island, and then rent another one to ride to the island; doing this would cost them a lot. Contrary to their situation, in the original story, the prince casually pulled out money from his own wallet and rented a boat, but it’s not like they could do what he did… And there was no direct boat to the Zadimira Port from the Lavette Port. They had to take a boat from the Lavette Port to the port of Rosetteand then from the port of Rosette to port Zadimira. All of this added up to a headache for Shanoa.


            The first course of action was to buy a ticket to Port Rosette. Milona and Gagaf went over the whole plan and had no objections. The only thing left was what Ah Fu wanted to do.


            “Are you coming with us, Ah Fu?” Milona, who had regained her usual state, looking as if the previous rampage she went on never happened. Ah fu was a little distracted, staring blankly at the monkey he was holding in his arms. Only when Milona called him for the second time did he react.


            “Huh? Oh…”


            “What’s wrong Ah Fu? You’re spacing out.”


           The multitude of lumps on Milona’s face from the mosquito bites finally faded, making her look less scary than before. Milona showed her concern. Shanoa, on the other hand, thought to herself that Ah Fu’s current state wasn’t random. This kid had just been ruined by his sister and had not yet been able to recover from the blow. She tried to look understanding and patted Ah Fu’s shoulder, comforting him, “People always have to look ahead, don’t think about it anymore. At least Miss Maria also got her happiness, didn’t she.”


          Although that happiness was a bit vague… Gagaf looked like he wanted to say something and eventually also came forward, wrapping his arms around Ah Fu’s shoulders saying, “Shanoa is right, you’ll go and learn lots of lessons throughout your life, so let’s cheer up!”


        Ah Fu was silent, he seemed to hesitate for a long time after softly answering with a, “…Hm.”


           “Cheer up!” Milona gleefully cheered on the side.


        Ah Fu nodded and gazed deeply at the monkey, hugging it before handing it over to Shanoa with great reluctance.


          “I won’t go with you guys. I plan to start over here, and maybe someday, I’ll go somewhere else too… Anyways, Pippi is counting on you guys to take care of him.” The monkey, who was apparently named Pippi, suddenly began to struggle and squeak furiously after hearing Ah Fu’s words, as if it didn’t want to be separated from its master. Although it was previously agreed with Ah Fu that the monkey would be given to them once the matter was over, this made it seem like they were taking someone’s loved one away.


         Seeing this, Shanoa frowned and shook her head, “You keep the monkey, it’s your only friend, isn’t it.”


         “You guys are my friends too now.” Without hesitation, Ah Fu lifted his head and gazed into Shanoa’s eyes, making her flinch.


          Gagaf smiled as he looked at Ah Fu. “Yeah, we’re friends now.”




    Hi, you might’ve realised that we decided to change ‘Lin Tianyin’ to ‘Shanoa’ for the sake of consistency since the characters call her by the latter anyways <3

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