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The Village Girl Who Was Forced to Become the Hero

Chapter 11.2

Translated by Bunny
Edited by Briggy


Chapter 11 part 2

“W- Well I was worried about you guys!” Ah Fu clenched his fists, his face slightly red from impatience, “And I want to see my sister with my own eyes… Don’t worry! I’m very good at hiding! I was following you guys and I didn’t even get caught!”

“How cute, so you lied to us huh.” Gagaf laughed helplessly and reached out to pat Ah Fu’s head.

Being treated like a child, Ah Fu was even more upset and sharply pushed away Gagaf’s hand. He hurriedly ran in front of the three and pointed to the closed door of the room and said, “Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s hurry up!”
Ah Fu’s face was full of excitement and told them that his sister had always been so gentle with him, so now it was finally his time to guard her.

‘If this child saw what was happening inside, how sad would he be…’ Lin Tianyin thought in her heart somewhat speechlessly, she wasn’t a sympathetic person though, she just felt a little pity for Ah Fu. But now they can’t hide anything from him. So Lin Tianyin secretly sighed and hesitantly pushed the closed door of the room.

The moment the door was pushed open, Ah Fu rushed in without hesitation, the powerless low humming voice became extremely clear, but then in an instant it abruptly stopped, and everyone, including those who stepped into the room, were immediately stunned. What everyone saw in front of them—what happened in this room—is almost too shocking to describe with words.

A fat man with a spherical prop in his mouth was lying naked on the floor. His hair was thinning to reveal a bare scalp, he was all tied with a belt but the fat and loose belly was sagging. On the man’s neck hung a valuable-looking gemstone necklace indicating that he was someone important. On his back, a young woman wearing a tight leather outfit was riding him, one hand pulling the reins and the other held high with a whip. Because of the intrusion, she also froze. The whip in her hand stayed in mid-air as she and Ah Fu stared face to face.

Lin Tianyin and the others were silent for a full minute, the woman dressed as an S/M [1] master looked identical to the person in the photo hanging on the wall of Ah Fu’s house.




Things have come to the point where even Milona didn’t understand what happened… Seeing Ah Fu’s open mouth about to dislocate, Lin Tianyin felt the urge to hit the wall. Although this is a branch plot that did not appear in the original story, after the main line of the story deviated, the plot has broken way beyond Lin Tianyin’s imagination — no, it broke every limit that exists! The original author always stressed that she wrote a pure, fresh love, Mary Sue light novel, along with her own description of the story’s direction that was of bland mediocrity and blood… But now such a heavy part of the plot appeared, what is going on?! Who will tell her now that the story of a teenager who started out normal enough, wanting to save his kidnapped sister from the bully, turned into whatever it was they witnessed… No, the sister didn’t even need to be saved! She completely subdued the bully Master Drew and now they play super happy!

“This- What is going on?!”

The one suffering the most from this new information was obviously Ah Fu, who was shaking in his speech, pointing incredulously at his sister who had transformed into the S/M Queen.

“Who the hell are you?! Pretending to look like my sister… I won’t fall for it!”

‘Oh! Poor Ah Fu!’

Lin Tianyin had to cry for Ah Fu inwardly. Of course, how could this simple child accept such a thing? Not only Ah Fu, she’s afraid that even her worldview is going to collapse, the current situation is absurd! Not only did his sister not suffer, she ruled over this local bully!

The old man whom she was riding looked at Ah Fu and grunted a few times since his mouth was stuffed with something that caused him to be unable to speak. Maria tilted her head and Ah Fu stared at her for a moment. As if she had lost interest, put down the whip in her hand and rolled off Master Drew’s back.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come for me?” Maria looked bored, proudly showing off her leather-bound body. Ah Fu stared incredulously at the woman who looked like his sister in front of him, almost on the verge of crying.

“I said I was doing fine, you just didn’t listen and had to try to get me out…” Maria’s voice seemed a little impatient.

Ah Fu shouted, “I thought you just didn’t want me to worry!” That moment, Master Drew looked at Maria with eager eyes and grunted. Maria obediently raised the whip in her hand and smacked Master Drew’s buttocks. In the midst of pain and shame, Master Drew showed an expression of supreme happiness and twisted his body.

Milona, Gagaf, and Lin Tianyin were beyond confused. Lin Tianyin considered every possible situation Ah Fu’s sister could be in, she even prepared herself for the worst of the worst! But who would have expected things to turn out like this?!

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Bunny's notes:

1. This is an abbreviation. It stands for SadoMasochism, where it refers to a person who enjoys sexual pleasure by inflicting pain to the other. [Source: Collins Dictionary;] 2. This is actually written in English. 3.  I just have to say this but… Ah Fu’s sister looks like she doesn't have any ounce of feeling for her brother who does all things he can do to save her only to see that she’s alive more than ever.

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