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    I was Transported to the Dungeon Basement

    Chapter 3

    It's pretty gloomy when I try this

    Chapter 3: It’s pretty gloomy when I try this

    Translated by Siv

    Edited by Baddie


    “… It’s amazing. It really feels like a dungeon.”


    As I left the safety point room, I found a road made of dirt and rocks.

    Oh, of course, I was walking with the sign blocking and stealth skill activated, and the detection skill as well.


    “Yeah, this feeling, it feels like when I was little and entered a cave in the mountain behind the school.

    Also, even though there was no light, this brightness … Does it mean that the surrounding walls themselves are emitting light? ”


    I’d seen a glowing rock called Shine Rock in some manga, but I wondered if I could take it home.


    “No, there is a rule that this kind of thing will turn into ashes the moment you leave the dungeon, so let’s not waste it.”


    After a few minutes of walking, there was a reaction to the detection skill in the passage on the right side of the direction I was travelling.


    “!! Two reactions. I hope you’re not an extraordinarily strong guy.”


    When I looked into it from the edge, there were people who looked like pigs in human form.


    “That is … it is probably an orc monster. It looks like a pig human, doesn’t it?”


    I used the appraisal skill since I couldn’t recognize their stats.


    Orc – level 21


    Possession skills


    Physical Strengthening – Level 3, Rigid Arm – Level 2, Bōjutsu – Level 2, Recovery Speed ​​Increase – Level 1


    Characteristics – Increased energy


    Orc – level 20


    Possession skills


    Physical Strengthening – Level 3, Strength Increase – Level 4, Swordsmanship – Level 2


    Characteristics – Increased energy


    Hmmm, wasn’t their level very high? Their physical strength enhancement was lower than mine, but the level difference of the opponent is quite large.

    Didn’t it feel like it had excellent offensive and defensive power when you thought about it, physically?


    … I might be able to get by with magic, but I don’t want to use it too much because I don’t know what’s ahead.

    It’s about 7 meters in distance, or just lined up vertically.


    I put magical power on the Bellows Sword, increased my physical strength, raised it, and shot towards the brains of the two orcs.


    The tip of the Bellows Sword pierced through the brains of the two orcs in a flowing manner.

    The two orcs kneeled and died without even getting to scream.


    “… I crushed their brains so it’s okay. I’ve heard that you have two hearts and one has to crush both of them for you to die, but that’s not the case. I mean, I crushed your brain. Isn’t that good enough? ”


    I nervously approached the corpse of one of the orcs.

    When I saw the hole in the head of the orc, I almost began to vomit, but I managed to hold it in.


    I’d seen pretty gory scenes in manga and movies, but they are, after all, things that happen only in fiction.

    And the smell was pretty strong. To be honest, I wanted a nose-blocking skill. But I thought that if I didn’t get used to the smell and the sight here, I would have to deal with more trouble in this world, so I put up with it.


    “Well, do I want to store this orc and absorb the skill to increase the recovery speed that they possess?”


    I put one orc in a different space for storage. The other orc was absorbed by the Bellows Sword.

    The way of absorption was not too gory and it felt like it really was sucked into the Bellows Sword.


    And when I defeated the superior monster opponent, my level went up by 9 to level 10.

    I felt that my body became stronger as a result.


    “This is … haha, level up? That’s good. I feel that my body has grown stronger and stronger.

    But I have to be careful, because I don’t want to talk about being killed easily just because I wasn’t being careful. ”


    After that, I didn’t go too far and defeated the monsters around the safety point.

    Were there only superior species of orc? There were orc warriors, orc mages, and orc priests.

    The level is at the higher-middle 20th level, and their skill is different from ordinary orcs.


    My level had gotten a little higher and I’d gained confidence, but I was still worried, so I made a surprise attack.


    I decided to crush them starting with the priest because it would be troublesome if they recovered after I gave them damage.

    First, I pierced the priest’s brain with a Bellows Sword, just as I did when I killed the normal orcs.


    The rest of the orcs, noticing that their companions had been killed, immediately set out to find the enemy who killed them.


    “Kiss the ground, ice slip !!!”


    When I cast the spell, an ice floor was created at the feet of the two higher-ranking orcs.

    The orcs couldn’t cope with the sudden ice floor and ended up kissing the ground, as I’d said.


    I didn’t miss my chance and immediately chopped the necks of the two orcs using my physical strength enhancement.


    The easiness of slashing was stronger than the earlier slashing.


    “… If we go like this, the material of the monster is likely to be ruined, so I must get an ordinary sword as soon as possible.”


    It was me who sighed lightly at the current situation.

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