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    I was Transported to the Dungeon Basement

    Chapter 2

    Skill Confirmation and Departure

    Chapter 2 Skill Confirmation and Departure

    Translated by Siv

    Edited by Baddie


    “Hmm … this is pretty good, but it consumes a lot of magical power.”


    It should have been about five days since the transfer. Yeah, if my body clock wasn’t wrong, it had been five days.


    Skill confirmation had almost been completed in five days.


    First of all, when I focused on my feelings and tried to synthesize magic, I learned the skill of lava magic by synthesizing water magic, wind magic, ice magic, fire magic and earth magic together.


    As for how to use the magic, it seemed that this world mainly uses chanting, so I was chanting aloud at first, but it became annoying after a while, so when I learned to chant in my head, I suddenly acquired the chanting abandonment skill. I also got parallel thinking skills.


    I wondered how I’d figured out the chanting abandonment skill, but parallel thinking was unexpected.


    I was wondering what the cause was, but later on I acquired shooting magic while doing a real battle, so I thought that was the reason.


    And I thought that if I was training intentionally, I might be able to get the skill I was aiming for, so I tried various things.


    But they weren’t so easy to acquire.


    But I got about 4 skills.


     When I learned to move quickly even my footsteps weren’t heard, I gained the skill of stealth.


    And since the Bellows Sword could be adjusted in length and used like a whip, I was able to acquire three more skills: swordsmanship, tankendo, and whip.


    And I think it was my magical power that gained the greatest harvest.


    I was able to gain skills just by wearing the Bellows Sword on my body.


    Depending on the skill level, there would be a big improvement on the part that uses magical power, so it was a skill that was quite appreciated for my current situation of being in the lower layer of the dungeon.


    And when I appraised my storage skill, it turned out that it was quite rare.


    My storage is a storage that can be acquired with a probability of 1 in 10,000 people with storage skills, and it seemed that the limit of putting things in it hadn’t been reached.


    Well, it seems that this will happen if you have both storage skills and space magic, but there seems to be no confirmation of this because only few people have both storage and space magic skills in the first place.


    I couldn’t try out alchemy, blacksmithing, and woodworking skills because I didn’t have the materials in the first place.


    That’s why I only had the Bellows Sword when I was transported to this world … it was pretty ridiculous. Or rather, it was a cheat.


    There are some magical weapons that can be used with some unique skills or magic, but the skill of this Bellows Sword was that it was an all-eater.


    Simply put, it could absorb everything.


    It’s characteristics were also quite good. It seemed that I could absorb the skills of the defeated opponent with this Bellows Sword and even the characteristics of special monsters.


    If I could see it with even my own appraisal skills, I thought I could get involved in trouble, so I immediately hid it with my concealment skill.


    And why couldn’t I see it with my current level of appraisal? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? There was an item called.


    Well, this is because the all-eater skill was bad? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? I just expected that the ability of the item would be terrible.


    So I think I’m used to handling the Bellows Sword now.


    I haven’t actually cut a monster yet, so I can’t say anything about it, but since it’s the Bellows Sword, it has a longer range than a normal sword, so if I get used to it, I feel like I can fight better.


    And on the 6th day, I didn’t defeat any monsters, so my level hasn’t risen, but I think that the amount of my magical power has increased quite a bit because I’ve been using magical power these last few days.


    “Oh, then let’s go !!”


    I touched the door and headed outside to defeat the monsters.


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