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    Translated by Tam
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    Theovalt was not surprised. He merely looked as if something normal had happened. Maribelle was able to talk freely as a result of this. Because she had no intention of threatening Theovalt in the first place.


    “Come to think of it, the model was too thick to be Kir’s hand. Now that I think about it… That would be closer to your hands.”


    “…It’s mine, so of course it’d fit me.”


    “In what context is the thing used?”


    “I use it when I threaten to blackmail someone.”


    “Oh, my God, what are you going to do with that to me?”


    Theovalt pressed his lips, hesitant to open his mouth.


    “You are far too dangerous.”


    “Yes, indeed. I’m completely obsessed with setting up a sword in the Imperial Palace. I’ve already made a mountain out of the bodies I’ve murdered.”


    “Be careful not to be sarcastic. I have no options except to keep an eye on you.”


    Maribelle burst out laughing. She understands Theovalt a lot better now.


    “I know the truth that His Majesty wishes to keep hidden, and I have a great scandal with His Majesty, and I will take the Empress’s position soon?”


    “Besides, you’re smart and beautiful.”


    Maribelle couldn’t help but laugh when Theovalt spit out the word “beautiful” at her.


    “How can I not be cautious when you are both resourceful and clever? I’m not sure what His Majesty had in mind when he decided to keep you around. I’m not interested in finding out. I’ll simply keep an eye on you.”


    “His Majesty must be relieved to have such a faithful knight by his side.”


    Maribelle’s gaze was just adoring. Such high-purity loyalty is something one can’t help but appreciate. At the same time, it was an obstacle to Maribelle and her plans now.


    ‘Your Majesty, you have a brilliant dog.’


    Because he has a brain, he understands how to be cautious. Anyone else could have cleverly breached the barrier, but that doesn’t work for someone as loyal as him.


    What should I do now?


    Maribelle smiled as she approached Theovalt.


    “If you believe I’m going to betray His Majesty, I won’t. Nobody in this castle needs His Majesty as much as I do.”


    “You have earned the right to say such, but I can’t believe you.”


    “Sir Peregrine, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have said so much if I felt you were this stupid.”


    Maribelle shook her head as if she was sick of it and pointed ahead as if she wanted to go on a different road. Theovalt, who was looking at Maribelle suspiciously, took off again.


    Maribelle smiled as if she couldn’t help it, as she was looking at Theovalt walking toward her looking suspicious.


    “If you’re still worried about me betraying you, Sir Peregrine, take it easier.”


    “—What do you mean?”


    “Anyone who chooses to betray has the ability to betray anyone.”


    Maribelle shook her head and went on.


    “Assume I’m a spy hiding in the palace after deciding to betray. If I am a spy or a person who thrives on betrayal, the target of betrayal may not always be His Majesty.”




    “What kind of ally would a weak and intelligent person be? Oh, you mentioned how beautiful I was.”


    With Theovalt in front of her with a stunned expression, Maribelle smiled deeply.


    “So grow up and soothe me so that I won’t betray you.”


    If you understand, listen to me carefully. Do you get it?




    Kir remained silent in front of Ethelred for the first time in his life. He was wrong, and the sinner bowed his head because he didn’t dare open his mouth to say an apology.




    “Ah, yes.”


    When Ethelred broke the silence, Kir raised his head with a deathly expression. Ethelred had a hand against his brow, as if he were about to collapse, and his expression remained conflicted.


    “I took my time so I wouldn’t kill you. Do you see what I mean?” Ethelred spoke again.


    “Thank you for your consideration.”


    Kir was able to move his lips to form one word after the other, closing his eyes to not see what Ethelred was deciding, until calm words came out.


    Ethelred was a man who couldn’t control his emotions. It’s not that he can’t do it; it’s just that he doesn’t. If he wants to kill, he will kill; if he wants something, he will take it. Arrogance and brutality were an excellent match.


    Kir had never seen Ethelred be so patient in the face of an opponent that had angered him. What is the reason for this mercy?


    ‘Because people are good at seeing the worth in me as well.’


    ‘Cheers to the great Kir Rebein.’


    Kir, of course, was convinced that his talent had saved his life. So will he really die? And how many administrations will come to a halt when he dies? Of course, he came to life as a result of his talent.


    ‘From the expression on his face, he must be complimenting himself.’


    Ethelred guessed based off of Kir’s changing expression. It was a sad story for Kir, but it wasn’t just because of his talent that he survived.


    Ethelred would have grabbed Kir’s throat without hesitation if Maribelle hadn’t said she didn’t like corpses long before that.


    The growing chasm between Maribelle’s influence and Kir’s was also reflected in how Maribelle had saved Kir before too.


    What causes her to behave so? Ethelred decided to question the person he had found with her.


    “Explain the situation.”


    “That’s—I was explaining inside the palace.”




    Ethelred’s voice was filled with anger. Thanks to this, Kir was able to regain his usual snarky attitude.


    “I’m going to Igcentium, so I figured I’d take a walk around Igcentium after the handover. She, on the other hand, expressed a desire for weapons. While I was at it, I was a little playful. I thought I’d play a prank on Ecathio, but she’s too smart for me.”


    “She wasn’t fooled?”


    “Yes! She can’t be fooled—but my pride hurts.”


    Kir’s explanation gave Ethelred a rough idea. He saw through Kir’s lies, and she was the one who stabbed him. Kir can’t be responsible for the wound on her palm. Firstly, Kir was not the type to point a sword at anyone, let alone Maribelle.


    He was aware of the circumstances, but it was still confusing.


    “That woman, Your Majesty, is extremely dangerous. Theo felt the same way. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s dangerous.”


    “What do you mean, that woman? Don’t talk down to her.”


    “Please accept my apologies. Miss Maribelle.”


    In a way that didn’t seem sorry at all, Kir changed his words.


    “I’ve never seen anyone so good at psychological warfare as well. It’s very dangerous.”


    “Yes, I think it’s dangerous. Very.”


    Ethelred agreed with Kir. Maribelle was dangerous. When he came to his senses, he could find himself being caught up in her momentum.


    He was helplessly swung around if Maribelle so desired. Like he was in the corridor of the Calende Palace a little while ago.


    Is it simply because she’s good at psychological warfare? She was the source of Ethelred’s mess. He knew he was swinging, so he’d have to figure out why he allowed it to fix it, but the reason couldn’t be found.


    Maribelle has not always whispered with a sweet smile. Rather, she was mostly expressionless.


    ‘But why?’


    Why are you trembling with that expressionless face?


    Kir, who was unaware of Ethelred’s deep anguish, was convinced as a rock that Ethelred was sympathizing with his words and talking to himself.


    “Isn’t that the case, Your Majesty? So why not call it quits on the marriage proposal? What’s the deal with all the suggestions? It’s too much to bear.”


    “—Right. Yes, that is correct.”


    “Isn’t it obvious? You must avoid dangerous situations.”


    Kir had a valid point. It’s dangerous, so he has to pull away. It’s obvious that getting involved in her pace would be painful. That was correct, and the usual Ethelred would have ordered it without hesitation.


    But why isn’t it working?


    She’s a woman who isn’t sure which side she’ll be on. It is reasonable to be skeptical, but it appears that the person who suspects her is turning into a fool for her. What on earth did she do that was so trustworthy? The answer is nothing.


    Ethelred clutched his empty hand into the air. There was an unspoken discomfort in knowing Maribelle was not here. He felt like he had a hole in his palm.


    He can’t seem to let go of her. He’s being led despite the fact that he knows it’s dangerous. If this is the case, there is only one thing to do.


    “Then, as soon as possible, let us write an official letter withdrawing the letter of marriage—”


    “I’ve got to make her mine.”




    Kir blinked open his eyes. What do you mean, Your Majesty, all of a sudden?


    “Wait, what?”


    “It’s better to make her my person if she’s that dangerous. Isn’t that right?”


    “No, that’s—That’s right.”


    “Then, what’s the problem?”


    Kir realized something was wrong when he looked at Ethelred, who was looking back at him loosely as if something was wrong.


    But Ethelred’s words washed over Kir before he could recognize the source of the strangeness.


    “The Duke of Edenbert is a family that is not involved in politics.”


    “Well, isn’t he—?”


    Kir was dumbfoundedly gawking as the talks of Maribelle moved on to the Duke of Edenbert. At the time, the word genius, which seemed to follow his shadow everywhere, appeared to be quite obscure.


    “I believe I’ll appoint Duke Edenbert as the head of human resources.”


    “Wait, what?”


    “Let’s make some personnel adjustments.”


    “What do you mean, Your Majesty?”


    “Azil, you notify him.”


    Ethelred smiled as he looked up at Kir. After a long time, the Emperor, also known as a tyrant, was in a good mood. Is there any other reason?


    ‘This is all because of Miss Maribelle.’


    Kir swallowed some dry saliva. Suddenly, there was a candidate for Empress to serve, and he was promoted from the position of chief of the palace, and the Duke of Edenbert took heavy responsibilities. All of this was starting to point to Maribelle becoming the next Empress in reality. 


    The starting point, yeah, crazy. He knows she will become Her Majesty The Empress. 


    It was the moment when Maribelle completely tamed Kir without even realizing it.

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