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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 665

    Rhyn and the Academy

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Weena suggested that Fran should go to the continent of Gordisia, but Fran seemed to be troubled by something.

    『Something bothering you?』

    「Nn… The Kingdom of Raidos, is it okay to let them get away this time?」

    『Well, that’s certainly something to be concerned about, but… There’s nothing we can do on our own against a big country, right?』

    No adventurers were allowed to enter that country, and even if we did infiltrate it, what could we do? Move around the large country in hiding, searching for Nameless and Zelyse wherever they might be?

    If we were not careful, the whole country would turn against us, right?

    It was just too reckless. Even if we were to look for Nameless there, we wouldn’t even know where to go.

    「As for the Kingdom of Raidos, I have contacted some countries and guilds about this incident. It’s not too late to wait for their response. It’s not like we want to destroy the Kingdom of Raidos immediately, right?」


    「Eventually, they’ll have to pay for what they’ve done. There will come a time when I will need your help. Until then, please be patient, okay?」

    Weena had no mercy for anyone who messed with her. Even if she no longer had the power to punish them herself, she seemed to be planning to fight against the Kingdom of Raidos in some way.


    For Fran, the Kingdom of Raidos was a detestable country that caused trouble all around her. But it wasn’t so much that she hated it or wanted to destroy it.

    At most, she wished she could see them suffer, maybe?

    Well, for now, that was.

    There was also information that they had collaborated with Zelyse to create Nameless and were targeting Jean. For Fran, some of the powerful people in the Kingdom of Raidos had become an opponent that had to be defeated.

    However, Fran didn’t want to deal with it on her own either. If Weena was willing to make a move, she could wait for it.

    「Then, I’d like to deliver a message to Jean」

    「And about the demi-lich, Nameless, was it?」


    「Leave that to me too. I’ll pass on all the information from you to the guild」

    「I leave it to you」

    Weena was a very influential person in the Adventurer’s Guild, so I think it was safe to leave it to her.

    Then, as I was talking with Weena about the future, a new figure appeared in the room.

    But we didn’t hear the door being opened or closed at all.

    Suddenly, something appeared as if it were gushing out.

    「Fran, let me thank you as well. Thanks to you, I’ve safely become a guardian spirit」


    It was Rhyn, she had signed a contract as the Spirit of the Academy.

    Even though she had regained her power that had been sealed within Weena Rhyn and the Great Magic Beast, her physical body was already gone and now she existed as a spirit.

    She couldn’t become a High Elf once again.

    Weena said she’d try to find a way to get her body back, but it was Rhyn herself who refused.

    Rhyn became a spirit because she made a contract with the spirit of the lake, which was captured inside the Great Magic Beast, and became one with it.

    In other words, half of her body also belonged to the spirit of the lake. A spirits’ way of thinking was completely different from a person’s. Even if Rhyn was to get absorbed and become one with the Magic Beast, it didn’t mean that the spirit of the lake would be grieving over it.

    However, Rhyn chose to stay by Weena’s side as a spirit. She thought that it was the right thing to do.

    『But why did you become the guardian spirit of the Academy instead of making a contract with Weena?』

    「That would create a hierarchical relationship between Weena and me, wouldn’t it?」

    『So even the Director of the Academy and the guardian spirits have a hierarchical relationship, huh?』

    「Not quite right, we’re both equal under the rules that have been established」

    「We’re both equal. I suppose you could also say that we’re tied to the Academy」

    As far as I know, this Academy has the strictest law enforcement in this world. Perhaps Weena Rhyn made it so that the rules that the guardian spirits follow take precedence over her own will to prevent her from taking advantage of the spirits.

    This way, even if someone other than her became the director of the Academy in the future, it could prevent any tyranny. In a world where laws could be twisted at will depending on the mood of those in power, what a unique place this Academy was.

    「To be honest, now that Rhyn is back, I’d be happy to step down from my position as director of the Academy, but…」

    「You can’t. This place is where you have made my dream come true after all」

    Rhyn disagreed with Weena’s words. Did she dream of being tied to the Academy? What does she mean?

    It seemed that Fran didn’t understand either.


    「Yes. I’ve always dreamed of building an Academy one day and being surrounded by children」

    That reminded me, I remembered Weena Rhyn said something like that before Rhyn was separated from her.

    「Well, you see, Rhyn used to hold the title of Guardian of Children after all」

    Guardian of Children!? wasn’t that also the title held by the child-loving Amanda?

    The fact that she had that meant that she must really like children.

    『But why would you choose to be the guardian spirit instead of being a teacher?』

    「Well, albeit in a slightly different way, I can still watch over the children here. I’m content with it」

    I wondered if she was really all right with that, but Rhyn seemed to be content with it.

    An elf and a guardian of children. She just looked like Amanda, didn’t she? When I told her this, she was surprised to hear it.

    Amanda was said to be a descendant of Weena Rhyn, or more accurately, a descendant of Rhyn. Apparently, one of the reasons why Amanda disliked Weena Rhyn was because it looked as if Weena had captured Rhyn within her.

    Well, I guess the main reason was that she acts like a child-loving person as the director of the Academy even though she doesn’t really like children.

    『Well, if Rhyn is happy, that all that matters』

    「Within the last few thousand years of my life, this is probably the most joyful time for me」

    「Nn. That’s all that matters」

    Rhyn then showed a warm, human-like smile on her face, not the usual mysterious expression she used to have.

    She smiled like a kind old school teacher, friendly like a saint and reassuring despite her young appearance.

    I guess this was Rhyn’s genuine smile.

    If I’d had a teacher like her in my elementary school, maybe I would have liked the school more.


    NOTE: Sorry for the long delay, editor-san and I were having a hard time in handling irl schedule and just being able to continue at this holiday’s week. By the way, today also marks my “One year of translating tenken”! Up till now, I’ve released 263 public chapters of tenken! We still have a long way to go though XD

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