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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 664

    Commitment for Gordisia

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    「I have a solution for you. Why don’t you take one of the requests from the Academy?」


    『Depends on the details』

    Apparently, the value of a set of Heavenly Dragon’s materials was well over 50 million Goldes. I wonder what kind of request could cover the shortage?

    It must not be an easy one.

    「You two, do you know what the Commitment for Gordisia is?」


    『No, I don’t know. I understand that it must have something to do with Gordisia, but…』

    「Well, to put it simply, it’s a treaty imposed on each country to deploy troops and aid to the continent of Gordisia」

    In the continent of Gordisia, the fight against the Abyss Eaters, the abominable Magic Beast created by Trismegistus was still ongoing.

    Well, I’d only heard about it through rumor, so I didn’t really know what kind of fight it was.

    Countries all over the world were providing various kinds of assistance to the fight. Some countries dispatched troops, some provided supplies, and some were in charge of transportation. Each country was doing what it could to help.

    This assistance was called 『The Commitment for Gordisia』 and was said to be mandatory for all countries of this world. There were various penalties for abandoning this duty, and in the worst cases, it could even lead to war with neighboring countries.

    In fact, there was an incident in which a country ignored its Commitment to Gordisia and attacked a neighboring country that was sending troops to Gordisia. It was later destroyed by the allied forces of neighboring countries.

    The Commitment for Gordisia was necessary to protect the world. Therefore, the sanctions were said to be quite severe so that the perception that it was okay to ignore them did not arise.

    Since even the Kingdom of Raidos had never neglected to provide their assistance to the continent of Gordisia, it could be said that its compelling power was rather great.

    「The Kingdom of Belios usually provides financial aid and ships for transportation. We also dispatch some hired adventurers. In some cases, I’ll even travel there myself. But…」

    『It is gonna be hard to provide them with financial aid or send troops this time, huh? Weena still can’t go there with her current condition too…』

    「That’s right. We’ll be the ones to take care of it this year or next. But this incident has caused a ridiculous amount of damage to us」

    「This year or next year?」

    『Well, that’s certainly gonna be tough』

    「I can handle the financial stuff. But the troops are another story…」

    They will need as much labor as possible for the reconstruction. Besides, it would be unacceptable to send the dwindling number of adventurers out of the country.

    But even if we wait until next year, we would not see a dramatic recovery.

    「The government is allowed to reduce or delay its aid if there is a serious disaster or other events that reduce the country’s strength. But we want to make that as a last resort」

    By showing weakness to other countries, the influence of the Kingdom of Belios would diminish.

    It was a political thing that felt trivial to most of us, but I guess it was something that the higher-ups in the country couldn’t ignore.

    『So you’re telling me that you want Fran to go to Gordisia as a representative of the Kingdom of Belios?』

    「That’s right. Well, you’ll also be representing the Academy of Magic, so you’ll be paid by both the Academy and the state」

    In other words, as a representative of the Academy of Magic, I guess it meant that we should cross over to the continent of Gordisia together with the other people sent from the Kingdom of Belios.

    『Hmm. We did have a plan to go to Gordisia someday, but…』

    The idea of carrying the burden of a whole country on our shoulders made me nervous. I mean, I was with Fran, remember? She didn’t have a problem in terms of her combat ability, but I couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t ever cause problems there.

    As her guardian, I was not a fan of leaving such important responsibilities in Fran’s hands.

    When I told her this, Weena shrugged lightly.

    「Let me assure you, you don’t have to take care of the formal parts there」

    I imagined that we would be joining the troops and that we would be on a strict battlefield where orders must be obeyed, but it seemed that the place was much laxer.

    However, it seemed that each individual was allowed to act freely once they arrived in Gordisia. It also seems that all countries did not have any control over that continent. Well, for small countries, they had no choice but to follow the orders of the bigger countries though.

    「And I don’t think anyone would dare to try to force an impossible task on a Representative of the Kingdom of Belios with my backing」

    There was a special magic tool that allowed people to track the results of their battles within the continent by registering on it when they entered the continent. If Fran fought against the Abyss Eaters to some extent, it would be treated as if the Kingdom of Belios had fulfilled its duty.

    「In other words, my request to you is to travel to the continent of Gordisia as an adventurer sent by the Kingdom of Belios, and then go on a moderate rampage there」

    『I see… By the way, how strong is the Abyss Eater?』

    I’ve heard that it could infinitely regenerate itself, but there was not much other information about it. From what I’d heard from the ordinary soldiers fighting them, I’d say it didn’t seem like it had that much combat power, but…

    「It’s kind of hard to explain though――」

    Weena then told us a brief description of it.

    First of all, the Abyss Eater was said to look like a colorless, transparent slime. It was also said to look like a slime ghost.

    Moreover, it was so huge that it covered the entire continent.

    What was more was that the inside of the dome-shaped barrier covering the whole continent of Gordisia was said to be filled by the Abyss Eater.

    I imagined it as a place with a translucent dome with the Abyss Eaters tightly crammed inside. It seemed to be just like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    『Eh? But we have to get inside the barrier to fight, right?』


    『Wouldn’t that mean we’d be stepping into the Abyss Eater’s body? Isn’t that dangerous? And what about the air?』

    「The Abyss Eater is a half-spirit Magic Beasts. You can’t physically touch it. It’s kinda similar to a spirit. The Abyss Eater itself is not harmful to us even if we are inside its body」

    『But if that’s the case, it doesn’t sound like a dangerous Magic Beast, right?』

    「That’s not quite right. The Abyss Eater itself has no offensive power. It just simply stays there. But the Magic Beasts that the Abyss Eater creates within its body are different. They attack, eat, and continuously send their power to the Abyss Eater」

    『So it was the source of the endless flow of Magic Beasts, huh? In other words, the job is not to deal with the Abyss Eaters but to defeat the Magic Beasts that are constantly being created by it?』

    「That’s right. The Magic Beasts that are created in Abyss Eater’s body are actually its defensive mechanism. They’re called with Kouma there, I want you to defeat as many of them there. Once you’ve managed to defeat a certain number of them, you’re free to do whatever you want」

    We were planning to go to the continent of Gordisia anyway, and if we went there, we would inevitably have to fight against those Magic Beasts. And I was grateful if that was all it took to complete the request.

    「And the benefit of accepting this request isn’t just the reward, you know?」

    『What do you mean?』

    「There are a lot of restrictions and quotas if you want to go to the continent of Gordisia as a regular traveler. But if you’re going to Gordisia on my request, I’ll prepare the groundwork for you, and you’ll be able to enter smoothly. Moreover, you can act freely without having to worry about being forced to join another country or being interfered with. I guess you could call this an advantage, no?」

    「Nn. It’s good to be free」

    『Well, you’re right』

    We were going there anyway, so we might as well take the request.

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