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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 663

    The Value of a Heavenly Dragon

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    「That’s it for the information about Intelligence Weapons. Then… Is there anything else you want? If not, I’ll increase the monetary reward」

    「Muh… Master?」

    『Wait a second…』

    We didn’t really need money. We already had the highest quality armor, the kind that ordinary adventurers spend the most money on.

    Moreover, it automatically repaired itself, so it didn’t cost any money to maintain.

    I was proud of myself, but a better sword than me is not something one could buy with money, and Fran’s armor was made by a Divine Level blacksmith.

    It could probably be a national treasure in some countries.

    We’d already received a large sum of money as a reward for this time. Even if we replenished the High-Quality potions and other items we used up this time, we’d still have more than 10 million Goldes left over.

    We didn’t need more money right now.

    Besides, we were dealing with a High Elf who had lived for a long time. Moreover, she was a powerful person. It would definitely be more profitable to ask for a reward that could not be obtained with money.

    That is, items or information that one might not be able to obtain even with a lot of money.

    『We don’t need money! I’d rather have some items or information that might be useful』

    「Hmm… Even if you say so…」

    Weena put her left hand on her chin and became distressed.

    「If there’s one reward Fran would probably be happy with, it would be access to the Heavenly Dragon’s Lair」

    「The Heavenly Dragon’s Lair? You mean that floating island?」

    「Yeah. And how about a ride to get you there?」

    It was a Grade S magical area, a place where the Heavenly Dragons, magic beasts with a threat level of A, lived.

    『Even if we get permission to enter, we’re not going in there alone, okay? It’s too dangerous after all』


    Fran let out a dissatisfied voice at my words, but I couldn’t give in here.

    『Don’t “eh” me. You shouldn’t do this all the time something like this happens!』

    「Well, you’re right. If I were in perfect condition, I could help you, but right now, I don’t think I could be of any help」

    Weena lowers her left shoulder and sighs. Indeed, it was a place I would love to visit if we were escorted by a High Elf.

    After all, the materials from a Heavenly Dragon were of the highest rank. The whip that Amanda, the A-ranked Adventurer used as her partner was also a weapon made from the materials procured from a Heavenly Dragon.

    It was broken in the martial arts tournament, but it seemed that there was no better whip available yet. I guess that was how rare and powerful the whip was.

    With the materials from the Heavenly Dragons, it might have been possible to further strengthen Fran’s armor.

    But it was too dangerous. The enemies might be stronger than us even in a one-on-one battle. If there were more than one of them, we would never win.

    I’d heard that most adventurers brought back a little bit of the materials in a stealthy way, but…

    『I don’t think a single scale is going to be much of an enhancement』

    「Muh… Too bad, I wanted to give it to Amanda as a present though」

    『A present for Amanda?』

    「Nn. It’s gonna be the materials for her whip」

    What a surprise!

    I thought she was just interested in the Heavenly Dragons’ Lair! I never thought she would give a present to Amanda…

    I was happy to see how much Fran had grown!

    If that’s the case, I’d like to help out too, but…

    『Hey, Weena. What kind of materials from a Heavenly Dragon do we need to make a whip?』

    「A whip? Then you’ll probably need its beard. You’ll also need its magic stones, scales, and hair」

    『I see』

    Well, it was unlikely that we could get enough materials for a whip if we just snuck in and took a few things. Amanda would have been delighted to receive a few scales, but we wanted to give her something that could be used already.

    「But well, the materials of a Heavenly Dragon is actually available in the treasury of our Academy」

    『For real?』

    「Yeah. I needed a few materials from it, so I hunted one down」

    She said that in order to cure the King’s illness at that time, she needed medicine made from a Heavenly Dragon’s internal organs.

    As a result, the scales, beards, and magic stones that were not used in the medicine manufacturing process remained stored in the treasury until now.

    Normally, anyone would use it to make armor, but as a High Elf, Weena Rhyn didn’t need armor, and as the Academy was running smoothly, there was no need to sell it.

    As a result, even Weena had almost forgotten about it.

    「Then, I want that!」

    「Hmm… Is Amanda the one who will be using the whip?」


    「If that’s the case, then it’ll break again if it’s done half-heartedly. I’ll give you its beard, hair, magic stone, and of course, its eyeballs and bones too――」

    Weena suddenly went silent. A spirit came, didn’t it? It seemed that Weena had called them. I could feel their presence, but as expected, I couldn’t tell what kind of exchange they were having.

    Then Weena opened her mouth with a difficult look on her face.

    「As for me, I’d be happy to give you a set of Heavenly Dragon’s materials. I’d even give you the whole body. But it seems I can’t do that this time」

    The fact that it was stored in the Academy’s treasury means that the Academy had jurisdiction over it. In other words, it was under the supervision of the guardian spirits.

    It seemed that even if she was the Director of the Academy, Weena could not freely do as she pleased. It was in the form of payment for our work this time, but――.

    「There’s a cap on rewards that can be given」

    This time, the reward for Fran was the highest reward set by the Academy. Even so, it was said that the upper limit was 20 million Goldes. No matter how much work she did, the spirits would not allow her to go beyond that.

    In other words, the value of the Heavenly Dragon’s material was probably well over 20 million Goldes.

    「If I had kept it in my possession, it wouldn’t have been a problem」

    『Then, why don’t you ask them to use all the rewards you are supposed to give us this time in the form of the Heavenly Dragon’s materials? We don’t need the money. I’d rather pay for it』

    The reward for us comes from the Academy, with Weena adding some extra from her own pocket. The total amount was 40 million Goldes.

    That was 20 million from the Academy. 20 million from Weena. Then why didn’t we use the 20 million Goldes from Weena to the Academy to buy the Heavenly Dragon’s materials?

    「Still… I just wished that I had a little more savings… I can only afford to give you about 10 million more」

    Weena was a high elf who had lived for thousands of years. However, she was surprisingly not that wealthy. To the average person, she was a millionaire, but as a fortune for someone as powerful as she was, it was far less than one would imagine. However, there was a reason for that.

    She didn’t need a lot of money to live in the Academy, and she didn’t like to live a glamorous life. She was not a collector of any kind, nor did she have any hobbies to accumulate money. Besides, when the time came, she could do everything by herself.

    To put it bluntly, she didn’t need money. That was why she didn’t actively work for money and spent her days living simply.

    Even so, the reward given to us this time, 20 million Goldes, was the result of her saving up her salary as the Director of the Academy every year. Although she said that she could give us another 10 million, it would still not be enough to buy the Heavenly Dragon’s materials.

    『Then why don’t you just ask them to sell the beard or the magic stone?』

    「That’s fine, but… I’m sure you’ll get much higher performance out of buying a set of top quality dungeon materials rather than making them out of half-assed materials, right?」


    After all, it was not that easy. But as we were pondering over this, Weena suddenly opened her mouth.

    「I have a solution for you. Why don’t you take one of the requests from the Academy?」

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