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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 662

    What Her Name Was

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Weena had encountered many Intelligence Weapons.

    I really wanted to know about the Intelligence Weapon that didn’t go crazy, which was extremely rare among Intelligence Weapons.

    We were supposed to tell her about the lake’s anomalies once we found out what caused it… But instead of finding out what caused it, we’d helped her to make the source disappear.

    It seemed that she treated it as a kind of solution and said she would give us the information.

    「I don’t know if she still exists or not though…」


    『It was a woman?』

    We let out a yelp of surprise.

    It was not that all of the intelligence weapons must be men, but all of the Intelligence Weapons I knew of so far had always been men.

    It was the same for me, the Magic Sword Zelyse, the Magic Sword Zelos Reed, and the Divine Sword Fanatics, our base personalities were that of a man. It seemed that because of this, I unconsciously thought that all Intelligence Weapons were men.

    Announcer-san’s base personality was that of a woman, but she was not a former human being.

    『I see, a woman, huh?』

    Well, if the soul inside was originally human, then of course it had a gender.

    However, it was true to say that swords didn’t have gender, but the gender of the soul inside was still important. If I were to take a bath with a woman, it would be a problem, right? I’m sure people would be offended.

    In Fran’s case, she was a child and I’m her guardian, so it was still okay. But I couldn’t deny that it was a little hard to go into the bathroom with other women.

    「Can I continue?」

    『Oops, sorry. I’m just a little surprised. Please continue』


    「The place where I met her was the cursed continent of Gordisia」

    『The continent that was destroyed by Trismegistus, huh…?』

    The continent was destroyed by the worst Magic Beast, one that could have destroyed the world. It was said that the continent was now being protected by a huge barrier to hold back the Magic Beast. Knights and adventurers dispatched from all over the world are said to be fighting against the Magic Beast.

    Certainly, it might be a fitting place for an Intelligence Weapon to exist.

    『But Weena Rhyn met this Intelligence Weapon and its wielder over a thousand years ago, right?』


    So, it was highly likely that the wielder had changed.

    『It seems unlikely that they’re still in Gordisia, right…?』


    「No, you don’t have to worry about that, I’m more worried that she’s been destroyed」


    『What do you mean?』

    「Her wielder is still alive after all」

    『Huh? For real?』

    It had been a thousand years, right? Well, it was not that it meant that there were no beings that could live that long. Weena and the other High Elves were the proof of that.

    『Could it be, the wielder of this Intelligence Weapon is a High Elves?』

    When I asked her that, Weena shook her head. It seemed that this person was not a High Elves.

    『Then, what kind of person her wielder is?』

    「Her wielder is the Immortal Sinner. His name is Trismegistus」



    Fran shouted in surprise. That was how shocked she must have been at the sudden mention of the name.

    He was, after all, a very famous person who was described in fairy tales and was also the worst sinner in history.


    『Wasn’t he the King of the Dragonmen who was forced to fight the Magic Beast for eternity?』

    「That’s right」

    But then I remembered.

    『A while back, I remember Frederick mentioning that Trismegistus had an Intelligence Weapon』

    Velmeria, the half-dragonmen girl who was controlled by Fanatics and went out of control, her guardian was a man who was also a half-dragonmen.

    He seemed to be a native of the continent of Gordisia and seemed to know a lot of things.

    He had apparently disappeared after the incident in Royal Capital and had leaked such a story after he had learned of Fanatics’ existence.

    So the Intelligence Weapons in the two stories were the same existence, huh?

    「Her name is Juanaverta」


    So that was the name of the intelligence weapon that hadn’t gone crazy.

    「Yes. The Dragonmen King’s second-in-command and his partner. A cold-blooded witch. Savage swordsman. Shadow of the Golden King. A high-ranking magician of many titles, an elf who volunteered to become an Intelligence Weapon. That’s who she is」

    『A former elf?』

    So, maybe that was why Weena and the others knew her.

    『Now that I’ve heard about her, I wonder, would it be difficult to talk to her peacefully?』

    「I guess so. She wasn’t the easiest person to deal with after all」

    She was apparently Trismegistus’ second-in-command, a woman who made it her life’s mission to assist him.

    「But I was still wondering is Trismegistus a kind of supremacist?」

    『…It’s not like she was crazy before she became a sword, right?』

    Like, she was crazy from the start, so she wouldn’t get any crazier when she became a sword?

    「Well, at least I don’t think she has gone crazy, though she might have been a lunatic. But the fact that she has been able to maintain her spirit unchanged for more than a thousand years since she became a sword is a certainty」

    『Well, that’s reassuring』

    Seeing my other self from the other timeline turn into a mere sword made me think of that again.

    「The continent of Gordisia, huh…」

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