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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 661

    What Happened After

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    It had already been ten days since the Great Magic Beast was defeated.

    Weena Rhyn――or Weena’s handling of the aftermath was now complete. Although the Feudal Lords and Adventurers’ Guilds in the area were the ones who actually took action, Weena was the one who gave the various instructions.

    Many were astonished to see her change in appearance, but her influence seemed to be much the same.

    It may be because her power was not yet known to have been greatly weakened, but it was probably due to her track record.

    Also, the fact that she had defeated that Great Magic Beast that was visible from the town seemed to have helped increase her influence even more.

    The adventurers, for example, looked at her like she was a hero. They were in complete obedience to her instructions.

    When she had finished giving some instructions, she handed over the work to the government officials who had been dispatched, and Weena returned to the academy.

    The officials really wanted her to stay, but they couldn’t force her. In the end, they had no choice but to let Weena go.

    We were also able to return to the academy with Weena after completing a few quests for reconstruction.

    The Academy was also in an uproar over Weena’s appearance, but as expected, things seemed to have calmed down after a few days. Normally, the students don’t have much contact with Weena Rhyn, and when it was explained to them that there was no problem, they probably thought that there was really no problem at all.

    The teachers still couldn’t seem to get used to it, but I guess they’d have to learn to accept it over time.

    Well, it doesn’t matter to us who would be leaving the Academy soon.

    「So, you sure you’ll let Zelos Reed in our hand?」


    Now we were discussing with Weena and the others about the treatment of Zelos Reed and Romio.

    This had been bothering me as well.

    She made a promise that she’d get his life for something, but I don’t think Fran would kill Zelos Reed now.

    Fran felt a strong emotional attachment to Romio and Sierra. She found out that there was some similarity between them and herself. It may not be friendship, but she felt some kind of sympathy for them.

    If she were to kill Zelos Reed, she would certainly be resented by Romio and Sierra, and they would be her enemy. Even Fran would not like that.

    Of course, it didn’t mean that her hatred for Zelos Reed had disappeared, but if she was asked to kill him, I don’t think she would.

    The fact that Kiara herself had told us that avenging her was pointless was probably a big factor. I hated to say it, but we already had an excuse to get away with it without killing Zelos Reed.

    And Fran decided to leave Romio and Zelos Reed in Weena’s care.

    When we thought about Romio’s sake, it was probably not a bad idea.

    Romio’s wish was not to be in a privileged environment or under the protection of a gentle guardian but to be with Zelos Reed.

    However, Zelos Reed was being hunted as a criminal. There are few places where he could walk around with his head held high. And the Academy, with its self-governing rights, was one of those few places.

    Also, with Weena and Rhyn’s power weakened, the Academy was without any exceptional strength. Zelos Reed’s power would be needed by the Academy.

    It was a decision that would allow us to trade favors with Romio, Zelos Reed, Weena, and Sierra. All of them. Well, I didn’t think Fran would think that far ahead though.

    Rather, it was as if she had been wondering what to do, and then pushed it to Weena. Perhaps she had been thinking so much that she had lost her sense.

    Sierra and the Magic Sword Zelos Reed had disappeared when we had taken our eyes off of them.

    In their case, there was no reason for them to stay here. They weren’t committing any crimes, and they weren’t being commissioned by the Academy. Their status in this world was that of mere Adventurers.

    However, they were probably still concerned about Romio and Zelos Reed’s treatment. But once they had seen it, they left while saying that they had no more business here.

    I didn’t know where they went, but I think they went after the Magic Sword Zelyse. Zelyse from this timeline was dead, but the real revenge Sierra craved for was directed at the Magic Sword Zelyse.

    I don’t know what happened to Nameless in the end. Weena also said that she didn’t know about those little things, and it was very likely that they had escaped.

    All that remained was for us to figure out our future.

    Fran’s role as an Instructor had ended. In the past, she was forced to become an Instructor in order to deceive the spirits of the Academy who were about to turn against her. No, Fran didn’t mind because she actually came here to become an Instructor after all.

    By saving Weena and the others, she was officially recognized as having served as an Instructor. It seemed that even if she quit her position as an Instructor, she would no longer be attacked by the Guardian Spirits.

    I wondered if the contract would be okay with Weena becoming weaker, but she said there would be no change to the contract that had already been signed. In other words, the Academy’s defense would continue to be ironclad. Even Rhyn was going to be a part of it.

    「You saved my life this time. Thank you」

    Weena bowed her head deeply.

    Her tone had not changed at all from when she was still Weena Rhyn. However, there was clearly a change inside.

    The instability that I had felt before was gone, and I could listen to her with some peace of mind as if she was mentally stable now that she was no longer two souls in one body.

    I think she was back to being the real Weena.

    「It’s just that I’m struggling to find the right rewards」

    「Not money?」

    「I’ll give you money, of course. But I’m not going to just say thank you after all the help I’ve received. I’m going to pay you what you deserve」


    Fran’s eyes lit up at Weena’s words. It was a reward that a very important person like her would say was worthy. It seemed to be quite promising. I think Fran understands that.

    「What’ll you give me?」

    「For starter, let’s start with the reward I promised you first」


    「Yeah, you remember that, don’t you, Sword-san?」

    『Oh, you mean that. Of course』

    「I see」

    Fran seemed to remember too. Well, how could I forget?

    「I’ll give you information on intelligence weapons that didn’t go crazy」

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