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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 658

    Rhyn's Ressurection

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    The flow of magic from Weena Rhyn to Rhyn had stopped, but there was no visible change in Weena Rhyn and Rhyn.

    However, if I were to search deeper, there was definitely a change.

    The changes in their presence were so drastic that it seemed as if they were different people. It was not that their presences had become stronger or weaker, but the wavelength of their presences itself had changed.

    It seemed that with the ties between them broken, it meant that Rhyn’s existence in Weena and Rhyn had been separated and Rhyn’s power had been returned to her.

    In this case, it was understandable that the presence of Weena Rhyn would change, but why would Rhyn’s presence change as well?

    Or was it natural that changes would happen when Rhyn returned to her original state?

    However, it seemed that Weena Rhyn was too worn out to stand. Immediately after, she collapsed on the spot.

    「Weena Rhyn? Are you okay?」

    「I’m not Weena Rhyn anymore. I’m just Weena now…」

    Weena Rhyn――No, Weena lost her consciousness as she said so.


    I almost ran out of power, but I activated my telekinesis to kill the momentum of Weena’s fall slightly, and then Fran caught her falling body.


    Even when Fran shook her lightly, she showed no signs of waking up. She must be extremely exhausted from everything.

    『Her vitality has diminished considerably…』

    「Let her rest for now」

    「Nn. Okay」

    Following Rhyn’s words, Fran gently laid Weena down.

    「She’ll be fine?」

    「She’ll wake up after a while. Her powers will be greatly reduced though…」

    I guess at least she was not going to die.

    Unlike Weena, Rhyn was filled with great vigor. She had regained her strength and seemed to be completely out of danger.

    「…Thank you. It’s all thanks to you guys that Weena could be saved」

    Said Rhyn while bowing to us.

    「Of course, you guys had saved me too…」

    『Hey, Rhyn, how much do you know?』

    I decided to take this opportunity to ask her something that had been bothering me for a long time.

    『Rhyn said that she couldn’t see the future… But still, you must have been working on a lot of things to change the future, right?』

    When I made contact with the other Fran, I was pretty sure that Rhyn must have been assisting.

    If Rhyn hadn’t told Announcer-san, I wouldn’t have used my Potential Release. Then I wouldn’t have met the other Fran and Me, and I wouldn’t have gotten a new skill. And Weena and Rhyn would not have been saved.

    In the first place, if the other Rhyn hadn’t sent Sierra, Zelos Reed, and Zelyse into this timeline, I could have turned into a mere sword.

    I didn’t believe that all of this was just a coincidence. I just couldn’t figure out how much of it was a coincidence and how much of it was in Rhyn’s hands. I couldn’t figure it out.

    No, I wouldn’t complain if it was all in the palms of her hands. After all, it had saved our lives. Rather, I would be grateful. However, I was just a little bit curious.

    「…I, who is not a God, cannot see into the future. I’ve told you this before, haven’t I?」


    “I, who is not a God,” she said? but the Goddess of Chaos had told me that even a God couldn’t see into the future.

    Considering that, a perfect prediction of the future would be impossible.

    『But you do have the kind of power that makes you choose the better options, don’t you?』

    「It’s not that big of a deal. I just know how my actions affect me. It’s a hunch if you say」

    It seemed that the immediate future of a few seconds could be predicted by that intuition.

    However, if she wanted to explore farther ahead, she would have to use tremendous power. She said that if she were to try to perceive years ahead, Rhyn herself might disappear.

    This was just a guess on my part, but I wonder if Rhyn was unconsciously performing high-level operations. What if Rhyn was using her abilities as a Spirit of Time to instantly simulate various possibilities and unconsciously foresee the future, and the results were appearing as intuition?

    That was because the more distant the future she predicted, the more exhausted she became. The more information she had to process, the more she had to process. My simultaneous computing skills were similar to that, so I knew exactly how it felt.

    「But I’m sure that this intuition has helped me in many ways… Well, you see, it all started with an encounter」

    Rhyn muttered to herself and looked at Sierra and the others.

    「One day, a tremendous Evil Spirit appeared on the shore of the lake. Naturally, I went to check on the source. There, I found a boy and a sword that emitted a Strong Evil spirit」

    No doubt about it. It must be Sierra and his magic sword, Zelos Reed. It seemed that Rhyn was already aware of their presence when they appeared at this time.

    「You may not be able to see the future, but you can easily see the past. After all, it’s only a matter of reading what has already happened」

    To us, seeing into the future and seeing into the past seemed to be equally difficult, but to Rhyn, seeing into the past seemed to be a very simple act.

    As a result, she encountered a lot of bewildering facts.

    「No matter how you look at it, the boy and the sword were living in the future」

    Rhyn’s vision of Sierra and the others’ past gave her a lot of information.

    「And I received a silent message from myself. That this boy is the beginning of hope for us all」

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