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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 656

    Power, Replenished!

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Now that Sierra was no longer opposed to this, we could peacefully ask Zelos Reed to supply me with power.

    Since they already knew about our secret, I decided to give them direct instruction.

    『Zelos Reed. I’m going to need your help now. I need you to stay put and not resist』


    Zelos Reed nodded in hesitation, seemingly unsure of what kind of face to make. It seemed that he was still uncomfortable with talking to a sword.

    As everyone watched in silence, I activated my Evil Spirit Control.

    I see, it was certainly a skill to control the Evil Spirits. I was able to control the little bit of evil that was leaking out of Zelos Reed at my will.

    The next step was to control the Evil Spirit within Zelos Reed.

    『Here I go』


    Then I extended the target of the Evil Spirit Control to the Evil Spirit within Zelos Reed.

    Zelos Reed’s expression did not change during that process. I guess it was because he had readied himself for anything that would be done to him.

    But even in such a state, an evil person was still an evil person. Evil Spirits were flowing and swirling within him.

    So, this was the Evil Spirit of a high-ranking evil person, huh?

    The Evil Spirit Control allowed me to feel the evil in more detail than ever, but it was so overwhelming that it gave me chills.

    Nevertheless, I would use my Evil Spirit Control to increase my interference with the Evil Spirit within Zelos Reed.

    And to my surprise, it was going surprisingly well. Well, maybe it was also because I was good at magic control.

    But it seemed that it was also thanks to the fact that I didn’t have a physical body, so I didn’t have to bear the burden of pain and fatigue. I was also used to manipulating magic to do anything, so I was more used to this kind of skill than most people.

    I could tell that the Evil Spirit within Zelos Reed’s body was starting to follow my will slightly. Then, little by little, it was pulled away from Zelos Reed and began to flow towards me.

    『Alright, just keep going like that…』


    Zelos Reed twitched lightly. It seemed that even he could feel that his own Evil Spirit was being manipulated from the outside.

    But as I thought, there would be some resistance too.

    Zelos Reed may have completely submitted himself to me, but that didn’t mean that I could perfectly control his Evil Spirits.

    It was probably because it was an Evil Spirit under the control of another. Especially when controlling the Evil Spirits of high-ranking evil people like Zelos Reed, the difficulty ought to be high.

    On the other hand, if it was just on the level of a goblin or an orc, I think I could suck out their Evil Spirits more easily. I should give it a try next time.

    Still, I continued to use my skills with determination, and little by little, I could see Evil Spirit continuously flow out of Zelos Reed into me.

    『Now all I have to do is convert this Evil Spirit into magic power, huh?』

    I hadn’t tried it yet, but it looked like I could use my Evil Spirit Control skill to convert Evil Spirit and turn this power into magic power.

    However, Announcer-san had a different opinion on it.

    《Due to the effect of the Evil Spirit Control skill, it is possible to handle Evil Spirits as it is》

    『Eh? Does that mean I can use both magic power and Evil Spirits?』

    《Correct. Although it is less efficient than magic power, the power gained by using Evil Spirits as it is would be greater than the loss caused by converting it》

    But was that okay? No matter how potent this skill was, using Evil Spirits as it was was a bit…

    However, would the current me be able to stand it?

    『Is it okay if I let Evil Spirits pass through me?』

    《According to my calculations, there is no problem if it is temporary. In addition, with the assistance of the individual named Announcer-san, it is possible to temporally minimize the effects of using the Evil Spirit》

    『Ooh! Is that so!? As expected of Announcer-san!』

    《The influence of Evil Spirits will be channeled to less influential areas within the individual named Master to protect his core》

    That meant spreading the damage from the Evil Spirit to less important places, right? Besides, the less damage in one place, the faster the recovery would be.

    『Announcer-san! I’m counting on you!』

    《Yes. Leave it to me》

    All right, now it was up to Zelos Reed’s physical condition. I would absorb his Evil Spirit little by little.

    『Okay, next is Urushi』


    『I know this gonna be pretty harsh for you, but just hang in there』


    『That’s a good answer』

    I used my Simultaneous Calculation skill to use magic power absorption in succession. In Urushi’s case, thanks to the fact that he had a magical connection with me, I was able to absorb his magic power quite smoothly.

    《12% remaining to fill the required magic power》


    『Just a little more, hang in there!』


    《The required magic power has been secured》


    The moment I stopped the magic absorption, Urushi fell to the ground without a word. He seemed to be conscious, but he was too tired to even speak.

    His regeneration had stopped, and I could see that he had started to bleed again.

    But it was not the time to feel sorry for him.

    『You’ve endured well, Urushi! Thanks to you, I’ve regained much of my magic power!』


    Let’s use my telekinesis to pet him as much as I could later.

    《The absorption of Evil Spirits is complete》


    Well then, let’s do this!

    Then I once again sensed the ties between Rhyn and Weena Rhyn and aimed my next move at it.

    『Spirit’s Hand, activate!』

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