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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 655


    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Among us, Urushi and Zelos Reed were in relatively decent condition. No, I didn’t mean that they were in good condition, just that they were not in a state where they were going to die.

    Still, they were the only ones who could afford to supply me with magic power.

    Now we just need to figure out how to get them to supply me with magic. Should I take it away with Magic Steal? But in Zelos Reed’s case, what lies within him was his Evil Spirit.

    Even if I were to absorb it, I didn’t think I could convert it into magic power.

    But come to think of it, I just acquired the Evil Spirit Control skill a while ago. If I were to use that, wouldn’t I be able to convert Evil Spirit into magic power?

    However, that would require Zelos Reed’s cooperation. Then I explained this to Fran so that she could get Zelos Reed’s cooperation.


    Hey, Fran! I know you didn’t like him, but could you talk to him a little more politely?

    「What is it?」

    Zelos Reed, however, responded to Fran’s harsh words in a sincere tone. His tone was not polite, but it seemed that he was willing to listen to Fran’s words.

    「I don’t have enough power to help Rhyn and Weena Rhyn. Give me yours」

    「All right, take as much as you want」

    Zelos Reed then promptly nodded his head. Perhaps he had planned to nod no matter what she said from the beginning.

    That was how quick it was.

    But there were also those who were not happy with it.

    「Wait, would it be dangerous for unc――Zelos Reed-san? Besides, it should be difficult for a normal human to control the Evil Spirit」

    As Sierra said so, he turned his worried gaze to Zelos Reed. Well, for Sierra, saving Zelos Reed was his main goal. So, I guess it couldn’t be helped.

    I would definitely be worried if Fran were to offer her magic power to someone I didn’t fully trust after all.

    「This sword has the ability to control it」

    「…I knew it wasn’t just a normal sword, but does that sword really have that kind of ability?」



    Sierra just couldn’t accept it. But I couldn’t just tell him about me either, so why don’t we force things a bit here?

    「Sierra… is that what I should call you? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine」


    「Besides, I’ve already entrusted my life to Fran. I don’t care what happens to me」

    「What are you talking about?」

    Zelos Reed then spoke to Sierra, who rolled his eyes in surprise, about his promise to Fran.

    In exchange for Fran taking Romio to Barbra’s orphanage, later on, she could do whatever she wants with Zelos Reed’s life. However, only after the contract between Romio and Zelos Reed had been canceled.

    The contract between Romio and Zelos Reed had already been canceled by Weena Rhyn. Then it meant that his life now belonged to Fran.

    Zelos Reed didn’t seem to care how he was gonna be treated because his life now belonged to Fran. But still, he wished that Sierra wouldn’t resent Fran if he were to die because of this.

    But Zelos Reed’s inability to read people’s emotions had turned out to be a completely bad thing. I didn’t know much about this man, but there was no way he was good at proper human interaction by any stretch of the imagination.

    Of course, there was no way that Sierra could be reassured by such a story.

    「No way…」

    Sierra then glared at Fran.

    Well, I was sure Sierra also knew that Fran had a grudge against Zelos Reed after all.

    If that was the case, there was no way she would be concerned about Zelos Reed’s life. In other words, he must have thought that there was a good chance that she would absorb all the Evil Spirit and magic power from Zelos Reed to kill him.

    If I were in his shoes, I’d definitely be skeptical too.

    Fran then approached Sierra. She held me up so that he could see me better.

    (Master, can I tell him?)

    『…Do you want to tell him about me being an intelligence weapon?』


    『I’m not sure that’s going to convince Sierra right now though…』

    (Don’t worry. He’ll understand when he gets to know Master)

    『You think so?』

    (Nn. I’m sure it’ll be fine)

    『Well, I guess it’ll be fine if Fran says so…』

    Was she gonna say it would be okay because I would be the one to control the skills instead of her? Even so, I didn’t think it was gonna clear up Sierra’s doubts…

    But I think it was fine to tell them about me. Sierra was also a wielder of an intelligence weapon after all. So, I didn’t think he was gonna blabber out our secret.


    Sierra gave Fran a suspicious look as she showed her sword to him and fell silent. But Fran didn’t care and opened her mouth again.

    「This sword’s name is Master」


    「Nn. Master, an intelligence weapon」


    Sierra’s face turned into an expression of surprise. He may be putting on a tough face, but he was still a kid in the end. His poker face tended to crumble from time to time.

    『Yo, my name is Master. I’m Fran’s sword and guardian. Nice to meet you』

    「F-for real…!?」

    「Nn. The Spirit’s Hand Skill will be used by Master」

    『We won’t take revenge on Zelos Reed for now. Rhyn and Weena Rhyn are our top priorities right now. Besides, Romio would be sad if we did that, right?』

    I would just tell him how I honestly feel for now. I thought it was better for me to be honest here instead of lying.

    Then Sierra’s expression changed to one of surprise. After a moment of confusion, a strangely happy expression appeared on his face.

    「I-is that so!? So, it was an intelligence weapon, huh…」




    Sierra then fell silent for a moment. He was probably talking to the magic sword, Zelos Reed.

    「Alright. I’ll trust you for now」


    I wonder why… I just greeted him a little and now he suddenly believed me?

    (He’s a fellow wielder of an intelligence weapon after all, so I knew he’d understand if we properly explain things to him)

    I thought that was a silly reason, but maybe it really was. He had been sent here from a different timeline, and the only person he could ask for advice or rely on was the magic sword, Zelos Reed. For Sierra, this must have been the first time he had met someone like him.

    In addition, they were both children who were in a very similar situation. It was no wonder Fran and Sierra felt sympathy for each other.

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