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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 654

    How to Properly Use the Spirit Detection

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    『We can help both Rhyn and Weena Rhyn if we use the Spirit’s Hand Skill?』


    『How exactly do we do that?』

    The Spirit’s Hand was a new skill that I just learned a while ago. To be honest, I didn’t even know how to use it since I hadn’t used it yet.

    Was it a kind of offensive skill? Besides, if it was something that would put a burden on us, it must be a skill that required a lot of magic power.

    But if we could save Rhyn and Weena Rhyn with it, then it was definitely worth the effort.

    「How do we use it?」

    「Use the Spirit’s Hand to break the ties between Weena and me. Then Weena and Rhyn will be separated from each other on their own」


    「The ties that define Weena and Rhyn as one being. The very cause that has made Weena and Rhyn into Weena Rhyn」


    Hearing that, Fran tilted her head.

    We couldn’t see those ties at all. No matter how much I searched for some kind of magic power between them, I couldn’t find anything. I wonder how we should cut something that we couldn’t even see…

    「Where’re that ties?」

    「It will not be visible to the naked eye. But if you have the skill called the Spirit Detection, you will be able to feel it」

    『I see』

    Spirit Detection, huh… It seemed that it was not a kind of magical tie but something similar to spirit.


    『Yeah, I know』

    Then I concentrated my Spirit Detection to find it.

    As I searched for the presence within our surroundings, I was able to detect the faint presence of the spirit Rhyn.

    But I have no idea where the ties she told me about were.

    『That ties are between Rhyn and Weena Rhyn, right?』

    (Yes, that’s right)

    Rhyn nodded at my question. It seemed that those ties were really there between them…


    But unfortunately, I couldn’t detect anything.

    Wasn’t it better if Rhyn could tell us what to do and activate the Spirit’s Hand at her instruction?

    As a spirit herself, she should be able to tell us where to cut with the Spirit’s Hand.

    But Rhyn shook her head.

    (Under normal circumstances, that would be fine, I suppose)

    『Under normal circumstances?』

    (The Spirit’s Hand Skill is a skill that requires a lot of power to use. Moreover, there would be a lot of resistance when cutting the ties between Weena and I. In Sword-san’s current state, he’ll definitely reach his limit halfway through)

    In other words, my magic power wouldn’t be able to last longer when using it.

    Now that I was exhausted, my magic power would definitely run out halfway through.

    『I understand』

    So, in the end, we should do our best to detect it with my Spirit Detection.

    I decided to deactivate all my skills and concentrate entirely on Spirit Detection. All the presences of my surroundings then disappeared, and I was completely immersed in a world of nothingness, seeking only the presence of their ties.

    First of all, I could feel that Rhyn’s presence was much stronger than before.

    For the first time, I felt that I was able to properly feel the presence of a spirit.

    So, this was what a spirit was, huh?

    The moment I felt that there seemed to be something between Rhyn and Weena Rhyn.

    Could it be, that was the ties?

    I followed the slight feeling of discomfort and focused even more on my senses.

    My sharpened senses definitely caught something there.

    Simply put, it felt like a tangled, thick string. A single thick string that was stretched out from each other, tangling and knotting in a complicated way in its middle.

    The knot looked as if a child had randomly twisted it many times, tied it into a tight knot, and then further messed up the string all over the place.

    In particular, the shape of the string that was stretching out from Weena Rhyn’s side seems to be so distorted. It was as if the string extending from Weena Rhyn was trying to swallow the string on its own.

    『I see it! So, this was what she meant by ties?』

    《Spirit Detection is reacting to it. The information provided by Rhyn also indicates that there’s a 96% possibility that this is the key to their connection》

    『So she wants me to cut this thing with the Spirit’s Hand?』

    It was an ability I’d never used before, would I be able to pull it off?

    But to my surprise, Announcer-san had a different opinion on it.

    《Currently, the individual named Master’s magic power is not enough to fully activate the Spirit’s Hand Skill》

    『You think it’ll consume that much magic?』

    《Yes. Even though it’s a unique skill, it’s one of the top skills that use a lot of magic》

    Well, that’s a problem.

    『We also don’t even have a way to restore my magic power right now…』

    We have used up all of the magic stones and potions we have. The only way left to restore my magic was to use Magic Steal, but the only people around were Weena Rhyn, Rhyn, and Sierra, who were as worn out as we were. If we stole their magic power now, they might lose their lives.

    The only vigorous ones among us would be Urushi and Zelos Reed.

    No, if I could get those two to supply me with magic power, could I manage it?

    『What do you think, Announcer-san?』

    《Yes. Sufficient magic power can be secured that way》


    With this, I think I have a chance to save Weena Rhyn and Rhyn.

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