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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 653

    Either Weena or Rhyn

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    Weena Rhyn assured us that the Great Magic Beast had been exterminated. She must be very convinced that she could say that with such certainty.

    It looked like we really didn’t have to worry anymore.

    If that was the case, I guess we better ask her something that had been bothering us.

    「Rhyn, where’s she?」


    Yes, it was about Rhyn’s safety.

    It seemed that she had pushed herself too hard and was exhausted. Moreover, in order to save us, she had pushed herself to the very limits.

    I haven’t felt her presence since then. My spirit detection couldn’t catch the presence of a spirit either.

    I wonder whether her presence was just too weak to be detected by my spirit detection or whether she has used up all of her power and disappeared?

    But if Rhyn were to disappear because she saved us, Weena Rhyn would be even madder than before. If that’s the case, I think it’s the former…

    「I’ll call her now」

    Thank goodness, it seems that she hadn’t disappeared after all.

    Weena Rhyn then closed her working left eye and concentrated. Immediately after that, a magic circle was drawn on the ground a few meters in front of her and a white figure emerged from it as if it were floating in the air.

    Blonde hair, odd eyes, elf ears. It’s definitely Rhyn.

    However, her appearance was like that of a ghost as we could see the other side through her body.

    It may not be strange since she was a spirit, but her presence itself is clearly less than before.

    「Thank you. Thanks to you, there were no casualties this time…」

    It was very quiet and hard to hear, but I could recognize that it was definitely Rhyn’s voice.

    「You okay?」


    She didn’t seem to be doing very well, but Rhyn nodded with a big smile on her face. Rhyn must have paid a steep price but she seemed to be satisfied with the result.

    However, Weena Rhyn had a bitter look on her face as if she had chewed a bitter bug.

    「Rhyn. Why did you push yourself too hard!? I know you did something to help Fran and the others when they launched their attack, but…」

    「…I’ve been through a lot」

    「And you can’t tell me?」

    「Because it’s not over yet…」

    I guess Weena Rhyn was referring to that mysterious time when Rhyn connected this side to that side and allowed us to speak to the delinquent Fran and that stupid me.

    Apparently, she hadn’t told Weena Rhyn the details either. Rhyn’s exhaustion was so obvious that even we could see it. There was no way Weena Rhyn wouldn’t have noticed.

    But what did she mean when she said it was not over yet?

    The connection had been broken, right?

    Was she talking about Fran on the other side not being saved or something?

    「Weena Rhyn, I can’t go back to being me if things continue like this. You know that, right…?」

    「No problem. All I have to do is give back Rhyn’s power that is inside of me」

    「You can’t! You won’t be able to withstand it. It’ll take a lot of strength to separate us after all」

    「I know that. But if that means I can get Rhyn back, I don’t need my life」

    「That’s why I said you can’t!」

    Rhyn, who looked sad, shook her head at Weena Rhyn, who also looked sad.

    That was a very crazy thing to say. We were able to defeat the giant monster without anyone losing their lives. But we wouldn’t have a happy ending?

    「What do you mean?」

    「…Honestly, I’m pretty exhausted right now. So much so that if things continued like this, I might just disappear」

    「But that’s not gonna happen if I return her power」

    「You’ll die if you do that. You’re not in good shape, remember? You’ll only waste your life force if you tried to separate my power from yours」

    Rhyn may disappear in her current state. The only way to prevent that from happening was to separate Rhyn’s power that was fused with Weena Rhyn and return it to her.

    But it seemed that it was gonna take a lot of strength for Weena Rhyn to separate it from her, and it seems that the current Weena Rhyn wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

    This meant that only one of them, Rhyn or Weena Rhyn, could be saved.

    「That’s, terrible」


    Fran had a look of astonishment on her face that only we could understand.

    「If only we’d been able to whittle down the Great Magic Beast a little more…」

    「…I’m so sorry」

    Before I knew it, Sierra had approached us. Using the magic sword Zelos Reed as a walking cane, he managed to walk.

    He must have come to the same conclusion as Fran after hearing their conversation. He turned his head down in frustration.

    However, Sierra’s face was not as ghastly as it had been in the past.

    Perhaps it was because they had witnessed Zelyse’s death before. Their main goal was to take revenge on Zelyse and rescue Romio and Zelos Reed after all.

    The whereabouts of the magic sword Zelyse were unknown, but the human Zelyse had certainly perished, while Romio and Zelos Reed had survived.

    With most of their goals accomplished, much, if not all, of the grief Sierra had been feeling was probably gone.

    「No, it’s too early to apologize… Fran, I am going need you guys’ help」

    「You guys? You mean, Sierra and me?」

    「No… I mean Fran and her sword. Did you guys manage to get the power to cut spirits?」


    I wasn’t sure what she meant when she said the power to cut spirits, but I had an idea of what it was.

    『You mean the Spirit’s Hand skill?』

    「That’s right」

    「What about it?」

    「With that power, you can break the ties between Weena and Me. Once the ties are broken, our power will naturally separate itself. By using that, Weena won’t have to use much of her strength」

    「Will it save the both of you?」

    「Yes. I know this is going to be a burden for you guys, but I’m begging you. Please, please save us」

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