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    I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

    Chapter 651

    Weena Rhyn Vs The Great Magic Beast

    Translated by Tods
    Edited by Phantom0408


    When we had managed to reach a place where we thought was a safe area, a change in the battle between Weena Rhyn and the Great Magic Beast occurred.

    「It stopped?」


    The barrage of water bullets that Weena Rhyn had been unleashing stopped unexpectedly.

    『Could it be that Weena Rhyn has run out of magic power?』

    That was a lot of attacks after all. I’m sure that even a High Elves would suffer from its tremendous magic power consumption.

    It was quite possible that she would run out of strength before she could defeat the Great Magic Beast.

    The body of the Great Magic Beast was slowly starting to regenerate. Well, it looks slow because of its immense size, but in reality, it is probably quite fast.

    『Doesn’t the damage from the Divine Attribute even matter to it!?』

    Wasn’t this quite bad? It seems that it was better to have Urushi move on to escape even more…

    「Master, that is…」


    As I was wondering what to do, Fran suddenly pointed her finger at the lake. When I looked in the direction of her finger, I found that a strange phenomenon had begun to occur.

    「A string?」


    『Surely, it looks like a string, but…』

    As Fran said, I could see the water in the lake transforming into long, thin strings. It looked as if an invisible hand was twisting the strings out of the water.

    The string stretching out from the surface of the lake then increased in number at a tremendous speed. In a matter of seconds, countless strings covering the entire surface of the lake had been created.

    Those strings ascended to the sky again like the water sphere from earlier.

    The number of them was probably more than one or two thousand now. In fact, it seemed to be well over tens of thousands.

    「Is that Weena Rhyn’s doing too?」

    『I guess so. I can feel the Divine Attribute from every water string after all』

    That’s right. I could feel the presence of a strong divine attribute in those strings. It only meant that Weena Rhyn’s secret technique wasn’t over yet.

    It seemed that she simply changed the way she attacked the great monsters.


    『You want to move…?』


    Urushi seemed to have sensed the strange flow of magic power. He then put up a barrier around Fran and began to run as fast as he could again.

    Immediately afterward, the strings wriggled in unison and rushed toward the Great Magic Beast’s body.




    The three of us watched in amazement.

    A single string was very thin. The only reason we recognized it as a string in the first place was that it was so thin. Being entangled in a single string would not affect the Great Magic Beast.

    But what if there were a thousand of them? What if there were tens of thousands of them? What if there was more than that?

    The answer was right there in front of us.

    The body of the Great Magic Beast covered with long, thin strings would make anyone wonder if its body color was white.

    Gradually, the entire body of the Great Magic Beast was covered tightly by the water strings and restrained.

    But of course, Weena Rhyn wasn’t aiming to just stop the movement of the Great Magic Beast.

    The surface of the lake where the strings were stretched out, began to swell over a wide area, and the movement of the strings became more and more violent.

    「The Great Magic Beast suddenly getting bigger than before?」

    『Now that you mention it… But rather than getting bigger――』

    「It’s coming out of the seal?」

    『Yes, that’s what it looks like!』

    I wondered if the Great Magic Beast was trying to break the seal and get out… But it seems that wasn’t quite right. If anything, it looked more like it was being forcibly dragged out of it.

    The Great Magic Beast’s scream then reverberated through the air. Yes, it was clearly a scream.


    The body of the Great Magic Beast then dragged out of the seal at once. It looked like a large amount of red and black jelly strips were being pushed out of a narrow hole.

    Well, even though the hole was narrow, it was probably several dozen meters in diameter.

    It seemed that its body strength was extremely weak because it was forcibly dragged out of the seal before it managed to fully resurrect. The lump of flesh that overflowed onto the surface of the lake could be seen melting and crumbling at the mere touch of the water that was infused with the Divine Attribute.

    The lump of flesh that we had attacked earlier had already lost its original form. It seemed that the strings were not just simple strings, but also had an offensive power.

    It seemed to serve the purpose of damaging the area it touched and inhibiting its regeneration.

    The strings of water that attacked the Great Magic Beast continued to increase in number. That is to say, the surface of the lake within a radius of about 500 meters was probably almost under Weena Rhyn’s control.

    Now, there’s no way the Great Magic Beast could escape.


    The roar that the Great Magic Beast let out sounded like the cry of a tormented sinner. After that roar, we couldn’t hear a thing from the Great Magic Beast ever again.

    Its entire body had already crumbled into a million pieces, and not a single mouth was left.

    It was the end of a Great Magic Beast that seemed to boast infinite vitality.

    The strings that had enveloped the Great Magic Beast like a giant cocoon slowly unraveled. And when all the strings returned to the lake, nothing was left there.

    There is no trace of the Great Magic Beast left behind.

    The surface of the lake, which had been raging so wildly, quickly calmed down and became so calm that make us wonder if the battle we had seen was just an illusion.

    『Is it… over?』



    No matter how hard I searched our surroundings, there was no sign of the Great Magic Beast’s remains. The only residue of the battle was the slightest hint of Divine Presence emitted by the surface of the water. That was all.

    The end of such a wild and massive myth-class fierce battle was surprisingly quiet.

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